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Health Benefits of Cauliflower.

Updated on July 2, 2015


Cauliflower is one of the cheapest and easily available vegetable all over the world. The raw cauliflower looks beautiful and when cooked is tasty to eat. The cauliflower can be cooked in many ways. It can be cooked as vegetable with other vegetables, steamed, fried, roasted or eaten in salads.

Botanically it is member of cruciferous family. It is from the same family as of broccoli. It has nearly same benefits as of broccoli. Though broccoli is not as easily and cheaply available as cauliflower all over the world and hence it must be rated higher than broccoli. Both cauliflower and broccoli has same pattern of florets which are in clusters. The cauliflower usually comes in winter season but these days it can be available in big stores all the year round. The benefits of cauliflowers are numerous from prevention of certain cancers to weight reduction.

Health Benefits of Cauliflower

1. Since 100 grams of cauliflower has only 25 calories so it can be eaten in big quantities even those who are trying to loose weight. Hardly any vegetable or food has so less calories.

2. It has zero cholesterol so it is very good for heart patients or those who are suffering from blood pressure.

3. Every 100 grams of cauliflower has about 2 grams of dietary fiber . Dietary fiber is needed to digest food and keep the stomach and alimentary canal healthy.

4. Cauliflower is rich source of many anti cancer chemicals like Sulforaphane and also indole 3 carbinol. which function as anti estrogen agent thus bring down estrogen level if they go above normal levels. But they also help in preventing many kind of cancers like prostrate, breast, colon and cervical as these chemicals inhibit growth of cancer cells and also act on free radiclas.

5. Cauliflower is a rich source of Vitamin C. 100 grams of cauliflower can provide up to 80 percent of the daily requirement of Vitamin C. Vitamin C fights scurvy, gingivitis and maintains connective tissue health, thus useful in glowing skin and helps in healing. Vitamin C is also anti oxidant so it helps fighting cancers, boost immunity and prevents from other infections.

6. Cauliflower is rich in Vitamin B complex. The B complex contains vitamins from B1 to B12 which are required not only for body growth but also for body maintaince and functions. Vitamin B12 is very essential for the absorption of calcium from the intestines.

5 out of 5 stars from 6 ratings of Cauliflower

7. Cauliflower is also rich source of Vit K which is very essential for clotting of blood. So when body is injured and is bleeding then Vitamin K is essential in forming clot on wound so there is no more blood loss.

8. Cauliflower is also rich in DIM ( Di indolul methane). It is a lipid compound and is very good immune modulator. It also has anti bacterial properties and anti viral properties. DIM is also used in treatment of conditions caused by Human papiloma Virus. Its role in cervical dysplasia is still under clinical trials.

9. It is also rich source of manganese which has anti oxidant properties.

10. Cauliflower is also a rich source of copper, calcium, iron and potassium. Potassium lowers blood pressure so very useful for heart patients.

Disclaimer: I am not a certified doctor or dietician.. So please check with your doctor about its medicinal use and side effects . I have only written what can be benefit of this humble food if included in diet. Thanks

Cauliflower come in various colours though not common
Cauliflower come in various colours though not common

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