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Heart Disease Treatment and Recover Your Healthy Life

Updated on March 31, 2016

Hearth disease is one of the biggest health problems in the world. High blood pressure, coronary artery, atherosclerosis, angina, heart attack, and stroke increased every day. The most common causes of heart disease is life style like consuming junk food, sweet drink, too much watching television, and rare to exercises. Obesity has significant relation with heart diseases. Here some heart disease treatments that you can do at home.

Heart disease
Heart disease | Source

The first treatment is you should know is how to lower your cholesterol by lose weight diet, lower your cholesterol and Psyllium, exercise and relax, drink tea,consume anticoagulant and omega 3. Warning: you are not allow to drink coffee, alcohol, and no salt in your food.

Lose Weight Diet

This is the tough one. Losing weight treatment for heart disease is not easy for most people. Obesity is very dangerous to your heart. Obesity people are less to move and heart should work hard to pump blood to all body. Heart is like engine in car. Imagine, how small engine should running monster truck? Good treatment for you is organic food diet which make your body slim and healthy. Remember, if your weight getting lower and and gain ideal body weight also directly lower your cholesterol.

Lower Cholesterol and Psyllium

Lower your cholesterol is one of the best treatment for heart disease. Cholesterol from meat and poultry will blocked your blood and potential to heart attack. Your cholesterol level should below 200. Food diet will lower your cholesterol like no butter, junk food, egg, meat, and more consume high fiber foods like vegetables, fruit, bean, and wheat. Vegetarian people who consume fiber food has lower cholesterol about 15 percent compare to non-vegetarian. Doing vegetarian diet will lower your risk of heart attack. Other way is consume natural Psyllium which is use to cure constipation and able to lower cholesterol. Psyllium is addictive in food. Psyllium is native plant in Iran and India. It seeds usually use in food.

Stop Smoking

Stop smoking is recommended for most diseases especially for heart treatment. Smoking is worse problem for heart and lung. Smoking will lower oxygen in your blood and brain and also worsening your cholesterol problem. Stop smoking now and care your heart. People who stop smoking will gain strong heart after three years; and also look younger and healthy. Stop smoking will safe your money and use the money to start your favorite hobby.

No Salt, Coffee and Alcohol

Stop bad habit is good for your heart disease treatment. Salt contain Natrium which higher your blood pressure. Limiting your salt only 6 gram (6000 mg) each day will reduce your high blood pressure. Junk food and frozen food usually contain high salt. Drinking alcohol and coffee is bad for your heart. Stop it now and drink herbal tea. Consuming mushroom will reduce your blood pressure. Do not worry, mushroom is delicious.

Care Your Heart
Care Your Heart | Source

Relaxation and Drink Tea

Drinking tea as new habit is simple treatment for your heart disease. Three cups of tea in a day is good to your heart. Use hawthorn tea or herbal tea. Just use one spoon tea for each cup. Enjoy your tea and relax. Stress causes high blood pressure. Relaxation will make your heart relax too and able to pump blood to all part of body. You can learn meditation for heart disease. Many research founded that meditation gave significant impact to cure heart disease.

Anticoagulant and Omega-3

Stroke occurred when there is coagulant in blood artery. It blocking the nutrition and oxygen into brain sell. Some natural anticoagulant found in oil fish or Omega-3. Red onion and garlic is anticoagulant too. Simple heart treatment like consuming Omega-3 every day will bolster your heart and make it healthy. You can buy it at drug store. Good luck with your heart!


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    • Cathy Fidelibus profile image

      Ms. Immortal 5 years ago from NJ

      Thanks, great information!

      Researchers have found that the homogenization process of milk chemically alters an enzyme which may be a threat to us and has potential to create hardening of the artieries. Raw milk is actually heart healthy.