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Natural Cures for Sciatica

Updated on June 14, 2011

The holistic approach of treatment is the idea behind the natural cures for sciatica. Herbs or herbal remedy is one integral component to naturally relieve sciatic pain. Herbal remedies have long been used to treat numerous ailments. It is seen as the best alternative for ‘allopathic’ treatments which usually generate harmful side effects. The basic concept of commercialized medicines is generally derived from herbal medicines. Herbal medicines are now being mass produced for public consumption. You can easily acquire them from any health stores, drug stores and even online.

The goal of the natural cures for sciatica is to lessen if not totally eliminate pain by eradicating and targeting the main cause of the problem. Most herbal remedies reduce inflammation and decrease pain intensity by providing a calming effect on the affected nerve in the lumbar area, thus promoting reduction of pressure and compression. It does not only address pain problems but the overall neurological symptoms.

Are Herbal Medicines As Effective?

People have this perception that herbal medicines are not as effective as those of over the counter medications since it is made from all natural ingredients. They think herbal medicines are not powerful enough to be able to give pain relief. Truth of the matter is that even commercialized medications cannot guarantee 100% relief from sciatic pain. These drugs have just been effectively marketed to make people believe that it is the right path to take. Most of the time remedies found in your backyard are proved to be more effective as compared to those overpriced drugs being sold at the drug store. But of course, it is a rule of thumb to always ask for professional advice before taking any forms of medication whether it is synthetic or herbal.

You may find it rather peculiar why some doctors do not advocate the use of herbal medicines, if in fact it is an effective treatment minus the side effects. The answer is quite simple; most doctors are pressured by the drug companies to sell their products to consumers. It appears that doctors are also a victim of the drug manufacturers who are only thinking of their profit gains without the recollection of the probable effects of these synthetically made drugs on people who might be taking it. People should be aware that some of these drugs can contain harmful chemicals that create havoc in the natural environment of the body.

Antibiotics for instance can kill the natural occurring good bacteria in the body. Over enthusiastic prescribing of antibiotics is known to leave the immune system defenseless from other forms of viruses and bacteria which threaten to invade the body.

What is Sciatica?

Natural Cures from a Professional Herbalist

If you are serious about taking the route to the natural cures for sciatica, it is highly encouraged to see a professional herbalist for proper guidance. A professional herbalist spent years of studying different types of herbs and how to use them to treat ailments. They are the best person to supervise and recommend the right mixture of herbs to treat sciatica.

Sometimes you just have to think outside of the box to be able to scour all possible forms of treatments to help you find a cure for sciatica. Keeping an open mind on the unconventional way of treatment will help widen your choices and provide greater chances of finding the best treatment that will once and for all end sciatica.


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  • hubberjim profile image

    hubberjim 8 years ago from New York

    Herbs wouldn't be the first thing I think of when it comes to curing sciatica. Very interesting hub. Thanks.

  • profile image

    everyhomeremedy 8 years ago

    Nice video, it shows pretty well how the Sciatic nerve can be compressed.