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How pure African Mango helps in weight loss

Updated on May 7, 2013
African Mango - helps you lose weight
African Mango - helps you lose weight

I love my mangoes and I also have family members and friends who have weight problems (as in they think they are fat – what more do you expect when you get onto fad diets, getting off them quicker than you got on them and lead an almost sedentary lifestyle).

So when I heard of this story I got a little greedy and thought hay, why not write a hub on this topic present to my family and friends in the hope that it will catch on and when they buy their stock pile of sweet African Mangoes I’d have my mouthful too.

Just so you understand I am not advocating that you get onto another fad diet – remember that there is no miracle cure for losing weight other than the hard way which is:

“The most productive way to lose weight is a steady and consistent effort to reduce the amount of calories you take in (yes you’ve guessed it right!), while increasing the amount of physical activity (exercise – not just walking to the toilet and back in your house) you do to burn more fat. Fad (Crash) diets only work on a temporary basis – a huge effort on your part and it may not last as long as you want it to do”.

According to researchers eating African mango, indigenous to coastal West Africa, where it is an age-old Cameroonian bush medicine, it said that the African Mango has 'unique' properties apparently helping to shift fat and even lower blood fat levels – now you know the bush doctors are far advanced in their weight loss endeavours taking the natural approach, this sounds better to me than having your stomach stapled.

The African mango is unlike other mangoes in that it produces an edible protein-rich seed. Extracts from the seeds are available in a tablet form, dubbed the 'breakthrough supplement.'

The capsules were given the boost and PR they needed when Oprah's Doctor Oz gave the capsules his endorsement last year.

Where is Cameroon Africa?

A markerCameroon Africa -
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African mango extract comes from a very rare type of mango fruit that can only be found in rainforests of Cameroon Africa.

What is African Mango?

The African Mango is a fruit grown in the rainforests of Africa. It is very similar in size, looks and tastes as the mangos we are used to picking up at the supermarket arriving from other parts of the world.

What makes this super weight loss mango special? Is that the African Mango has been studied for over 20 years, yet it has only recently been recognized as an amazing weight loss supplement. I wonder how long it took the bush doctors to recognise its benefits.

How does African Mango work?

African mango extract comes from a very rare type of mango fruit that can only be found in rainforests of Cameroon Africa. It’s the African mango seeds’ extract that makes the weight loss wonder. Also known locally as “Dikka Nuts”, the African Mango seed has been known for hundreds of years by bush doctors to have many health benefits – shame really some US company is going to push for patenting the seed! The extract is also called irvingia gabonensis, believed by Cameroon villagers to have a wide range of medicinal benefits.

It is believed that the African Mango works to speed up the body’s metabolism, which in turn can help to detoxify the body and burn more calories. For people who suffer from slow metabolism it can mean poor digestion, and cause them to not get much energy from the food they ingest, which again makes it difficult for the body to burn fat.

Does African Mango Work?

Some Health benefits of African Mango

· African Mango Extracts Safe — studies show it reduces LDL cholesterol and dangerous triglycerides.

· Effective — it's shown to shed 8.9 pounds and 2 inches of belly fat in just 28 days, this is not my observation but claimed by – (Ngondi JL, Oben JE, Minka SR. The effect ofIrvingia gabonensisseeds on body weight and blood lipids of obese subjects in Cameroon.Lipids in Health and Disease.2005;4, article 12)

· Relatively cheap — it's just 30p per serving.

· The Mango can aid in weight loss and the illnesses that are associated with obesity.

Where can you buy African Mango?

Put simply, African mango is a high fibre food, and high fibre foods have long been known to support a healthy and balanced diet. But to gain benefits from any such foods you need to adopt and maintain an active lifestyle with care and attention given to what you eat and how much and how often.

Now I am going to pass this hub onto my family and friends (fatties) and get them to buy the fresh mangoes, I’ll have the pulp and they can have the Dikka Nut, why don’t you head on over to you supermarket and get yourself some supplies better still you may wish to order it online by clicking on one of the products below (a man has to make some money you know….)

All the best with losing weight!


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    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

      Hi seigfried23,

      Thank you again for the comment. You may want to get your father to try fenugreek seeks or leaves they will help in balancing his suger levels and may help to manage his diabetes.

    • seigfried23 profile image

      seigfried23 5 years ago

      I think I'll have my father - he's a diabetic - try some of these in his diet and see how he likes them

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

      Hi alocsin,

      Thank you for reading and the comment, to get your fresh African mango try to find a sop which deals in African fresh produce your bound to find the mangoes there. I got my supply from a local shop which stocks African and Jamaican products.

      To be honest I did not find the taste that much different from Manges from South Asia.

      All the best

    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      I don't know where you can buy African mango here in the U.S. We have mostly Central American mangoes and occasionally some from Asia. But I'd love to taste some because mangoes are my favorite food. I guess I'll have to make do with the supplement. Voting this Up and Useful.

    • Zubair Ahmed profile image

      Zubair Ahmed 5 years ago

      Hi Sweetie1,

      Yes I love mangoes too. just carry on eating the Indian mangoes and sure they'l do the same trick :-) all the best.


    • sweetie1 profile image

      sweetie1 5 years ago from India

      Wow zubir, this is just like god send, a mango helping out to reduce weight. I can eat tonnes of mangoes every season but this mango is not going to be imported in India for sure but i do hope they get the extract you are talking about.