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Weight Loss Using Hypnosis. Can You Really Lose Weight Without Diets, Get Rid Of Belly Fat & See Long Term Weight Loss?

Updated on August 20, 2017

Weight Loss Using Hypnosis A Success Story....

Before Weight Loss 262lbs And After Weight Loss 211lbs
Before Weight Loss 262lbs And After Weight Loss 211lbs

"After suffering 20 years of dieting failures, sweaty exercise routines and then middle age spread I'd given up hope of losing any weight, getting rid of my embarrassing belly fat or feeling good about myself altogether.

But then I discovered amazingly effective, long term weight loss using hypnosis. The hypnosis CD was incredibly easy to use all you have to do is play and listen to it at bedtime and that's it.....there's nothing else to do!

As you can see from my photos, I've now lost a whopping 51lbs in weight, got rid of my belly fat and feel really great." RJ Flear

Hypnotic World Experts Are Just A Click Away!

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Claimed Hypnosis CD Benefits

  • Visible results in just 30 days!
  • Guaranteed 2-7lbs weight loss per month.
  • All ages and sizes.
  • No diets or calorie counting.
  • No slimming clubs to attend.
  • No exercise programmes to follow.
  • Improves motivation and will power.
  • Gain self esteem & confidence.
  • Improved overall health.
  • Helps you relax.
  • Lower blood pressure.
  • Sleep easier at nighttime.
  • Reinforces good eating habits.
  • Food tastes better.
  • Reduces risk of 'yo-yo' dieting.
  • Only 40 minutes per listening session at bedtime.

How Can Self Hypnosis Aid Weight Loss?

Apparently, Self hypnosis is a very powerful tool that once applied can be literally life changing for a large percentage of the population. It’s such a simple method, yet so effective, because many weight loss experts agree that safe weight loss is 90% mental and only 10% physical. This means that the easiest way to break bad eating habits is through changing a person's attitude towards food. That is the reason why regularly using a self hypnosis weight loss CD which has been expertly designed to do just that, using your own mind power, can be so successful. Self hypnosis gently reprograms your negative thoughts or bad habits to good thoughts and good habits; it gives you that extra boost when your motivation is flagging, which enables you to achieve your life’s goals. As an added bonus, the effects can be felt for weeks, months or even years after your initial treatment.

Randy Charach - America's No 1 Hypnotist

Now this particular weight loss self hypnosis CD, has been expertly devised by America’s No 1 hypnotist and hypnotherapist, Randy Charach - for those of you who live on the other side of the pond, I should just mention here that Randy is America’s equivalent of the UK’s Paul McKenna.

Randy's famous clients to date have included - John Travolta (actor) Sean Penn (actor), Tony Curtis (actor). Randy has also, over the last 20 years, worked with major companies such as - Microsoft, IBM, AT&T, Coca-Cola and Xerox. Being so successful over the years with all these people and companies I took it as a sign that he must be doing something right so choose Randy’s programme!

Randy’s complete self hypnosis weight loss programme is contained all on one CD and gives you the opportunity to change from the inside out, without the need for pills, potions, diets or exercise regimes. How can he do this? Simply, by tapping into the mind's subconscious, Randy can help you at a very deep level to control your bad eating habits by gradually changing the way you think and feel about the food you eat. After listening to the audio recording, you will start to desire healthier food options. Your meal choices and portions will become smaller, more wholesome and satisfying. Over time, this enables you to lose any extra weight that you may have gained......permanently and 100% guaranteed!

This Is NOT A Rapid Weight Loss Programme

Now I have to say that this is definitely NOT a rapid weight loss programme and if that is what you are looking for, you will be seriously disappointed if you go for a weight loss using hypnosis CD over more traditional methods, such as a low calorie diet. However, if the CD is used, as instructed, for a period of 30 consecutive days, Randy claims that it can help you lose between 2 to 7 lbs per month......remember this is a long term lifestyle change, not just for the next few days or weeks.

So Let's Test The Weight Loss Using Hypnosis Theory Out....

This being the case, I thought it would be a fascinating and beneficial experiment to see how successful someone could be using self hypnosis to lose weight over the long term. Now I personally do not need to lose any weight and never have done, as I have always averaged about 9 stone (126 lbs) which in relation to my height of 5ft 6ins is considered within the normal range. However, my partner Raymond is not so lucky. Being happily ensconced with me for the last 20 years has I have to admit, totally ruined him.....figuratively speaking of course. Personal happiness has literally meant eating everything I have ever put before him, including the burnt offerings! Suffice to say, he has been a tad over weight (at least 3 to 4 stones or 42 to 56lbs) for the majority of the years we have been together and entering into middle age has I’m afraid only compounded his weight problem.

