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How to bulk up super fast

Updated on August 17, 2012

How to Bulk up fast

When entering the gym hall or fitness center, every guy has a question of how to bulk up very fast. If you guys have tried to bulk up before, you are getting what i exactly meant to say. I myself have been affected by trying various routines and could not able to follow accordingly. In the process, i have gained a lot of experiences which i am going to share you in this hub. There are a lot of questions and queries which are processed online or offline on how to gain muscle fast, how to lose weight, how to lose belly fat, how to increase biceps etc. The heading of this post is one highly asked question in the web for which this hub is created.

How to bulk really fast

how to bulk up fast
how to bulk up fast | Source

5 Techniques for skinny guys to bulk up fast

  1. Increasing your Protein Intake: In my blog as well as yahoo answers, i keep on talking about this point a lot. Because, without proper protein supplements, our cell wont grow resulting failure in bulking up fast. So, Proper balanced diet with good amount of protein supplements are needed.
  2. Workouts Time Period: It is not necessary for you to become a gym rat to bulk up fast. One hour workouts 2-3 times a week is sufficient.
  3. Eat a Lot: Lack of calorie intake, as well as insufficient balanced diet will result negatively. So, calculate the calorie intake and have proper diet.
  4. Intensity of Exercise: Sudden increase in lifting weights are not appropriate or applicable for the skinny guy who is looking for bulking up fast. Muscle building is a gradual process and one must increase the intensity according to the improvement and stamina. Muscle indeed needs to lift heavier in order to grow.
  5. Compound Exercises: Exercises which targets or work for multiple muscle group simultaneously is known as compound exercises. This helps for skinny guys to bulk up fast.

So these are some quick ways on how to bulk up super fast. If you stick on the process mentioned above, you will sooner see the results. Those who are obese and wants to reduce weight at the same time, please have a look, yoga for weight loss.

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