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Schwinn Elliptical

Updated on August 26, 2010

Schwinn Elliptical

Schwinn Elliptical
Schwinn Elliptical

Schwinn Ellipticals

Elliptical exercise trainers have been all the rage for a few years now and are still being branded as the most advanced low impact cardio-exercise piece of equipment you can own or use at a club. Unlike other equipment which as become obsolete the elliptical has proven itself o over the years and is continuing to gain popularity in both the home and club exercise environments.

Ellipticals simulate the same motion one has while walking, stair climbing, cycling, or skiing yet without any impact or stress on the joints. Today's quality elliptical trainers are smooth and the exerciser experiences a fluid motion in a seemingly weightless way but still gains all of the benefits cardiovascular calorie burn and strength conditioning.

The elliptical is unlike other exercise equipment, like the treadmill or standard stationary bike because the elliptical offers both an upper and lower-body workout. This dual-motion exercise creates weight resistance without stressing the joints so your body burns calories more efficiently. The feature of low to no impact virtually eliminates risk of injury.

There are numerous elliptical trainers on the market offering a vast assortment of features and benefits. The quality level is just as vast and the axiom holds true, 'You get what you pay for'.

Schwinn Elliptical Trainers have a long standing and well earned reputation as a quality product you can trust. Their latest models offer challenging programs with forward and backward routines, E.K.G. pulse measuring handles, lightweight designs and easy portable , fold up capability. The high tech electronic monitors display calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate.

If you’re shopping for a quality elliptical trainer, you really can purchase with confience when you choose a Schwinn Elliptical.

chwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer Review

Schwinn Elliptical Exercise Machines

Elliptical machines certainly seem to be the latest fad for cardio work outs but are they really a fad? I don't think so. Ellipticals hit the market almost ten years ago and yet they continue to be the most popular piece of equipment purchased for home use and they continue to replace treadmills as the most popular piece of cardiovascular exercise equipment at gyms across America, perhaps even the world. The almost silent, smooth stride of elliptical bikes are also bringing peace to the workout floor as the sound of pounding on the treadmill platform fades.

So, what's it all about? How come people are opting for the elliptical over the treadmill or stir climber? The biggest benefit of using an elliptical bike, a.k.a elliptical trainer; cross-trainer; or elliptical machine, is the smooth fluid motion which is gentle on the joints and creates an almost weightless feeling while still providing necessary resistance for both cardio and strength training of muscles and joints. This compared to the rough pound, pound, pound of the running on a treadmill. It's no wonder the elliptical is taking the exercise world by storm.

If you thinking about our aging population, yes us boomers, with our blown out or sore knees and our tired a beaten feet the elliptical is the perfect piece of 'comfort equipment' we all ask for.

Another big plus for ellipticals is that the workout you do on this trainer hits multiple muscle groups all at the same time. This is the reason you often hear the elliptical bike or machine referred to as a "Cross-Trainer". When you run, on an indoor track, outdoors or on a treadmill you do work multiple muscle groups as well but an elliptical does so in a much more effective and efficient way. With running your upper body is worked simply by pumping your arms but on the elliptical your upper body has to work harder against the resistance which is designed into the machines programming. You're not just pumping your arms, you're pushing and pulling against resistance. This creates a true full-body workout and contributes to a more effective cardiovascular workout too.

Just like every other piece of exercise equipment on the market there are almost limitless styles, types, prices and quality level available. One of the most important factors to consider when shopping for an elliptical trainer is fit - this comes down to the length of the stride. Most ellipticals will come with an adjustable stride but not all are created equal. It's important to try before you buy and make sure the company you buy from is able to adjust your new elliptical so the stride is perfectly comfortable for you. That means you're probably going to pay a little more for quality and for a brand that has been around for a while. A company like Schwinn who knows their customers and knows the difference between a product which will turn into a clothes rack, because it's simply uncomfortable to use, and one that keeps you inspired and working out for the long term.

Some other features to think about when shopping for an elliptical machine are: a variety of pre-program exercise routines; manual override and programming so you can create your own personal workout; adjustable resistance; other bells and whistles like the ability to plugin your MP3 player or heart monitor.

Cardiovascular exercise on an elliptical is one of the best and easiest ways to burn calories and lose the fat plus you get a whole body toning experience at the same time - I we'll be seeing ellipticals around for a long time to come!

chwinn 430 Elliptical Trainer

Schwinn 420 Elliptical Trainer - FIT UP YOUR BODY!

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    • profile image

      mary ann mendoza 

      7 years ago

      I have been planning to buy an elliptical bike that suits me.I appreciate your suggestions. Its been a year i had heart operation and i need to exercise regularly for my own benefit. It is not to burn calories coz i've not gained weight since my operation.I am diabetic too, so i need to exercise. thank you

    • Caverson profile image


      8 years ago from Left Coast

      I have found that many of the machines out there today are pretty good but the real problem is people won't use them. Even average machines will give results if they are consistently used.

    • PartyPlannerDeb profile image


      8 years ago

      Paul, I work out at a Rec Centre with has Precor Ellipticals. I have worked out on Schwinn before too. It doesn't matter the make for me - as long as it is a good commercial quality elliptical I love it!

    • PAMark profile image


      8 years ago from Victoria, BC Canada & Boquete, Panama

      Paul, I used to be in the fitness business so I speak from experience when I say you are right on. Nice review and not too pitchy. You could have been stronger on pushing the quality. I had more members with crapped, cheap exercise equipment used as clothes hangers than I care to talk about. Schwinn is a class company and builds first class equipment. The first piece of equipment I bought for my club way back when was a Schwinn AurDyne Bike!


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