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Quick exercise for post natal moms : achieving "tummylicious" look

Updated on August 29, 2014

Quick exercise for post natal moms : achieving "tummylicious" look

Being a mother is the sweetest thing in the world, the smile of your newborn baby makes your world a brighter place and you can feel that you can do anything now that you have a baby. I am a mom and I am proud to say that after giving birth to my children, I maintain my waistline and figure though constant quick exercises and eating healthy foods. I never had a problem with weight issues, because I see to it that I maintain my weight and monitor it as well. A mom should always be a model to her children in all aspects of life, and maintaining a healthy life is one of it. This article -- Quick exercise for post natal moms : achieving "tummylicious" look will help us look into ourselves after giving birth and the need for exercise to be fit.

After I gave birth to my first child (who is now 18 years old), I gained weight by as much as 30 lbs. I was 130 lbs and after six months, I am back to my normal weight which is between 98 to 102 lbs. this is still ok with BMI -- (Body Mass Index), mine is 19.5, perfectly normal. I do quick exercises and I learn this by asking friends, reading and from old women who advised me on what to do. For busy moms like us, quick and easy exercise should be in place.

Gaining self confidence for post natal moms through quick exercises

A lot of mom after giving birth suffer low self esteem and they are prone to “post natal” depression because of low self esteem and confusion brought about by giving birth to a new baby. Some of the reasons are hormonal imbalances plus the fact that they feel they are stuck with their baby and cant do anything else except to stay in the house and take care of the baby. There are many other consequences of low self esteem and depression after giving birth -- usually all family members are also affected by the problem. Quick exercising to gain confidence is really helpful as a means to gain the self confidence. When you have the self confidence, this is be beneficial to your new baby as you are more focused and you will take care of them without problems and depression boggling you.

Aside from increasing your self esteem, quick exercises can help you lose weight as well.

What happened during pregnancy that makes you want to do quick exercises after giving birth?

During and after pregnancy you also need to do quick exercises as this is very beneficial to your overall health.

  • During pregnancy, the weight is put on the muscles in your back (lower part) because of the weight of the baby. And even during pregnancy exercise is also helpful to maintain balance -- plus during the second trimester and the baby bump is bigger so the more weight is upon you.
  • In general, when you are pregnant “ the extra weight occurs at the front of the body, the hip and back joints will take the strain, plus the posture will shift as the lower back muscles tighten and take an exaggerated curvature.”
  • After pregnancy, you need to bring back your old posture and bring back the shape of your abs to normalcy -- and to aid your pelvis bones to be back to its normal shape. Plus you need to do exercises for you to gain more strength and be prepare for the task of motherhood.


tummylicious mom

happy moms who are fitter do exercise -- they have more confidence

Why are quick exercises good for post natal moms?

  1. Exercise in general are good for mom for them to stay fit and healthy while taking care of their children. Even if women are not in postnatal stage, exercise is beneficial to them for general health as well -- for good posture, prevention and cure of cancer
  2. Exercise is also for aesthetic purposes, body sculpting and for the trimming down of your tummy
  3. Quick exercise can help post natal women do their task at ease and they feel they are more stronger -- more strength and stamina in doing what they are supposed to do, take care of their baby plus other task shared with the husband. Husband are enjoined to help post natal women as well, so to fathers out there, make sure your wife or gf have the best opportunities for exercise and help them achieve a healthier post natal look -- tummylicious, after all you both will benefit from the beauty and confidence from your wife/gf
  4. Gaining self confidence and have self esteem, when you feel good and look good you have more self confidence. The whole family is happier, lets face it, your husband/bf will be happier as well
  5. In particular, quick and easy exercises are recommended for women at post natal post natal because unlike before, you have all the time in the world, now that you have a baby your time is not yours anymore and proper handling of time is very important for moms.

be safe when doing post natal exercise

Some precautions when you exercise after giving birth

  • The American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologist advices that a post natal woman will need to consult the midwife and your doctor six weeks after giving birth normally before you embark in any form of exercise. For women who gave birth in caesarean section, usually they wait until 8 weeks before they can do exercise, but it is normal to walk, lightly, move lighter objects as well.
  • To avoid injuries, be very careful when you do quick exercises the first time as your joints and ligaments are still loose.
  • In general “if you exercised throughout your pregnancy and had a normal vaginal delivery, you can safely perform your pregnancy workout — or at least light exercise, such as walking, modified push-ups, and stretching — within days of giving birth. After your first postpartum week, a slow to moderate 30-minute walk three times a week is fine.

pelvic floor muscle exercise

pic courtesy of
pic courtesy of

quick exercises for post natal moms

Quick exercise for post natal moms

  1. Lift your pelvic upward (pelvic floor exercise) -- Stay still and lie down on the flat floor with your legs bent and the two feet is on the floor. Slowly tighten your abs and roll your pelvis approaching you, it is important that the abs is the one doing the movement.
  2. Firs step exercise crunch -- Get a chair and sit down, and put one hand above your belly and one below it, now if you feel the contraction that is good, get a big deep breathe, and then have a deep breathe in and out and at the same time pulling you belly in towards your spine. Contract your muscle up to ten times, repeat it again two times.

2. Crunch made simple

  • Lie in your stomach and take a deep breathe, just normal breathing, and then pull your bellybutton towards your lungs, hold for twenty seconds until you can feel your tummy tightening and hold it there until you can take it. The thing is to hold your breathe until you can feel the crunch in your stomach.

3. For contraction exercise

  • Sit on a chair doing the first step exercise crunch, then breathe deeply, repeat this five times, breather out and bring your belly halfway through your spine, life your breathing up highly and then repeat this 50 times.

4. Tae- bo for post natal mom -- A daughter of Billy Blanks develop post natal tae bo to help women who just give birth in their fitness. It is fast easy and quick exercise for post natal women to achieve the tummylicious mom look.

Generally, "tae bo" is an aerobic quick exercise routine that became popular in the 1990s and it was developed by taekwon do practitioner Billy Blanks and was one of the first "cardio-boxing" programs to enjoy commercial success and such programs use the motions of martial arts at a rapid pace designed to promote wellness. The name Tae Bo is a combination of taekwon do and boxing."

Remember : Quick exercise plus eating the right way is the best when you want to have the tummylicious look

Other important things to do after giving birth :

  1. Eat healthy foods, well balanced diet and take the food five times a day, while eating, chew the food thoroughly so that it is easily digestible. The result not chewing your food thoroughly is that food are deposited in the stomach which results in big tummy.
  2. After giving birth, placed a binder in your waist, now this technique is what I learned from my mother, This will help your pelvic bones go back to its original shape. Do this until you are six month post partum.
  3. After eating, stand up and don't sit down immediately, stand up for fifteen minutes.
  4. Drink plenty of liquids to help for easy digestion purposes.
  5. Sit properly and mind your posture even when you are standing, this will help you regain confidence as well after giving birth- chin up and breast out.

Quick exercise for post natal moms


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