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Tips to gain muscle mass fast

Updated on August 17, 2012

Gain Mass Fast

Fat mass doesn't mean Muscle mass
Fat mass doesn't mean Muscle mass | Source

How to gain mass fast

When we talk about gaining muscle mass, we are indeed talking about gaining muscle not fat. Definitely, on building muscle mass, there are several factors which should be taken care of. Food plan, workouts, proper positive mind-set, determination and discipline. In this hub, i am going to talk briefly about these factors.

Food to gain Muscle Mass Fast

Its the main source which is inevitable in the process of building muscle mass. Without proper nutritional foods, building a muscle is almost impossible.

  1. Eat Nutritious Food:- Eat calorie rich foods. And try to avoid junk foods as far as possible. Junk and stale foods will do much harm than good.
  2. Increase your Protein Intake:-- Protein are the building blocks of cell. So, increasing protein in your diet will not only helps you gain mass fast but also a good source for building lean muscle.
  3. Eat dried fruits: Fruits such as apple, mango, pear, date etc can help. But be sure not to overeat.
  4. Have Omega-3 fatty acid in your diet:- Omega-3 fatty acid is the essential fatty acid which is very not only for body building but also for its maintenance. It is also important acid for healthy heart. White part of boiled eggs, salmon fish, walnuts are good source of this acid.

Workouts to gain muscle mass fast

You guys still have a query about how to gain muscle fast. Well, apart of food sources, exercise or workout is another one major element playing the role. So, in this hub, i am going to add some tips. But, make your mind-set that, without giving stress to your muscle, it will not grow. And its also not necessary for you to be active daily, if you are a beginner, so 3 alternate days a week can be efficient . So, here it goes,

For Monday:

  1. Dead-lifts 5x5
  2. Pull ups 4x8
  3. Dumbbell Curls 4x8

For Wednesday:

  1. Weighted Dips5x5
  2. Incline Flyer 4x8
  3. Incline Dumbbell Press 4x8
  4. Lying Triceps Extension 4x8

For Friday:

  1. Squats 4x12
  2. Seated Calf Raise 4x12
  3. Stiff Legged Dead-lift 3x12
  4. Bulgarian Split Squat 3x12

One more important thing is, your muscle doesn't grow while working out. It grows while your sleep. So, after doing heavy workouts and diet plan, have plentiful of rest time too.

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