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How To Brush Teeth

Updated on October 22, 2011

Glittering teeth not only please others but become mentally satisfaction for one; you have noticed glittering teeth also play a vital role in the personality of one. Imagine about a beauty having marvelous figure, curly hairs, cylindrical body cuts, and then dirty yellow teeth? It look you have thrown Pepsi colaon the portrait of Angelina Julie.

We are not talking about beauty or glamorous girls but diverting your attention that in the whole beauty set up if one thing is unbalancing you may have loose something. You might not be knowing about women/girls how sensitive and careful they are about look and appearance including their body odour.

If something is slight unbalancing it might ruin their personality. So is the condition of teeth in this whole beauty set up. Now what teeth play role in our daily life could be highlighted by this joke.

“A man goes to see a doctor as he was having pain in his stomach, doctor diagnosed eye drops for the patient. Patient surprised when he knew doctor has advised him to use eye drops.

On demanding clarification doctor explained that patient either very careless in choosing eatables or has a bad eye sight which resulted in pain stomach. He further added if patient had carefully noticed whatever he was eating he could have avoided that problem, but still problem is there it means he has a bad eye sight.”

So a beautiful figure, handsome physique and strong body building can never be achieved if “nice glittering teeth” are not helping in this whole process whatever we eat it has to go in our stomach through our mouth with the chewing help of our teeth.

If the teeth are dirty and untidy eating will b consternated and will be resulted in stomach pain. So we must know how to keep healthy and bright our teeth for longer time.

Thing To Note While Brushing Your Teeth

Following steps will help you maintaining your teeth properly and will also help you how to brush your teeth correctly.

  • Always use a soft bristled tooth brush, hard bristled may damaged your gums leading to gingival.
  • Wet your brush and take pea amount of toothpaste.
  • Toothpaste must be of some good standard containing fluorides and mouthwash.
  • Hold the toothbrush tilted at the angle of 45 degree towards your gums, start cleaning from upper row of teeth, from right to left and up and down. Use short, back and forth motions for cleaning and make sure you are not exerting too much pressure. Always clean near teeth near gum areas as it will save you from gum diseases.

  • First clean the front surface of teeth than the chewing surface and lastly the inner surfaces. If you find the head of brush too large to maintain 45 degree angle while cleaning the inner surface of teeth, use the brush vertically.
  • Now lift the brush and repeat the same process cleaning the outer, chewing and inner surface.
  • Continue along the arch till you reach the end of the arch and then shift.
  • Gently brush along the gum line of your teeth as this effectively dislodges any accumulated food debris.
  • Don’t forget to brush your tongue also to keep your breath neat and tidy.
  • Brushing of teeth must be carried out regularly; daily and twice a day with out fail.

  • You should not forget that proper brushing normally takes at least 2 minutes, most of the people don’t take too much time, they are so much in hurry for their office/ business responsibilities that they spend minimum time for this non monitory business, please be careful for this.
  • To brush your teeth like a pro, use short, gentle strokes. Clean your gums properly especially hard to reach areas.
  • Healthy brushing cannot be carried and until you take care of your tooth brush.

Brush To Be Used In Daily Life

Normally dental expert agree that a soft bristled brush is best for removing plaques and debris from your teeth, small headed brushes are also acceptable, as they can better reach all areas of the mouth, including hard to reach back teeth, try to obtain a power brush at least.

How Important Is The Toothpaste You Use?

There is a wide variety of toothpaste is there in the market, try to select one of your own choice, you may consult your dental physician to help you in selecting one for you.

When To Replace Toothbrush?

You should try to replace your toothbrush when it begins to show wear, or change it after every 3 months or which ever comes first.

A Quick Tutorial On How To Brush Your Teeth


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    • Igal profile image

      Igal 6 years ago from Los angeles

      Cleaning teeth twice on a day make your teeth healthy .I am glad to read it ..