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Updated on October 11, 2010

Oil pipeline vandalization is a criminal act of destroying oil pipelines in an attempt to illegally tap oil and other petroleum products. The word ‘vandalization’ was introduced into the Nigerian dictionary during the era of oil boom.

Part of this is as a result of the heartlessness of our leaders and major part of pipeline vandalization is to be blamed on greed and the quest to always have more to ourselves.

The NNPC and other relevant regulatory bodies are working through the national orientation agency to educate the general public on the negative implications of vandalizing oil pipe line for money. Below are some of the life threatening conditions that oil pipeline vandalization can cause us all in this our great country Nigeria.


Risky to your life: you can get yourself roasted in the process of trying to tap oil from the pipe line. Countless people have lost their lives in their bid to steal oil from vandalized oil pipelines. This doesn’t matter whether you are the person that vandalized the pipeline or not. Stay clear any scene where oil pipeline have been vandalized. Report to the authorities any suspected oil pipeline vandals.

Endangering the lives of aquatic animals: aquatic lives are endangered when oil spill. Oil pipeline vandalization is a major cause of oil spill in Nigeria. A lot has been invested in the Mexico oil spill in the bid to find oil spill solutions. If such oil spill that happened in the Gulf of Mexico should happen here in Nigeria, be rest assured that there would be more casualties. Fishes and other sea animals will have to pay heavily for oil spills as we don’t have the right kind of equipment to control it readily available.

Cutting down of power supply: we all stand the chance of going into more darkness as fire outbreak that is caused by oil pipeline vandalization may burn down electricity poles and other power supply gadgets.

Pipeline vandalization pollutes the air: the smoke and other gases that come out of the fire outbreak caused by the activities of vandals goes directly into the air to cause air pollutions. And this air pollution end up causing more trouble to the already troubled ozone layer.

Threatening effects of food crisis: farm lands are the most affected of all. Oil spill and the burning effects that are the aftermath of oil pipeline vandalization does more harm than good to the soil. This adds to the concern of the international community about global food crisis. We managed to survive the global economic but, will definitely not manage the food crisis. Let’s be wise!

If we all don’t join hands and say no to oil pipeline vandalization and other social vices. We must all start embracing reorientation and start thinking on the way forward for our country. Nigeria is blessed with so much good things and human capital to harness the good things. Say no to social vices today.

Long live Nigeria!


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