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How To Get Rid Of A Bad Armpits Smell ( Best Solutions And Advice)

Updated on February 6, 2015 | Source

Bad Armpits Smell

Especially during summer times, a lot of people may experience bad smells in some body parts specifically in the armpits area - because bacteria can simply have easier ways breeding and reproducing in the most wet areas - and they wonder what could be the best solutions into getting rid of this bad smell that would make people avoid getting closer to them, yes this can be a real serious issue if we don't plan on finding the correct methods and ways to reduce and stop it.

After reading this article, you will learn how to fully get rid of this smell by simple methods that can be surely done at home, without having to pay for expensive products and by simply following them on daily basis, so read carefully and let's start!

Always Shave!

Having hair especially under the arms can hold and be a perfect medium and surrounding for bacteria to gather and spread around it,especially if the hair is wet and thick so that's why when we sweat we get to have a stronger and a more obvious odor depending on how the wastes contained in sweat smell like, the hair, hygiene , the production of bacteria and many other factors, so always make sure to shave the hair under your arms whether you're a man or a woman and try to use shaving tools that only belong to you!

In winter times: Avoid wool clothes as they can react with your skin and make it more prone to getting fumble and bad smell when sweating, or you can simply wear them above cotton clothes.

For women:

You may want to check out this article below that talks about how you can take off the hair of your body without experiencing pain, so make sure to check it out and start worrying less about removing your body hair! | Source


Try to keep your armpits sterilized whether by using sterilizers or any other products that can fit your budget.

Get two to four cottons ( depending on how much you prefer) put some alcohol/sterilizer drops over them and starting wiping and rubbing the cottons softly and gently on your armpits, you may repeat the same thing with new cottons to make sure that most bacteria stuck in there die and prevent them from spreading and breeding.

You can do this twice to three times daily, depending on how strong the odor would be and how much you would also prefer this.

Skip using too much body sprays, deodorants and these related because they simply contain chemicals which would most probably not be preferred by your body, why apply chemicals when there are natural and cheaper alternatives with even better results?

You can also place some powder to get your skin softer and avoid having it too moisturized and wet.

Avoid Some Foods

The odor that your body would produce can be strictly related to your diet and the foods that enter to your body, foods can play a big role into making you have a bad or a good body odor in general so make sure to take this into consideration!

In general, try to avoid foods that cannot be easily digested by your body such as red meats, foods lacking fibers and carbs, foods with excess proteins and junk foods.

What exactly?

Soda, alcohol ,tea, coffee - consuming these can lead to a bad body odor in general.

Smoking ( Tobacco)

Dairy Products


Please make sure to check out foods roles and what to eat to whiten teeth, lose fat , maintain focus and passing stool comfortably in the articles mentioned below! | Source

Give Your Body Its Water Needs

Water as we all know is essential for life, everything in life is always connected to water whether directly or indirectly.

Give your body its sufficient needs of water so that it can work on getting you rid from all the wastes that your body may contain and keep your organs and their functioning going right thus having less probabilities of experiencing a bad body odor in general. | Source

Personal Hygiene

Besides eating healthy,drinking good amounts of water, sterilizing and shaving there should always be a personal hygiene and this is surely related to you and is within your own hands so take care of your overall hygiene, which means that you have to look at your other body parts and make sure to keep them clean and healthy because in the end everything is connected and all of our parts fall in just one body.

A Studied Fact

A recent study showed that people who wash their hands regularly are less prone to getting illness especially cold, while those who do not wash their hands much experience sickness,illness and cold more often.

Hand shaking and everything that has to do with getting in contact with other surfaces can send and transfer bacteria, so always make sure to keep a focused oral hygiene.

Try to use these organic and natural soaps and liquids and avoid those that contain chemicals.


In general, when women get their menses they might experience a lot of body secretions which would lead to get a bad breath smell, bad armpits smell and body odor. This is just normal so you really don't have to think much about it, it's just your body's way of getting you rid from many wastes along with the blood release and you can simply wash and shower within the next two-three days but not on the first or the second day of getting your menses and try to keep the water's temperature medium ( not too cold and not too hot) , cold water can cause cramps for some women and hot water makes your skin dry, removes your skin's good oils and kills the good bacteria that fight the bad bacteria.


Try to take each and every advice mentioned here into consideration because you cannot simply get the preferred results by using one or two methods, everything is connected and related and nothing can work without the help of something else. I'm sure you get the point!

I hope you find this beneficial and easy to follow!

Meanwhile, you can check out these interesting topics below so prepare your snacks and have fun reading and enjoying new fun facts and information.

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