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Selection of Vegan Diets Available to Choose From

Updated on August 29, 2012

Reasons to go Vegetarian

Sample of Vegan Diets Available to Choose From

Veganism has been here ever since time immemorial, but the formal societies which started the movement for Veganism started in the 1940s. Some moral philosophies are also behind the movement of Veganism and one of the reason is that others believe that eating animal products is not good for animal and their welfare.

Many people debated whether the Vegan diet plan is healthy; others say that Vegan diet is not a complete nutritional requirements for the human body. Other governmental organizations including World Health Organization, US Department of Agriculture and other dietitian organizations all over the whole world endorsed Vegan diet but then they emphasized that Vegan diet should be partaken with necessary complement of nutrients like Protein, Zinc, Vitamin B12 and Iron.

Vegetable for Vegan healthy diet
Vegetable for Vegan healthy diet

The Need for a Healthy Diet Plans

Ever since people has scientifically tested that a good diet is essential to healthy living, lots of diet plans proliferated the market in the form of books, online discussion groups, strict diet planning, meals that are delivered to the homes, etc.

At present, there are lots of available diet plans which are considered Vegans, some are combination of fitness and food dieting while others are sole food diet planning.

In this article, I will provide samples of Vegan Diets available to choose from. Usually the choice which diet plans suited you best is dependent on the lifestyle one has and the amount of time energy and money to be spent on a particular diet. Some people also opt to just educate themselves in order to know the basic of ehalthy dieting.

Samples of Vegan Diets Available to Choose From

  1. The Hallelujah Diet which is also known as The Hallelujah Diet and Lifestyle was created in an attempt to create a faith based diet. This was developed by Rev. George Malkmus in the 1970s together with another pastor. This is based on an --all-natural diet-- that originated from their interpretation of the Bible as it consists of a menu of "85% raw, uncooked, and unprocessed plant-based food, and 15% cooked, plant-based food." The explanation for this is that the design of the human body is not like that of carnivorous mammals -- "our digestive tract was not designed to properly digest and dispose of meat plus carnivorous mammals have a relatively short and straight digestive tract that eliminates meat waste efficiently."  As detailed in the book "The Hallelujah Book", "food has the amazing power to both create and destroy health plus the dense, living nutrients found in a diet of primarily raw, plant-based foods and their juices are the ingredients needed to meet and satisfy your cells’ nutritional needs, restore damaged cells and rebuild whole-body health that will last a lifetime."
  2. Eat Banana for Breakfast Diet -- This diet plan was introduced in Japan and is very popular. "Mixi --one of the most popular social networking sites in Japan -- people and members of the networking sites coalesced to contribute to the diet planning. This deit program is a simple one that has jumped into the mainstream Japanese media and resulted in three books and many magazine articles. How to do it? "You just simply eat only raw, uncooked, unfrozen bananas then other fruit can be be substituted and If other fruit is substituted, some variants require it be restricted to one type of fruit per meal. In their website it is stated that "If you are still hungry 15 or 30 minutes after your banana, you can eat other food."
  3. What Color Is Your Diet-- this is a diet book featuring the healthy benefits of putting more color into your diet and this one is not specifically a weight loss diet rather than a suggestions on the color of food you will put into your diet. The book warns about excessive use of sugar, fats and it also promotes physical activity. The book specifies that "losing weight by eating a super nutritious colorful diet is what experts say is the best way to slowly lose weight and keep it off". What Color Is Your Diet was written by the author Dr. David Heber a --founding director of the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, and dietitian Susan . The say that "Americans do not receive enough fruits and vegetables in their diets, that's why he believes a category system he created would make it easier to consume the proper amount and types of vitamins needed in diets". They further added that "nearly all fruits and vegetables are low-fat and contain fiber and natural chemicals known as phytonutrients that can help protect against heart disease, cancer and age-related cognitive decline, cataracts and macular degeneration."
  4. Skinny Vegan Diet. The premise of the book, written by former model Kim Barnouin and former model agent Rory Freedman, is that "if you give up animal products, fast food, and processed food and eat a whole, natural vegan diet, you'll be happier, healthier, more energized -- and skinny". Although the book is "marketed as a diet book, the advice focuses heavily on the authors' mutual passion for animal rights" . Furthermore, the book "was a way to draw attention to the vegan lifestyle because most women are more interested in being thin than fighting off chronic diseases", the author says.
  5. The Grapefruit Diet has been around a long time in the 1930s and it has successfully survived the test of time, being circulated by word of mouth, online and in book form -- "and yet no one claims ownership of the plan." The premise of the Grapefruit Diet is "based on an alleged "magical" ingredient in grapefruits, that, when eaten with protein, theoretically triggers fat burning and causes loss of weight". The Grapefruit diet is designed to promote fast weight loss.


There are many available vegan diet plans out there in the market, all you need ot do is to choose the right diet plan which you think will benefit you more according to your time, effort and energy. be educated about nutrition so that you know the best options for you. vegan healthy diet planning is beneficial to the health of an individual.

How to Make Vegan Diet


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