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Health and Well Being Hub

Updated on March 14, 2011

We strive our best to live a long and healthy life, trying to keep illness and disease at bay. We look for nutritional supplements to increase our strength and to improve our immune system and gain mental and overall well being and as well trying our best in reducing the effects of ageing.

I will always be writing on health topics and adding on more relevant and important health related information on this hub as I go along. There are health information tips gathered here that I´m sure will help you.

Read the titles and summary text below and follow the health information links you require.

A Note on Free Radicals

What are Free Radicals and how you can fight them for your health benefit.

Anti Oxidants against Aging

A list of anti oxidants you can take to slow down aging

Basics for a Longevity Diet

As the title says, more help for a healthy diet

Easy Healthy Diet Tips

A healthy diet does not have to be a strict one, just follow basic rules.

Home Homeopathy

The basic kit that all homeopathy followers should have at home.

Homeopathic Acne Treatment-Part 1

Teenagers will love this one

Homeopathic Arthritis Remedies

Ways on how homeopathy can relieve arthritis pain

Homeopathic Incompatible Remedies

This information will tell you which remedies you should not use together.

Homeopathic Remedy for Anxiety

Before an exam, a driving test or a big event, to calm you down, read on.

Homeopathic Remedy Names and Abbreviations

This is a good one if you´re the type that gets confused with all the homeopathic names.

Longevity Vitamins

A basic list of vitamins to help you live longer

Men and Hair Loss

Men! If you are losing hair this info is specifically for you

Olive Oil and Its Benefits

Read this one and I’ll be sure that you will have olive oil more often at your table.

Salt Flower

Salt flower is beneficial to your health verses the normal refined table salt.

Tips on Fighting Obesity

Obesity unfortunately is a growing epidemic.

Understanding Homeopathy and How It Works

If you are still confused about homeopathy click below.

Water and Our Body

The most important element in our planet that we tend to forget that is so necessary for our good health.


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