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Weight Loss: How to loss weight healthily -Healthy weigh loss management program

Updated on July 22, 2014
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Ben is scientist, teacher, researcher and author who loves to help you to be more, do more and achieve more. He is an Amazon kindle author

Head sense before the scale

Healthy weigh loss management program
Healthy weigh loss management program

Healthy weight loss management program (1)-The place of mental acuity

Recently I read an article in one of the news paper that the average British woman spend about twenty five thousand pounds in their life time on slimming and diet related accessories. The article went on to say that they register in gyms and fail to complete their exercises regimes due to lack of motivation. They also pile up a lot of calories a around 5-8 in the evening due to binge eating. This is probably the time they are watching their television and probably thinking through their day. It could have been a stressful day and to alleviate their condition they indulge in more food. If you look at this story there are problems. These problems are those of lack of motivation, lack of knowledge as to the best diet options and hence poor planning in terms of rigorously sticking to a diet regime and lack of will to develop exercise habits that will propel them to their dream of successful weight loss. This problem is not peculiar to the women that has been mentioned in this report since at one time or another people have tried to follow a particular weight loss management regime but give up along the way.

This article will be a series of articles where I will explore some of the ways we can follow to make informed decisions on the regimes we need to follow in our bid to manage our weight. Hence, I have carefully coined the topic Healthy Weight Loss Management Program. This article will be the first in the series and will focus on how our thinking, feeling and actions will affect our ability to loss weight or not. The idea here is that we need to understand the behavioural and physical skills we require to become effective in our bid to loss or maintain a desired weight. There are so many weight loss programs out there, but in these series of articles I will be focusing on psychological, physiological and nutritional (diet) as well as physical (exercise).

What happens in your head affects the size belt

Our brain is very important to the decisions we make. Understanding the working of your brain could be the best thing you will ever do before en-backing on a weight loss programme. There are lots of theories our there on the working of the human brain and the way it perceives, processes and acts on information from our senses. The brain helps us to make informed decisions based on patterns of information it has in its information storage reservoir. How we retrieve these information is important in our ability to act on new information, knowledge or situation. The idea I want to point out here is that any journey on loosing with is a learning process, a change process and a decision making process. Understanding these and the role of our conscious and unconscious mechanisms will help us to progress and succeed in our weight loss program.

Understand change or change will not happen

Change process is not easy. It is moving from a place we are very comfortable to a place we are very uncomfortable. It is a decision and action taking process and requires commitment and great determination on our side. I read an article recently about a Hollywood actress that was overweight. For her to participate in a new role she was requires to loss weight before she could successful get a place in the new role. What does she have to do? Here career, future and revenue in millions of dollars was at stake. Moment of decision! She had to weigh all the benefits (pleasure) and set back (pain) in terms of getting or loosing the role. The decided to do all that it takes to keep her job in this new film. She focused on what she wanted, the value she will get in taking part in this role and the result she wanted to achieve.Change takes place at different levels, in our emotions (effect), habits, and associations. In your desire to change your physical appearance through following a diet regime or exercise you must make up your mind want choices you need to make to make progress. This changes begins within you. It is either you choose a long term pain for a life time pleasure or you choose a short term pleasure for a life time pain. Recently, I read about a man that was advised to quit his job for health and safety reasons that his weight poses on his colleagues. If he was given this option a long time ago; that is, to manage his weight, because of this reality. What do you think will be his options?

We need to understand change or change will not happen.

Understand the working of your external and internal environments

How do you react to challenges - stress due to anxiety. During this situations your brain mobilises different neuro-chemicals to control the upsurge. In this "fight or flight" situation chemicals in the brain that lead to calorie accumulation and fat storage are released, leading to the production of cortisol and insulin. This results in increase in your appetite and indulgence in high calorie sweets and fats. It makes you to store more fat , pumping more fat as well as inflammatory chemicals into the liver. This creates a resistant to insulin, making your pancreas secrete more insulin to compensate. Imagine when this process or regime becomes recurrent in your system! It makes you to become hungrier and you eat tend to eat MORE due to stress. This is how your body conditions itself externally to fight stress. On the other hand you can learn how to control your internal environment by maintaining a relaxed response. This is because knowing that your emotions can steer your desire to eat will help you to resist the cravings and ideally avoid them altogether. It is a question of understanding the patterns of different emotions, and controlling them through your associations with the cause (actions) and effect (emotion).

In conclusion the article suggest that understanding the workings of your brain and its relationships with your behaviour towards foods; and the ability to control such impulses could be the first step towards a healthy weigh loss management program.


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