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How to Program Your Dowsing Pendulum

Updated on August 7, 2012

Have You Ever Heard of a Dowsing Pendulum?

Dowsing pendulums are defined as any object hanging from a fixed position. A simple example is a pendant hanging from a chain. Pendulums can be used in many ways to help you in decision making.

Programming a Pendulum Explained

Before using your pendulum, you must program or train, might be an easier word to explain it, to your life force. Every living entity has a unique essence so it only makes sense that a pendulum must be in tune with you. Programming your pendulum is a breeze with these 9 easy-to-follow directions.


Find Your Santuary

1. Sit down in the most peaceful place in your home. Everyone has their own oasis spot. It is very important to be in a relaxed state while you are programming the pendulum.

Deep Breathing Exercise

2. Take 10 deep slow diaphragm breaths. With this type of breathing, you can actually see and feel your diaphragm move up and down. Here is a good hub which explains breathing meditation more. In this relaxed state, you are much more receptive to hearing your inner self and messages from angels and guides.

Dowsing Pendulum Hold

3. Hold the end of the chain or string between your thumb and finger.

Claim Ownership

4. As the pendulum swings freely for a moment, say the words, “You are mine”. Repeat 3 times.

Cup Your Hands

5. Then take the gemstone pendulum and place it between your cupped hands.

Blow Into Your Hands

6. Make a tiny hole between your thumbs and blow into it. In other words, you are giving it your own personal god-given essence or breath. Something from deep inside of you.

Just Say Yes

7. Let it swing freely and say the word “Yes”. Most likely the pendulum will move back in forth toward you. Do not be alarmed if it goes side to side. We all have different types of energy so your “Yes” may be side to side.

It's Ok to say No

8. When you know the “Yes” and it has been consistent for at least 3 attempts; stop the pendulum and say the word “No”. In most people the pendulum will swing side to side. I have also seen the pendulum go in opposite circles for yes and no. We are all different.

Maybe and Not Likely Results

9. I program it for “Maybe” and “Not likely” as well. But you do not have to. For me a “maybe” response will rotate the pendulum clockwise and “Not Likely” turns it counter-clockwise.

Have You Ever Programmed a Dowsing Pendulum?

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For Best Results

Always be patient with the pendulum. If the programming does not seem to be working, you may just be trying too hard. It happens to the best of us. Do something else for a while and come back to it with a clear mind. It only seems difficult the first time. Soon, training your pendulum will become just like riding a bike. When you learn how, you never forget.


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