How Do Bad Eating Habits Start?

Bad eating habits can start very easily and happen all the time, take Raymond for example. Brought up by parents who could still remember food rationing during and after World War Two, as a child he was told to eat everything on his plate. If he did not achieve this he was made to feel guilty, if he did, he was rewarded with second helpings. A subsequent career in the armed services, where three ‘square’ meals a day is the norm, educated and reinforced the idea to both his body and mind that it expected to be fed on a regular basis. However, it was big life changes such as giving up smoking and working rotating shifts in later employment, which piled on the pounds, as they encouraged comfort or substitute eating, as well as eating at odd hours of the day.

Strategies That Had Previously Failed.....

Despite trying various strategies to try to lose those extra pounds – increasing and varying his exercise routine, to include power walking, swimming and cycling; trying numerous diets that we have come across in newspapers or on the internet, Raymond has never permanently lost the weight he gained over the years. Results were always patchy or short term and inevitably he would always revert back to his old ways such as wanting bigger food portions, choosing fatty, unhealthy foodstuffs; gulping down his food too quickly, and never, ever leaving a single item on his plate after a meal.

So, Let's Experiment With This Weight Loss Using Hypnosis CD!

After recently undergoing a company health check, it was confirmed that he needed to lose weight for health reasons and not just for purely aesthetical ones. So now I have a suitable guinea pig at home to try this weight loss CD out on.

Over the next four weeks, Raymond has agreed and promised that he will listen to the CD on a daily basis and I promise everyone who reads this hubpage that I will regularly report back on his latest progress whether it be good or bad news. So, let’s begin......

Results For Week 1

Raymond has been listening to this weight loss CD since Monday the 21st June 2010 and already within a week, I have noticed a difference in his attitude towards food and eating. He is not following a specific diet plan and so therefore is eating the same food as I am, but his food portions are much less than before. He is also eating much more slowly, putting his knife and fork down in between mouthfuls and in conversation (which previously was very infrequent during mealtimes) he is now commenting on how much better the food tastes. Although on average he still clears his plate, he does occasionally leave the odd roast potato when he feels full......this is unheard of in our household!

We have decided that as part of the experiment he will weigh himself once a week, at the same time, in order to get a clearer picture of whether he is losing weight gradually over time. And although as previously stated I had noticed a difference in his behaviour at the table I did not really expect to see a great deal of difference in his weight, after only one week listending to the weight loss CD. However, I was pleasantly surprised when he weighed himself on the following Monday and found incredibly that he had lost 5lbs in one week! I must say so far we are very impressed with this CD and cannot wait to find out if he has lost any more weight during the second week, as it may be just a blip.

I promise to keep this hubpage updated when I have the latest results. Any comments or words of encouragement are most welcome....bye for now.


Results For Week 2

Despite attending a pre-arranged family reunion weekend where the temptation for over indulging was strong, I am happy to report that Raymond has still lost a further 2lbs in weight at the end of week two. He is finding that the effects of the weight loss CD are far reaching and quite noticeable with regards to his behaviour towards food. For instance, chocolate bars left with the tea/coffee facilities in the hotel room go untouched; puddings, cakes and other sweet things are easily refused, whilst extra helpings of food in the restaurant are also turned down. Listening to this weight loss CD does not mean that you suddenly turn into a saint and food denial does not mean that he turns down everything he enjoys, for example he still started the day at the hotel with a full English breakfast. The point I am trying to make is that you can still enjoy the treats that you like, without having to feel guilty!

Note: The only glitch we have come across is the fact that we have discovered that our bathroom weighing scales do not give an accurate reading when placed on thick carpet, so we have moved Raymond's weighing sessions outside of the house onto a paved area. As a consequence I have had to adjust any previously given weight figures on this website.

Results For Week 3

Raymond has developed a routine of listening to the CD just before bedtime, so most of the time he is fast asleep whilst it is playing, yet the hypnotic suggestions seem to be just as effective on his subconscious. This week with regards to a change in food behaviour, I have noticed that he has reduced his alcohol intake (3 beers instead of 4 on Friday and Saturday evenings) and he is now drinking much more water than he previously did; he is also opting to eat fruit as a dessert rather than stodgy puddings, and he is now finding it a lot easier to turn down ‘sweeties’ that are offered by work colleagues, because quote “he does not want them anymore!” Overall I think he is much more relaxed about having to lose weight for health reasons, for instance, leaving food on the plate was a big, big issue for him, but this now seems to have been resolved, because his plate can be cleared from the table with food left on it without any regrets or guilty feelings! At the end of week 3, I am pleased to report that Raymond has lost a further 2lbs in weight which on top of the previous 2 weeks weight loss equates to 9lbs in total.......a very impressive sum.

