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Healthy Cooking Tips

Updated on October 22, 2011

A lot of people love to eat, for some reason or the other. People eat when hungry which is obviously good, but there are people who eat all the time. Whether its when they are angry, happy, excited or even sad.

We fill ourselves with food and mostly its just something that almost helps to fill the void in ourselves. However, with all the extra food we eat we risk gaining extreme amounts of weight, increase our risk of heart attacks, diabetes and risk our lives by increasing our cholestrol level.

Now, I’m not here to tell you to not eat, but here are a few ideas that can help you reduce your chances of risking your life and still eat as much as you want.

Now to cook in a healthy manner you don’t need to be a gourmet or experienced chef, you don’t need the expensive and best technologies to cook. You can keep your methods simple and basic and still cook and live healthy!

One of the most important ways is to cook the food in a healthy manner, for example; reduce the fat in the food before cooking, reduce your intake of sodium, and choosing a healthier way of cooking. The methods described in this article ensure that your food is healthy and still tastes good without adding any excess fats or salts. In short its healthy and still delicious!

Reduce The Fat

  • Spruce all visible fat from the meat and drain out all the extra fat from cooked meat. Skim fats from foods like stock, soup and stews.
  • Using egg whites instead of whole eggs can help you remove at least one third of the fats or oil in many recipes.
  • Other ways of reducing fats are to use natural sweets instead of rela sugar, its easy really, just replace the sugar with mashed banana or stewed apple.

  • Exchange saturated fats with reasonable amounts of unsaturated fats, one example is to use a good quality of olive oil spread instead of better, it tastes better even if it is a little bit more heavy on the pocket. You can also use guacamole instead of cream cheese and instead of using a chocolate spread you can use a peanut butter spread, its not only tasty but also very healthy.
  • If you worked hard enough following the previous ways then don’t be silly enough to fry the food. Think smart, and don’t add any excess fat while cooking and use healthy cooking methods – grill, steam or bake instead of roasting or frying, make use of non-stick pans which do not need to be greased or oiled and add a little stock as an alternative for oil while cooking. When adding fat, use the smallest amount feasible.

Reduce The Sodium

  • Make an effort to not add any extra salt to your food while you are eating and obviously while you are cooking.
  • Exert your self control and make sure your intake of ready-made processed foods and take-aways is minimum.
  • Prefer to use lower salt options of packet foods - 0.6g of sodium or 1.5g salt is a high salt content. 0.1g of sodium and or 0.3g salt is a low salt content.

Be Sure To Read The Labels

Obviously, you need to know you are eating, so read the back of the product before eating, strain your eyes a little. Read on the nutitional value and check the calorie level. It will only help you further in keeping healthy.

Using Naturally Low Fat Foods Can Help Too!

Fruit, vegetables, complex carbohydrates, pulses and lean protein sources are all naturally low in fat. Just imagine if you ate foods naturally low in fat you won’t ever have to worry about weight gain at all.

Try Not To Overcook

When preparing vegetables and potatoes, be careful so as to not to overcook them as this only succeeds in reducing their nutritional value. Steaming is the most excellent means of food preparation for your vegetables to preserve their nutrients.

Leave The Skins On!

Leaving the skins on your fruits and vegetables will increase your fibre intake and facilitate you to feel fuller for longer period of time.

I’ve helped by giving you some good ways to eat healthy, but there are always ways to improve your health. So go ahead and read new healthy cooking books, because remember your life can only matter to you!


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    • profile image

      peacefulparadox 7 years ago

      Store cooking oil away from hot places. Also don't overcook the oil. Oxidized oils is not good for health.

    • SEO Expert Kerala profile image

      SEO Expert Kerala 7 years ago from KERALA

      What a great informative hub! Thank you for sharing hassam!

    • hassam profile image

      hassam 7 years ago from Pakistan

      Yes, cooking at home is the most healthy option.

    • midnightbliss profile image

      Haydee Anderson 7 years ago from Hermosa Beach

      very useful information. healthy eating means that we should be cautious of what we eat and prepare home cooked meals as much as possible.