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How To Remove Body Hair Without Pain ( Easy Guide And Beneficial Tips)

Updated on March 5, 2015
Self - Marc Breidy Photography-
Self - Marc Breidy Photography- | Source

Hair Removal

When I was young I used to stumble into my mom to see her plucking out the hair of her eyebrows or removing hair from other body parts and I used to ask her:

" Why do you have to do that if it's painful?"

And she used to reply with " We need this, not only for beauty but for hygiene! And I know it's painful sometimes but that's just how beauty works.

Fortunately, your sensation to pain can get reduced the more you remove hair because you would simply get used to this".

When I got older, I had to do my part in this too but my case was different as I only used bleaching to get the hair appearance less obvious ,however, I had my classmates making fun of me bleaching the hair of my arms and my little mustache when I was about 12 years old.

So, I thought it was the right time to consider trying out the hair removal whether by waxing, sugar or machines and I certainly messed up many times trying to find the correct methods into removing hair.

I even used to pluck out the hair of my legs! Yes I did and I know it's awkward but I kind of enjoyed it. Well, this was during the times when I really felt bored or just by randomly doing so without realizing what I was doing.

Later on, my eldest sister advised me to start removing the hair using silk epil brown-hair removal machine - and I had my best hair removal experience with this one! I had No sticky matters included, less pain experienced and cleaner and faster results!

As time went by, I started to learn the methods into getting hair removed easily and without experiencing much pain, so let me start sharing these with you guys now!

Remove The Hair Before It Fully Grows!

Whether you prefer to remove hair by waxing, sugar, machines or other methods, it's always recommended that you take off the hair before it fully grows.

Thus making the wax, machine or sugar remove the hair right close to its root which gives the hair removal tools more control into taking the hair out while experiencing less pain.

Tighten Your Skin

You can surely notice how the hair removing pain can differ between areas right under your knees and those around thighs.

The more flabby your skin might be, the more pain would be experienced. So, try to stretch and tighten your skin around the aimed areas and I'm sure you that you will feel the difference! | Source

Machine Use

A lot of people prefer to use waxing over machines and sugar thinking that the heat of it can get their bodies more focused on the heat sensation rather than the pain's one - and that if we just speak about this pain related reason.

But actually, the hair removing machines can beat these two ( waxing and sugar) because their use is fast. They just simply remove your hair within minutes and without having you to worry about getting sticky and messing up the place where you would be doing this at.

I personally prefer machines over anything else! I currently have two machines, one by silk epil and the other by Philips and I can't tell you how much pleased I am with these two.

As for you, just use one of these two or both - depending on the purpose of use.

Mine is to make each one for specific parts of my body and face and that's for personal hygiene purposes.

Apply Powder!

You know these crazy hot summer days when you just feel your skin is too sticky for attempting to remove hair? I know that they reduce your enthusiasm and readiness to do so.

Well then you can apply some baby powder on the wanted areas right before taking the hair off.

You can also turn the fan or the AC on - depending on what you prefer.

The powder can really be helpful, not only for removing that sticky sensation but also for soothing your skin and to make it more ready and calm. | Source

The Need To Bleach?

Bleaching is what most girls and some women prefer to do for the tiniest hair or the most sensitive areas such as the face.

So, bleaching can complete your look and can be helpful for those little tiny hair that would most likely resemble dander because their removal would be a total pain - they're simply very fine and soft.

Sometimes their removal can get inflammation or other related allergies depending on the area.

The sun can be a natural source for bleaching but it can take forever to get the wanted result so a bleaching cream would just do fine! | Source

Deal With Redness After Hair Removal

You can always use these products mentioned below to deal and reduce the redness that you would get after hair removal.

Apply powder: As I mentioned above, powder has the ability to soothe and calm your skin so it's the opposite of what hair removing does.

Apply baby oil: Baby oil can also soothe and soften your skin.

Apply Soothing creams: If you think that powder or baby oil wouldn't be the perfect solution for you then just use some soothing creams. There are also creams that are especially made for sensitive skins, so if you experience any inflammations or little pimples then just use these creams.

I hope you find the information mentioned here beneficial! Just stick to these tips, try them and see the results by yourself.

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Let's Know What You Prefer!

Waxing, Sugar or A machine: Which one(s) do you prefer?

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