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How To Get Fit & Lose Weight: Developing A Healthy Diet & Workout Routine

Updated on September 4, 2014

The Healthy Choice

The Healthier Option When Choosing Your Next Drink
The Healthier Option When Choosing Your Next Drink

Changing Diet Habits & Exercise Routines

There's the right way, and there's the wrong way when it comes to being healthy and staying fit.


Are you taking the right steps to staying fit and healthy?

Are you serious about making a change to your health?

Are you prepared to stay motivated and committed?

Are you exercising but not seeing the results?

Change Your Drinking Habits

Cut down on alcohol & drinks full of sugar and caffeine

We all love having a glass of coca cola or sprite, especially in the summer time. Fancy an energy drink full of caffeine? How about a few coffees while we're at work? The truth is that although these drinks may seem harmless, at the end of the day most are doing us more harm than good. Even some fruit juices are seen to be bad for our health with the levels of sugar, artificial ingredients and preservatives they contain.

The best fluid is definitely water or home made fruit juice drinks. Unlike soda or soft drinks, water won't give you the bloated feeling after having a few glasses with your meal. Try it out and see how you go.

Ensure you exercise regularly by doing a range of light and intense exercises.

This includes doing athletic exercises such as running or jogging to improve your heart and lung capacity, while also ensuring you do a range of weights exercises, which may even include doing push ups or chin ups by using your own body weight. This doesn't mean you need to sign up to the local gym, spending hundreds of dollars on membership and personal training sessions per year. There's a range of exercise articles which can be found on the internet or in magazines to help you work out different body parts, strengthening your muscle and targeting any areas which may contain unwanted fats.

Spend time outdoors

By spending time outdoors, you will not only improve your health by getting the benefits of clean air and Vitamin D from the sun, but also improve your mood. Spending time outside of the house, or away from air-conditioned environments such as offices allows you to take in the natural warmth of the sunshine while also breathing in clean air, assuming you're not in busy environments congested with carbon pollution.

Did this article make you think twice about your health and lifestyle habits?

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Exercise & Diet

A well balanced diet & exercise are essential to healthy living
A well balanced diet & exercise are essential to healthy living

Health & Fitness Routines

Changing your body shape is about putting in the time and effort. Weight loss & muscle building requires time and effort!

Exercising by walking once a week for 15 minutes may help but won't be as effective as running or jogging. Intensify your workout and burn off the energy you consumed. Intense exercise will not only strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles, but will also help you feel mentally happy. Studies have proven that high levels of exercise can lead to increased amounts of happiness through physical workouts.

A Well Balanced Diet

Having a balanced diet is essential to maintaining a healthy body and lifestyle with a variety of meat, fruit, vegetables and nuts. This allows you to get a balanced level of fibre, protein, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals.

It's important to consume the right foods to give you the right levels of energy. For example, consuming high levels of carbohydrates without using the energy by performing instense exercises will only lead to increased fat and bloating. Overconsumption of protein can sometimes, in a similar way, lead to constipation. It;'s important to ensure you include a high amount of fruit and vegetables with every meal to assist in digestion and immunisation.

Decision Time...

Make the choice today - do you want to be healthy, live longer, eat well and even improve your mood? All it takes is a few minutes a day when choosing your meals to help you get on the right track to a healthy body. Eating the right foods and taking the time out to exercise will mean all the difference when working towards a healthier life. Cutting down on the junk foods (including processed meats and fats) and looking to a healthier alternative may cost a few dollars more, but will certainly mean a longer life and a happier life at that.

Swap the bad for the good. Challenge yourself today and see the results. You may even surprise yourself...


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    • DeviousOne profile image

      DeviousOne 6 years ago from Sydney, Australia

      Thanks for your comment and more importantly, for sharing your first hand experience. I had a moment in my life where I would just eat lots, having pasta in the morning, a few bananas per day, a burger and fries for lunch. In the end it just gave me a belly along with heart burn feelings and a very unhealthy feel all around. I cut out the crap, ate more salads and stopped eating the hamburgers and fries to the extent I used to and within 6 months, the belly was almost gone.

      It can be done - it just needs to be done the right way.

    • Cogerson profile image

      Cogerson 6 years ago from Virginia

      A very timely hub. I have over the years experienced weight gains and in the past, I used weight loss pills like Stacker to get me back to the weight I want to be at....however as I got older and my blood pressure became an pills seemed like a deadly combination with high blood I had to make a change.

      I did some of the exact things you wrote about in your key was getting more exercise and changing my diet....I gave up my caffeine addiction(I used to drink 4 or 5 Diet Mountain Dews a day), reduced the amount of salt in my diet, began drinking lots of water and starting running every day. Three months later I have reached my perfect BMI rating, starting running in 5K and 10K runs, my blood pressure has got better and I feel great. All without the use of Stacker or Green Tea diet pills. I highly recommend following the advice you have offered...voted up and very useful.