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Silent but deadly killer (beware)

Updated on October 19, 2012

Silent but deadly

You are probably wandering by my title what i mean but by reading on you will find out what the title means. Once upon a time people would dig holes in the landscapes all over the world to get rich minerals that would make huge profits for them. Anyway they came across a mineral which has devastated millions of lives worldwide. The mineral in particular which i am covering in this subject is ASBESTOS. Mining of this mineral started in the late 1800's and was mined extensively because of the chemical properties that it held eventually profit-margins was getting huge and thousands of workers were employed. However the employers that were working in these mines started dying at very young ages. By the 20th century physicians and doctors were starting to learn and find out that the chemical asbestos was highly poisonous and can cause cancer (ASBESTOSIS, MESOTHELIOMA) to anybody that had come into contact with this highly dangerous substance. What happens to you when you get this dreadful, crippling disease is tiny microscopic fibers get into your lining of the lungs. The inital onset of cancer can take between 30 to 40 years after contact with asbestos. The main group of deaths related to this disease come from occopations including: Heating and ventilating engineers, carpenters and electricians but also come from a wide range of job's. Asbestos is no longer produced anymore but it is still out there in bulidngs because it was used on a massive scale due to its insulation properties.

A lot of people nowaday's are suffering from this dreadful disease due to the occupation that they were in when they were younger. There are lots of laws now and people who have been affected from asbestos or got any asbestos related diseases can now file for a law suit for compensation. I dont know much about these cases but compensation ranges from small sums to the millions.

So when i say deadly killer in the title i think you know what i mean know. So keep well away from asbestos as contact with this stuff may lead to a long and very painful death.


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