See you next week for the final instalment.

Results For Week 4 - The Final Week

Raymond has finally made it to the end of week 4 and I am very pleased to report that he has lost a further 2lbs in weight since starting this self hypnosis programme. This final reading means that over a 28 day period he has lost a total of 11lbs which, for someone who has had great difficulty in losing weight for over the past 20 years, is incredible. He is already stating that he will continue to listen to the weight loss CD on a regular basis and that over the long term he is wanting to lose a lot more in weight. This enthusiasm for losing weight is remarkable since as already explained, Raymond is the type of person who loves his food, however as already pointed out, this is not fad dieting or a lose weight fast type of programme, but one where you can eat normal food, including treats, with no calorie counting, no measuring out of food, no restrictions, no pills or potions or even exercising if you don’t want fact it’s a regime that anybody can easily follow at any time during their lives....even you!

Wishing you all the very best with your own battle against the flab......Mitch

...And After The Initial Trial Was Over??

Raymond decided to continue using the self hypnosis weight loss programme CD, that is, after the initial 30 day period within which the CD has to be played consecutively for 30 days in order for the hypnotic suggestions to take effect. He is now only using it on an irregular basis, maybe 1 to 3 times a week, yet he has found that he is continuing to lose the weight, although this is now being experienced more gradually and his weight can and does fluctuate slightly over the week, depending on our household routines (weekend family meals and entertaining etc). However the important point is that his weight has NOT shot back up like it did with previous weight loss programmes, such as diets, as soon as they had finished, so no yo-yo weight loss/gain has been experienced yet!

Raymond's results for the next 12 months are as follows:-

Week 5 - End Weight - 249lbs

Week 6 - End Weight - 248lbs

Week 7 - End Weight - 246lbs

Week 8 - End Weight - 244lbs.

Week 9 - End Weight - 243lbs.

Week 10 - End Weight - 240lbs

Week 11 - End Weight - 241lbs

Week 12 - End Weight - 238lbs

Week 13 - End Weight - 238lbs

Week 14 - End Weight - 236lbs

Week 15 - End Weight - 235lbs

Week 16 - End Weight - 233lbs

Week 17 - End Weight - 234lbs

Week 18 - End Weight - 234lbs

Week 19 - End Weight - 232lbs

Week 20 - End Weight - 232lbs

Week 21 - End Weight - 226lbs

Week 22 - End Weight - 228lbs

Week 23 - End Weight - 223lbs

Week 24 - End Weight - 223lbs

Week 25 - End Weight - 221lbs

Week 26 - End Weight - 219lbs

*Christmas Week - End Weight - 219lbs

*Ate the same as everyone else, but no weight gained....amazing or what!

Week 28 - End Weight - 217lbs

Week 29 - End Weight - 220lbs

Week 30 - End Weight - 215lbs

Week 36 - End Weight - 211lbs

Just thought I would give everyone a 1 year update on Raymond's experimental weight loss using hypnosis trial......which is as follows:

Week 52 - End Weight - 209lbs.

This is a total loss of 53lbs since he first started to lose weight last year.......a brilliant result for him as he no longer worries about his weight anymore!


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  • toneyahuja profile image


    6 years ago from India

    very interesting about the proper weight loss process i am totally impressed from this hub. I want to know the proper effect of hcg diet on body in weight loss?

  • Open Mind Mitch profile imageAUTHOR

    Open Mind Mitch 

    7 years ago

    Trsmd.....Thanks for your question. The answer is actually both reasons. I am endorsing and selling it because my partner, Raymond who was sceptical about hypnosis as an alternative therapy tried it out, found it worked and was totally surprised by the results. I wrote this hub to detail the actual effects this CD had on Raymond as he progressed with his 'treatment' and also to see if hypnosis truly worked for long term weight loss...which after 7 months I now know it does.

  • Trsmd profile image


    7 years ago from India

    have you tried this product before or just you are endorsing?

  • Open Mind Mitch profile imageAUTHOR

    Open Mind Mitch 

    8 years ago

    I have to agree with you. Both Raymond and myself are hoping that the weight will not come back again, because in the past, he had at some stage 'to come off the diet'. This time round there is no diet to come has been achieved eating 'normal' food, steady and gradually over a 3 month period..... and the change in his attitude towards food has been experienced inside his head and not just on the plate!

  • beccas90 profile image


    8 years ago from New York

    Gradual weight loss is so much better than the startling over-hyped 30 pound loses in one month. 2 lbs a month for 12 months comes to 24 lbs and though this can be accelerated with more stringent diet and exercise I think most people would be okay with losing 24 lbs over a year if it never came back to visit.


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