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Unusual Ways to Make Quick Cash

Updated on October 28, 2014

Unusual Ways to Make Quick Cash

Well, just as the title states, these are unusual ways to make money. Now I can't say that they're all conventional, or even morally correct. But, they work. If you're in dire need for some cash, these are definitely things that should be considered. If you're at a point in which you have no other way to make some cash, then why not be a little bit adventurous. We all have bills to pay, no matter how much we'd like to pretend that we don't. Sometimes to survive, you've got to be adventurous

1. Your Body is Your Temple

Alright, so this ones a tough one. Especially if you're camera shy. However, "web cam" models make quite a bit of money. Now you might have to show a little bit of skin (or more) but successful web-cam models make around $15 an hour. The best part is-- all of the "props" you purchase are taxable! So, if you're broke, you might consider strutting your stuff for some extra cash. There's always the option of becoming a stripper as well, but that ones a bit more personal.

2. Sell your baby juice or eggs

You can make a decent amount of money selling sperm. Not too much, but a decent amount. If you're in need of a quick $50 bucks why not get rid of some of that stuff. Its healthy to anyway ;). You can make quite a bit of money selling your eggs if you're willing. The process is a lot mover invasive, but eggs average around $3000 dollars! If you're willing to get rid of them, well then, go for it.

3. Talk it up

Phone sex is always an option as well. I apologize for all of the sexual references. However, a lot of people make quite a bit of money being phone sex operators. This may be an unusual way to go about getting quick cash, but it works. If you've got the voice, and the imagination-- this might be for you!

4. Sell Your Old Crap

Everyone has stuff sitting around that they don't need. This is what causes clutter and makes our houses look like a disaster zone. Get rid of it! Hit up eBay, craigslist, the news paper-- and dump the junk! You'll make a quick buck doing so, and your house will thank you.

5. SERIOUS Bottle Collecting

If your state has a deposit, why not turn back bottles? Better yet, why not go out and find even more? The roads are completely littered with bottles, and you can reap the benefits of the fact. Go on a walk and collect as many as possible. You can make a quick buck, and the fresh air is good for you!

6. Buy and Sell

Kind of like selling your junk, buy or get junk for free. Then turn around, and sell it again for profit! People are always giving stuff away so why not actually make a profit off of it? A lot of people make a significant amount of cash selling things that they were given for free.

7. Become a pokerstar

Ever considered poker? Its risky, yes. But if you know what you're doing, you'll know the odds. There are many places online that you can play poker. Or, you can play in an actual casino. This is a good way to make some extra cash.

8. Reap The Benefits Of What You Do Best

What is your passion? Your hobby? That thing that you love. Do it, and make money for it. If you have a hobby, offer to teach others. If you like writing, get a blog! If you love what you do, then you'll never feel like its work. Let your imagination run wild, everyone with a successful plan was told by at least one person that they were insane. Go for it!

9. Pawn it

If you're in dire need for some cash and you have something valuable to spare-- pawn it! You might not get the best profit, but you'll get something. Gold prices are at the all time high right now, so empty out your jewelry box. A lot of people have jewelry just sitting around that they don't need/wear/or want. So, profit from that.

That's about it so far. I personally don't condone/practice many of these, but they're always something to think about. I've got a mortgage, a car payment, and other bills; I understand needing cash to pay for these things. Time to get creative! Go out there, and make yourself some quick cash. These may be unusual ways to make quick cash, but they work!


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    • profile image 3 years ago

      A gonna to start it now geinen idea

    • profile image

      alphy 4 years ago

      HI - I just finished reading your page; I will do the things that I am capable of doing. Thanks

    • LSpel profile image

      Lydia McCarter 5 years ago from The Murder Mitten

      Seeing as though I breastfeed, maybe that's my calling (joking). That really irks me out.. but I've heard of body builders drinking it. So weird.

    • dmdiaz profile image

      dmdiaz 6 years ago

      Here's another one for ya. I actually saw a Craigslist ad of a mother offering to sell her breast milk.

    • shoaibgmail profile image

      Shoaib 6 years ago

      That so cool and quite bold write hats off to you girl..

    • Izrofal profile image

      Izrofal 6 years ago from UK

      Slightly humorous and very informative, nice one!

    • profile image

      boonjaca 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing the story out. :)

    • LSpel profile image

      Lydia McCarter 7 years ago from The Murder Mitten

      Thanks guys! Hope they come in handy :)

    • Rhonda Waits profile image

      Rhonda Musch 7 years ago from The Emerald Coast

      Great hub girl, I liked this one. Great ideas. Happy New Year.

    • devsir profile image

      devsir 7 years ago from Earth

      very interesting. I liked the one selling sperm. I did not know it.

    • W. K. Hayes profile image

      Warren Keith Hayes 7 years ago from Bryson City, North Carolina

      Great articles with some brilliant ideas...I may not rush out and try the first two. Where I come from, we refer to, 'buy-and-sell', as horse trading. It is a very good way to make some extra money.