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How To Solve Your Problems

Updated on November 7, 2008

Solve Your Personal Problems

If your mind has a habit of compulsive thinking, it is very hard to cope up with the problems both small and big. The mind tends to concentrate more on the problem than the solution, you happen to get into depression. Though your mind has the ability to give solutions to your problems and sometimes the problems of others, because of your habit of obsessive thinking you tend to ignore the solution.

The problem with obsessive thinking is it makes the problem look bigger and bigger and you feel not strong enough to the deal with the problem. Sometimes, we try to escape from the obsessive thinking and the problem itself by indulging in TV, sex, alcohol, tobacco etc. If practised regularly, meditation can help you get rid of obsessive thinking, and you will be at ease with your life solving all your problems as and when they occur.

One more technique, I used and worked well is writing down the problem, giving a brief description of the problem and writing down solutions I could think of. I would choose the best solution and write a few actions steps and work on it to solve the problem successfully. This always worked well for me. Try it. We tend to think more logically on paper and could concentrate well on what is there on the paper, than the thoughts

In the corporate offices they solve their problems and act of new ideas on big white boards, why can't you use the same technique to the business you call "your life."

Problem solving is a skill, the more problems you solve, the more skillful you become. As your experience in problem solving grows you grow as a person. Life rewards you for solve the problem in the form of better social and financial position.


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