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Tips on Becoming More Positive - Raising Self Esteem

Updated on November 1, 2017
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Trudy otherwise know as tlcs has a lot of ideas about different things that she loves to share with others and is not afraid of the response


Low self esteem? Time to give yourself a boost I say!

Gain self esteem by treating yourself with the respect that you deserve.

Low self-esteem leaves us with the uncomfortable feeling that we're not capable or deserving enough doesn't it? We may excel as mothers, grandmothers, managers or professionals, friends, or spouses and sometimes feel everything is a total waste of time and energy and we are not appreciated!

The disadvantages of low self esteem are high, if we don't value ourselves we're less likely to care about ourselves either, that is when the problems will really come into play because we start to develop problems within our relationships.

If you're feeling this way maybe it's time to give yourself a treat and think of you, treat yourself right, now. Don't feel selfish, tell yourself that you are worthwile and start now doing things for yourself such as book a manicure, hair appointment or join a club or whatever it is you have'nt done for a very long time.

Exercise can help as well, it has physiological and psychological benefits (sorry for the big words!) and automatically releases a feel good substance into the brain (you may feel tired but it will be worth it!)

Say nice things to yourself, instead of saying to yourself "I look awful" say " I think I need some personal quality time" it sounds far nicer and it won't leave you feeling negative, you'll find that you will get on and book that hair appointment!

Make plans to improve the way you are, stop feeling fat and lethargic, do something about it and do it now!

Congratulate yourself on whatever you have done today, you may think you have done nothing positive but I bet your bottom dollar you have! You may have prepared a meal that was taken for granted and eaten by others, that meal was prepared by you and you did it alone and everyone ate it, that means it was good, so congratulate yourself if no one else does, and if they do congratulate you and say "what a lovely meal" digest what they have said and your sure to bring a smile to your face.

Maybe if you went for a walk, we all walk but take it for granted that this is actually exercise, so we are actually achieving something, doing exercise and dealing with the weight issues,(that's if we have them in the first place!) so we can congratulate ourselves again because we're not just sat on our backsides doing nothing are we!?

Work towards self sufficiency, that doesn't mean that I am suggesting you get rid of the issues that are causing the self esteem in the first place, that means building your self esteem by telling yourself and doing yourself the things that others are doing for you when really you should be doing them yourself.

Make plans to improve the way you do things, by starting a new way of approaching the things you do and putting into play your way your self esteem will improve immensley. Oviously this doesn't apply at work, unless you pass it by your manager first! Wouldn't want to get you into trouble for creating a new system when the old system was perfectly fine and the system is not what is causing your low self esteem in the first place!

Another way to boost your self esteem is by looking in the mirror and appreciating what and who you are, forget the negatives, pick yourself up, brush yourself off and boost that self esteem!

Jogging is a way of lifting your self esteem
Jogging is a way of lifting your self esteem | Source
Exercise is a really positive way of getting rid of low self esteem
Exercise is a really positive way of getting rid of low self esteem | Source

You can also get rid of low self esteem by getting involved

Take a look around you.

Generally, with low self esteem comes no drive. By taking a look around your environment and pin pointing things that really are driving you mad and saying to yourself I am going to do something about it and actually getting up and doing it your self esteem when overcoming what ever it is you have identified will be improved.

For example, you may look at yourself and feel that you need to spend quality time on yourself, it could be going to the hairdressers or maybe just pampering yourself by painting your nails or shaving of your beard (if your a man of course!) anything that makes you feel better about yourself.

Another example could be that your environment is not looking up to the normal standard that you are used to. Get that vacuum cleaner and polish and cloth out and go to it, once you have completed the task in hand your self esteem and pride will return.

All it needs is for you to feel positive and anything can be achieved!

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© 2012 Trudy Cooper


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    • tlcs profile image

      Trudy Cooper 5 years ago from Hampshire, UK

      Thank you, glad my hub was useful

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I agree that sometimes the reason we feel bad about ourselves has nothing to do with other people -- it's all what we say to ourselves. Voting this Up and Useful.