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Stop, Don't panic!

Updated on January 9, 2011

This is something we're all guilty of. Or shall I say the majority of us, I suppose not all of us are guilty. A troublesome situation, and we FREAK out. We think the very worse, and make crazy assumptions. I was thinking of this today when half the power in our house went out. I began to freak out. My husband had checked the fuse box (this things a dinosaur) and I was so worried that we'd have to pay for an electrician to come out. In the situation we're in right now, this isn't even an option. We just don't have the funds. However, in the middle of my "freak out", I prayed to Bob and asked that this could not be the case. I settled myself from freaking out, and everything ended up turning out alright.

Stop, Don't Panic!

I truly do believe that negative thoughts project themselves outwards, and cause things to go wrong. I might sound insane, but its just something I've noticed. Instead of freaking out, you've just got to breath. Consider your brain as a hallow ball. Inside your brain is packed full of "thought bubbles". When your freak out starts, you need to start popping those as fast as possible. Don't allow yourself to fear of the worse. Terrible things do happen in life, this is a fact. However, typically when they do occur -- its all at once. One minor thing doesn't always turn into a debacle.

So before you freak out, remember: Stop, Don't panic! One of the most important things to ask yourself is this: "Can I do anything about this right now?". If your answer is no, then you can't start to panic. If you have absolutely no control over the situation in the present time, where is freaking out going to get you? Its going to be a very uncomfortable situation, which you'd be much better of not being in.


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