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Stress Relief Techniques : How to relax

Updated on August 18, 2012

Stress Relief Techniques

We live in 21st era. The main objective of most of us is to acquire proper education, get a job, engage in marital relationship and involve in procreation which we assume as a completion of one cycle of our life. And to fulfill this motto, we get stuck in such a hectic life schedule that, we ignore every other aspect of being human, even we forget ourselves in the rush of fulfilling this wish. And during this phase, we acquire so much stress that if not handled in proper time, that stress will transform into some kind of mental, physical or psychological ailment in future.So, in this hub, i will mention some stress relief techniques which i am using instead of being crazily busy in my day to day activities.Recently, it is found that the number of people suffering from some kind of heart disease, hypertension and diabetes has significantly increased, especially in metro areas, where the normal day to day life of an individual is what i mentioned in the earlier paragraph. They seriously don't have time to take care of themselves. They don't have time for any kind of physical or mental workouts which eventually lead to unhealthy and stressful living and finally victimized by some life long disease. If they can give only 30 minutes a day in practicing relaxation techniques with a bit physical workout and being consistent for a period of time until it becomes habit, they will definitely save a lot of their hard earned resources which they may to have to use to cure the ailment caused by stress in future.

Stress Relief Techniques : Relaxation Exercises

Well, without taking much time , i am going to mention some techniques which is way effective and worth practicing.

  1. Quick Meditation - This is the most used and simple form of stress reduction method which is easy and effective. There are various types of meditation techniques which can't be mentioned here but i will mention a simple method for stress reduction: Firstly, when you are stressed, relax yourself in an easy position, either lie down of sit on a chair without crossing your legs and keep your hands on your thighs with palm facing down. Now, feel that you are stressed. Gently focus on your breathing; just concentrate but don't try to change the rhythm or force it, keep the breathing normal. Now take 3 long breaths and imagine your stress being released in your every exhale. Keep breathing and now concentrate on your neck region and shoulder and command the line " I am relaxed and supremely calm". Again take 3 long breaths and slowly return back to your normal consciousness after counting back from 5-1. This method doesn't take more than 5 minutes and is highly effective either you are in lunch hour or before any kind of challenging task you are going to attempt like presentation, seminar, exams etc.
  2. Guided Visualization - This is another stress relief technique which is similar as like meditation but it also uses the power of mental imagery. The posture is the same as before and also focus on your breathing. Now, visualize yourself in a very relaxing place either on a beach or grassy meadow in a sunny day. Try to use all your senses like smell the grassy land, feel the touch of the leaves, hear the ocean waves and voice of seagulls etc. Now, be in this state for more than 10 minutes, visualize the emotion of joy and happiness spreading all over your body. Then finally, come back to your normal state.
  3. Classical Musics - Music have the power to heal. You may have heard this before and this is true in many cases. Musical notes composed by Mozart, Vivaldi, Bach have the power to relax your mind and body and alter your state for optimal achievement. Many scientists have researched and is researching in this field. So, whenever you feel stressed, plug on to some of the composition by these composers or you can also try some tibetian chants.
  4. Binaural/ Isochronic Tones - This is the latest technology used to alter the brainwave pattern by sending one signal to left ear and a different signal to right year (frequency). Generally, we get relax when our brainwave is in alpha or theta state and by hearing binaural or isochronic beats for 15 minutes, this state can be achieved without much effort.

So, these are some of the stress relief techniques which if done with discipline and consistency will produce significant positive outcome and also the answer of how to get rid of anxiety which many people are querying in the internet.

Wish you all a very peaceful and stressful life ahead!!!

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    • posts profile image

      Gjivan 5 years ago

      Thank you "ZIO" for this comment. I am sorry for late reply but still i think i am newbie for hubpages community as i was not notified about this comment being posted.

      Anyway, i am also practicing various mental workouts. Mindfulness Meditation, Universal Breathing Exercises, Chakra clearance are few. Actually, i am researching in this field and trying to create a hybrid method combining both western and eastern techniques. You can check out my blog for more info. But, in short, breathing exercises are the one which help us to alter our brainwave state from beta to alpha; alpha state is the one where you body totally relaxes keeping your mind alert. It is said to be the ideal state for optimal performance.

      And for relaxation and controlling of body at will, i suggest you to Try "AUTOGENICS". best wishes!!!

    • zionsphere profile image

      zionsphere 5 years ago from Oregon

      On my way down the road to mental health recovery, (I have PTSD) learning relaxation techniques was my first stop. It is so important to learn how to control our bodies enough that we can focus on positive self talk, and other methods of reducing stress.

      One of the first ones I learned was simply controlled breathing. It's quick, it doesn't take much focus, and it can be surprisingly effective against anxiety and panic attacks. I think the simplest exercise is to breath in deep, hold for ten seconds, and release completely....then repeat 2 or three more times.

      Thank you so much for sharing!