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Follow Up On Fixing Disabling Adhesive Capsulitis Otherwise Known as Frozen Shoulder With Exercise

Updated on March 4, 2012

On Or About December 3, 2011

On or about December 3, 2011, I wrote an article detailing how to rehabilitate your shoulder if you suffered form adhesive capsulitis. I chronicled my journey with my right shoulder explaining how I had a slow onset and how I rehabilitated my shoulder without the surgery even though I had a torn rotator cuff. I mentioned I have a high pain tolerance and that I was specifically told by my orthopedic surgeon I could not rip healthy tissue. "My brain would not allow my body to tear healthy tissue."

I provided my readers with the exercises I used to rehabilitate my right shoulder and mentioned I was rehabilitating my left shoulder. I was tearing tissue each day as I had been taught to by my Virginia Orthopedic Surgeon. I am certain some of you people think I am lucky to have a high pain tolerance. Having a high pain tolerance means you don't feel things like other people do and therefore when you do feel pain it is really horrible and I have a terrible time enduring it. Actually until I felt the super sharp ripping pain I thought I had the shoulder thing beat.

And when I checked my article, I deferred for anyone ill to seek medical advice I thought it was only responsible to relay what has happened to me while rehabiliating my shoulder. Apparently, my brain does allow me to tear healthy tissue. I have torn my shoulder so terribly now I require emergency surgery. Sadly, I am hurt so badly it is taking some time to find a surgeon to take the case. I didn't take anything for pain while I did the expercises and ripped the tissue but now I am not on medication as I am in pain all the time. The doctor has already informed me that no medication will take the pain away but only surgery and time will eventually make the pain diminish.

It is not uncommon if you have one rotator cuff torn to have the other shoulder have issues. But what is uncommon is to have a single parent of a disbabled child caring full time for that child all by herself without any help for over a decade. Quite frankly, I am being worked to the point my body is breaking without any help or compassion.

Now I am faced with a surgery for which I have no care provider for my child and he is not going to just go with anyone. He hasn't been with anyone but me and his grandmother in the last 12 years. I am looking at a long term rehabilitation in which I will have to have assistance with my son. There is no choice any longer. Assistance I might add, that I have been asking for since JEB was govenor. I literaly have a funding document in which Tenet Hospital guarantees said services which I believe JEB sits on the board of which Tenet never ever provided the services.

But it didn't have to go so far that I was worked into being completely disabled. If the state of Florida had funded us back in 2000 when I asked for funding then this might have been avoidable. But the state of Florida believes in working the parenst to death before giving them a dime in assistance with their disabled children. Then they give them one dime and tell them "Work will set them free!!".

But for you my dear follower, I ask you seek medical treatment in case of shoulder injury and insist on therapy at a center. If your pain tolerance is anything like mine you could be tearing tendons and ligaments. Personally, i would have had therapy if services were available but since services haven't been avaiable for my child for over a decade I was unable to access services for myself and i wouldn't have known to access them since I was told my brain would never allow my body to rip healthy tissue. Apparently that is not true at all.

And for all of you that have a highg pain tolernace like I do. I feel for you because we end up very injured and in desperate need of surgery without even realizing it.

Perhaps I will feel different after my body is healed, I am out of pain and my son finally gets the services we have been asking for over a decade. But make no mistake about it, I blame Florida as they have been completely unreasonable in providing sservices for my son who has been entitled to services for the better part of 12 years and hasn't recieved them. I am disabled now and no matter what the state does they will not be able to make this right. They will never be able to undo the trauma they caused us by not providing hospice to my dying mother, or respie to me for the last 12 years, or speech top my son who can't speak or the augementative communication device my son has been entitled to. They will always be animals to a disabled child and his Mother.

Perhaps it is the pain speaking or the 12 years of neglect. I'll let you know if I ever change my mind but I doubt it. I think I am the most disenfranhized person in this entire country.

The Bushes should be very ashamed of JEB, the State of Florida should be ashamed of itself, CMS should be ashamed of itself, FDOH, DOJ should be ashamed and HHS should be ashamed as they all looked the other way and told me JEB had a blank check from his brother George. Even the United Way should be ashamed of itself on this one!! The list is so long of people who I have asked for help and who has refused it over the last 12 years that it is a whose who of neo-conservatives. I guess the Neo Conservatives fear the old republican guard more then the Democrats as they have been trying to desptroy the Old Republican Guard since George Bush Jr.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Timsfilms,

      No I haven't considered suing. It is Florida and no one wins a malpractice suit in Florida.

      My tendons are still torn in my other shoulder and it has been 5 months I have been sitting in pain and denied the proper treatment. They offered me a pain clinic so I can get hooked on narcotics. My shoulder hurts really bad but not bad enough to wave on my duties to my child by getting addictive to pain medication. What can I say but Obamacare?

      Thanks for the thoughts and prayerrs because appropriate medical treatment is outisde of my reach.


    • profile image

      timsfilms 5 years ago

      JT I just read your first story about your shoulder and how your doctor refused to perform MUA. Now you have this mess in your shoulder. Have you considered talking with a lawyer and if warranted suing him? JT, you got horrible advice. "Your brain won't let you hurt yourself?" Sadly, this doctor will continue to leave people broken and hurting until someone stands up.

      My thoughts, prayers and hopes for a beautiful tomorrow are with you and your child.