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Daily Morning Affirmations Hypnotic Video- Start Your Day With Positive Thoughts for Positive Results

Updated on May 11, 2014

This Video is full of positive messages that will help you start your day off with the right frame of mind.

This video shows how scientists have discovered that positive thoughts have a positive physical effect on water.

Daily morning Affirmations are a great way to begin your day on the right track. Positive Affirmations can help with mental health management, and any other area of your life that needs improvement . I have talked to many people who use positive affirmations every morning, and have seen some very positive results.

The "law of attraction" states that what we perceive and believe becomes manifest. This means that if you think positive thoughts, you will start to notice positive changes in your life. This isn't some sort of magic "mumbo jumbo", or secret path to enlightenment. I am calling this the law of attraction, but just about any religion, uncluding Christianity, teaches the concept of believing, trusting, and changing our thoughts and feelings to bring about possitive changes, when we are headed down an unsuccessful path. "With God, all things are possible for those who believe," is a well known scripture in the Christian religion.

Scientists have also taken a peak into the theory that we can effect our own mental and physical health with our way of thinking. Some scientists, have even studied the possibility of maniuplating our environment through our thoughts and emotions, and have come up with some astonishing result in favor of the idea. Have you ever heard of the water test where scientists froze different samples of water after they had been exposed to positive or negative words and feelings? Plant life also responds well when a person sings, or speaks kindly to a plant they are caring for in positive ways.

The five minute video I found on YouTube contains messages like "I have abundant energy" "I am love" "My time is now" "I am a good money manager" "I always enjoy good health" and more. Some people are afraid of being controled by a hypnotic video, but I don't see any reason to be alarmed by this one.

The truth is, we are being bombarded by hypnotic suggestion throughout our daily lives, as we shop, watch tv, read magazines, and pass billboard advertisements on our way to work. Videos like these work based on the same concept of implanting repetetive messages, while coaxing our brains into an alfa state through the use of images and music. The difference between the messages in this video, and the messages we receive from other sources is, these messages won't entice you to buy anything, vote for anyone, or follow any trends.

Imprinting these ideas on your mind can be a good step in the right direction to making them happen. This means that the act of lying to yourself can actually be a good thing! Saying things like "I always do the right thing" or "I am so confident about all of my choices" or "I have everything I need at the moment I need it " Might not be true at the time you say it.. but the chances of these things becoming a reality in your life grows every time you think these types of thoughts.

Of course I can't guarantee that this video will have any effect on you at all. But I can tell you that watching this video for the last few days has noticeably helped my mood in a positive way.


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