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Gods way to healthy living: Step 4: Water will keep our kidneys clean!

Updated on August 27, 2013

Daily Showers!

Cleaning your body is essential a part of daily living. Toxic waste build up in our body when we do not drink enough water.

Your skin is considered to play the role of a third kidney. The average person eliminates about 1 kg of waste material through the pores of the skin, daily.

Physical activity eliminate even more wast material, and it is vital to keep the pores open and clean from the inside, as we'll as the outside by daily showering or bathing.

Water intake players a vital role to keep our bodies Clean and healthy.

Daily cleaning.

Daily cleaning cannot be neglected because neglect will induce disease.

The multitude of pores, through which the body breathe, become clogged and filled with wast matter.

The skin needs to be carefully and thoroughly cleansed, to allow the pores to do their work, by freeing the body from impurities.


Every person should see the blessings in bathing daily. Whether a person is sick or well, respiration is more free and easy If bathing is practiced.

Muscles became more flexible, the mind and body are alike invigorated, and become more livelier.

Bathing soothes the nerves, promotes perspiration when the water is warm, quickens the circulation, helps the kidneys and urinary organs to function normally.

Bathing also helps the bowels, stomach, and liver to function and give new life in each.

It also promotes digestion, to strengthen it's function.

Warm bath or shower.

When a warm bath is taken it fortifies against cold.

The blood circulation is improved, the uterine organs, which are more or less congested by the action of your body against the cold, are relieved, for the blood is brought to the surface.

The regular and easier flow of blood is obtained with regular warm bathes, or showers.

Remember to always end a bath or shower with few seconds of cold water. This will strengthen the body and close the pores.

Clean body

Clean body
Dirty body
Reduce disease
Promote disease
Urine colorless
Dry mouth
Respiration in skin restored
Respiration skin clocked.
Feel good
Body pains


Do you bath or shower daily?

See results

Drinking Water.

Drinking pure water!

Matthew 23: 25-26. For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but inside they are full of greed and self- indulgence. You blind Pharisee! First clean the inside of the cup and the plate, that the outside also may be clean.

As important as washing your body clean from the outside, it is to clean your body from the inside.

Drinking pure water is ideal for a healthy body.

If not fond of drinking water you could always put some fresh lemon juice in the water, it will taste better and it will alkalizing and detoxifying the water and the host.

How much water Should I drink daily?

Ideally, one glass of water every hour or throughout the day is best.

To drink a lot of water at once is not the solution. The kidneys will eliminate all that water completely in a few hours.

When tired drink a lot of cold water that will help revitalize you during that lazy periods of the day.

Drink pure water, not tap water. Tap water has a high concentration of metals, that is harmfully to your body. "Oases" water in South Africa is the best choice.

You will need to drink even more when you sweat or when the weather is hot.

I have learned to carry my water supply with me at all times, taking a sip often.

How do I know that I am Drinking enough Water?

If your urine is a strong yellow color, you are drinking too little water. Your urine should be as light as possible, almost colorless.

By the time you feel thirsty, it is already meaning that your Brody is losing water fast. Thirst is not a good indicator and you have to drink more water more regally.

To little water can lead to kidney stones. When you suffer from kidney stones, when you feel thirsty, it will to late already. Lack of water in the kidney will have the effect of letting the stones loss, with mush pain and suffering.

The cure is simple, lots of purified water and drinking the water that asparagus has been boiled in, ones a week about a cup full.

How long can we live without water?

We can live for 81 days without food but will probably die in 5 days without water. After losing some water in your body you will start to hallucinate, become disoriented and experience twitching and painful mussels.

A new born contains 80% water, when born. The amount of water lessens with age.

More than 60% of our body is made of water.

If you lose more than 15% of yout total water mass, your life is in danger and you could die. Amazingly our bodies do not have a water storage system so we have to refill it all the time.


The parts of the body that suffers most from dehydration are the joints, cartilage, fingers, knees and vertebrae. Chronic pain will follow and this could be an indication that your body is signaling dehydration. This could cause disease.

Overcoming dehydration!

Dry mouth, is not the only sign of dehydration but pain in the body is a crisis call for water. Thirst should be prevented at all cost.

Lemon water.

Washing of the word.

The word of God must be used for the most important washing.

Efe 5: 25 - 27 Husbands, love your own wives, even as the Christ also loved the assembly, and has delivered himself up for it, order that he might sanctify it, purifying it by the washing of water by the word, that He might present the assembly to himself glorious, having no spot, or wrinkle, or any of such

Tit 3:5-6: But when the kindness and love to man of our Saviour God appeared, not on the principle of works which have been done in righteousness which *we* had done, but according to his own mercy he saved us through the washing of regeneration and renewal of the Holy Spirit, which he poured out on us richly through Jesus Christ our Saviour;


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      What a inexpensive way to stay healthy.