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Budget Bodybuilding Diets: Big Gains for Low Cost

Updated on March 21, 2014

The Supplement Store Experience

There's a big misconception regarding what it takes to successfully strength train and body build. Not necessarily about the work required, but about the diet and supplements. If you go to any store or place of business that operates by selling you supplements; then hands down you can expect them to try to sell you a lot more than you need. But, what you need to know is that bodybuilding doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg like they will charge you. Instead, you can eat the right things, buy in bulk, avoid the expensive hyped up fads, and stick with what works.

Rule #1 Don't Buy From GNC

For years and years GNC has been the fitness headquarters for athletes and bodybuilders everywhere. However, a lot has changed; including their business model. Not only have GNC's prices risen exponentially over the years, but their employees are now required to meet aggressive sales goals. These goals are not met by how much they help you, but instead how much they sell to you. Time and time again, that's leaving you with the short end of the stick.

Stick To The Workout Supplement Necessities

Part of successful bodybuilding on a diet is knowing what works and what doesn't. The only workout supplements that will deliver results worth the price are as follows: Whey protein isolate, Good Pre Workout drinks, and Good Test Boosters. Besides those 3 items, all you need is food and hard work in the gym.

Affordable Whey Isolates

When looking for an affordable whey isolate, the best rule of thumb is this: keep the cost of each serving under a buck. With that being said, I typically shop for protein whey isolates to cost around 70 cents a serving. In the long run, that's huge savings. Consider this, you can try saving money by getting a ready made drink for 3 dollars 3 times a week which is 36 dollars, or you can buy in bulk and take a serving a protein every day for $21 dollars a month. Currently, the best deal on whey isolate is Dymatize Elite Protein Isolate(68 cents a serving).

Completing Your Bodybuilding Diet On A Budget

Besides the recommended protein supplements, the next best thing for saving money is eggs. boil them, microwave them, scramble them: cheap and affordable protein. Add 4 eggs to your current diet, and you will build more muscle. Besides the protein in the whites, the eggs yellow center contains the right type of fats to ramp up your testosterone and muscle building ability.

In Addition to eggs, tuna is an excellent option for late night meals. High in protein and good fats, yet virtually carb-free; tuna will fuel muscle growth and physique solidification.

Keep lifting and eating HARD

Half of the motions to successful bodybuilding is lifting hard, and eating plenty. The rest is giving it your all and going above and beyond the day before. You need to give your body a reason to change, make it think that if it doesn't get stronger, it will be the death of you. That survival relies on muscle growth. From there, feed your body well and let the gains take over.

Do You Spend Too Much On Supplements?

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    • profile image

      Kyle R. 4 years ago

      When it comes to stocking up on supplements, I'm an Amazon Ninja. Sometimes you need to make a commitment to buy in bulk, but serving cost and time-frame shipping expense is all i consider. Gotta plan for the future, after all that's what bodybuilding is all about!


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