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Sleeping Disorders: Sleep Insomnia

Updated on October 22, 2011

Every person has at least experienced this once in his life that he gets sleep disorders. You often lie in bed and than you are awakened for hours, unable to sleep.

It’s the condition that when your eyes don’t even blink to give you effect of drowsiness. We often hear people saying that I am going through hell, I can not sleep, or that I am going crazy due to being sleepless for last so many days.

Reasons For Sleep Insomnia

The main reason behind this is that no one realizes that there are some factors that are working behind this sleep disorder that they are facing. These factors vary person to person. If this order would continue even for a couple of days you will find yourself frustrated and dull in your routine. Off course the reason is that your brain has not been able to relax at any time. It is constantly busy in thoughts.

The most often problem that every one has during this phase is that when they would be trying to sleep and would not be able to, this will constantly roam into their minds. And once this fits into one’s brain that I am unable to sleep the signals are transferred to whole body and you feel awakened.

Taking Care of Sleep Insomnia

How to take care of this sleep insomnia depends verily from person to person? Because for every person there are some different reasons that may make them feel sleepy or awake. Like you may easily understand it through one thing that is few people say that they feel sleepy if they take tea at night, while some say that they can not sleep once they take tea at night.

Now this is cause of our internal biorhythm, it is going to work the way we are going to optimize it. Now what each person needs to do is that find all such factors that cause one to fall asleep or cause him to get alert and than planning it accordingly optimization would become easy.

Once you are able to optimize your system you would be able to fall asleep within five to ten minutes once you lie in your bed. Try to figure these factors out if you are facing sleep insomnia and you may easily cater it.

Working On Internal Biorythm

The internal biorhythm of a person works in accordance to body temperatures. Now when a person will have high body temperature there are more chances that this will make him feel awakened.

On the other hand if body temperature would be low than this means that this will make one feel sleepy. Now your internal biorhythm would work in accordance to the temperature of your body that remained through out the day.

When you lay in bed reminding yourself that you are feeling sleepless, there is surety that either you would not be able to sleep at all or you would have disturbing nap. This is due to the disruption of your internal biorhythm clock. This is the problem that needs immediate attention while trying to get over this problem as soon as possible.

You actually need to keep your internal biorhythm aligned and consistent so that you do not face such disorders. When one controls the habit of his sleeping by controlling is biorhythm, he is able to control his whole day.

Because a restful sleep at night makes you wake up fresh and with enough energies to last whole day long. This let us remain fresh and more active whole day even if we have very tiring day.

While you are under taking any measures to regulate your inner biorhythm, do not just feel up with them very early. If you want to be free of this problem for ever you may need to adopt these things in long term. That is you would need to keep practicing and avoiding the factors that makes you fall asleep or remain awakened respectively.

Chronic Insomnia And Insomnia Cure

Being on the safe side, a person who is suffering from sleep insomnia I advised not to drive vehicles or operate any machinery because that is dangerous for them and others too. Chronic insomnia is a complex type of insomnia for which you can not find a single reason. There are multiple complexities involved in this.

What so ever insomnia is a kind of problem that can be cured it is not a disease that may cause acute harm, but this can be cured until and unless a person does not switch to taking any sleep inductive medicines. Because taking these medicines would make you fall in other categories to some other levels. And the easiest way to avoid insomnia is to avoid stress. Stress is the main reason for insomnia mostly.


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      Sagax K 6 years ago

      Great information!

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      Linda Batey 6 years ago from Maine

      Very good article with lots of information!