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Easy, Three-Step Diet Plan. Week Five: BACK ON TRACK!

Updated on September 13, 2012

Review of the Steps

Over a month ago, I embarked on an easy, three-step diet plan. Here are the three steps:

1. Be Aware of what/when/why you eat. Eat only when you are hungry, and stop when you are full.

2. Exercise. I exercise thirty minutes every day.

4. Weigh-in once a week. Don't avoid the scale, but don't obsess either.

This Week's Results

Weight Loss: Well, it's not much to report, but if you read last week's installment in this series, you know that I did not lose anything last week. This week I can report that I am back on track and losing again! How much? .2 pounds. Again, not a big loss, but still a loss. For those of you keeping track, you know that I am now up to 4.0 pounds lost in 5 weeks. Not breaking any records, but I know it is healthy and true weight loss, and more importantly I am working on good lifelong habits.

Victories: Well, first of all that I lost weight. Secondly, that I fit workouts in even when I was short on time. Also, I really worked on curtailing my nighttime eating which is a weak spot for me. With positive thoughts, I fought off the urge to eat out of boredom or habit and realized I really could make it through (and even enjoy) the night without those extra snacks and calories. Hint: herbal tea really helped! Also, thoughts of the future such as visiting my son at college and an upcoming wedding and motorcycle trip kept me aware of my eating. I want to look my best and knew that eating when I wasn't really hungry was not going to help toward those goals.

Challenges: I still have a tendency to overeat. I find it hard to throw away food or leave food on my plate. But I am working on it!

Thanks: To all my readers who commented and supported me on last week's hub when I had no loss to report. Your kind words and support motivated me to keep on keepin' on!

I have 9.2 pounds until I reach my goal weight.




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    • g-girl11 profile image

      g-girl11 5 years ago

      Thank you destiny17. It is slow-going but I feel that I am on the brink of a breakthrough on breaking bad habits and as long as the scale keeps reflecting change, that is a good thing! Thanks for the support!

    • destiny17 profile image

      Karen Beth 5 years ago from Florida

      Congratulations on the weight loss. Keep up the good work