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The Beauty in Ugliness (Perspectives)

Updated on June 19, 2013

Guest Writers for June 2013

Mary from Tillson
Mary from Tillson | Source
Michelle LIew
Michelle LIew | Source

What and Who are the Perspectives?

The Perspectives is a group of writers in HubPages. On the 15th of each month they share their similar and/or dissimilar perspectives on a specific topic.

This month’s topic is ‘Beauty’. July’s topic will be 'Bigotry'.

All writers of HubPages are invited to share their perspectives on any one or more of the topics on our list. Send an email to any of The Perspectives, choose a topic or three, then stick to the rules...

The idea behind this series called Perspectives is explained in a hub published by the founder of the group, MickeySr:

  • Perspectives: An Introduction
    What we think and how we feel about things is defined, not by the things themselves, but by our perspective of things. Everything that comes before us is filtered through our perception of things...

The Perspectives

© The Perspectives
© The Perspectives

I believe that all people are born with a perfect sense of beauty. However, as they grow their sense becomes a ‘perception’ determined by personal preference and prejudice. Consequently the saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

For the past 30 days I have been contemplating beauty with all my senses and realized for the umpteenth time how difficult it is to write about something that is taken for granted.

Beauty is something we take for granted.

So I’ve decided to contemplate ugliness, but to my surprise I could not see any ugliness, except what was hidden in the soul of some humans, manifesting in their evil deeds.

Finally I have decided to share my perspective on the beauty in so-called ugliness.

Vlado @
Vlado @

A Dead Tree

A dead tree could hardly be described as 'beautiful', and yet it is the epitome of character. Etched against the sky, or assembled on the ground, it reminds us of Time - the time creatures have the privilege to be alive in order to fulfil a specific purpose.

The tree was alive, maybe for many-many years, and it has fulfilled its purpose in spite of floods, droughts or whatever bad weather it had to endure. Still, being dead, it is a piece of art to admire, a home for birds and insects, or wood for a required fire.

When I see a dead tree I ponder over my own life. Am I fulfilling my purpose and will I still mean something when I am no longer alive?

sattva @
sattva @


Ugly remains of buildings are certainly not a compliment to their environment, yet they are beautiful monuments, reminding us of the most precious asset people have the privilege to own or rent.

When I see the ruins of houses, I know those walls once gave shelter to families. A feeling of awe often overwhelms me, knowing that those walls are the most reliable keeper of secrets on this planet.

James Barker @
James Barker @


In this epitome of total desolation I can see the beauty in death, or rather the beauty in what seems to be dead. I know that things – living creatures – are alive in the sand, and that the sand, completely powerless in their own being, is nevertheless a powerful opposing force for a greater force, the wind. Personalizing the wind, I see it as an artist creating beautiful structures with sand.

When I experience the majesty of a desert, I realize in awe that I am but only a very tiny and mortal creature on this planet, having the privilege to like, love and appreciate everything I can see, hear, smell, taste and sense.

Evidence of disaster...

Click thumbnail to view full-size
prozac1 @ Toa55 @ freedigitalphotos.netwandee007 @
prozac1 @
prozac1 @
Toa55 @
Toa55 @
wandee007 @
wandee007 @

How can the ugly evidence of natural disasters be beautiful? Because I can see the power of the most awesome forces beyond the jurisdiction of us mortal humans. I can once again realize my own inabilities and mortality.

I can see God in the evidence of disaster.

Knowing the history of Earth and the determination of all that is alive to survive, I can live on, knowing that all damage will be restored or re-created not only by people, but especially by Nature under the jurisdiction of God.

© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser

Graves and Cemeteries

Graves and cemeteries make me sad and emotional exhausted, yet they have a bewitching beauty I cannot ignore. Strolling from grave to grave, reading all the names and epitaphs, knowing that I am walking over the decomposed bodies of people who were once alive, is a spiritual experience I cannot describe with words. Any sign of grave-desecration, or negligence, breaks my heart.

In a cemetery I can clearly sense and understand ‘respectfulness’. Even if we cannot like or love a person, whether they are alive or dead, we can, may, must held them in respect. I realize in a cemetery that respect for life and death – for whatever or whomever exist – is in fact an instinctive human ability, but easily smothered by our selfish needs and urges.

Wide stark spaces

© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser
© Martie Coetser


Even in what many may call 'ugly', there is beauty to be discovered and appreciated. In time I will add more beautiful ugliness to this hub.

Our topic for July is BIGOTRY and writers of HubPages are invited as guest writers. Just contact one of the Perspectives in order to become acquainted with our policy and procedures.

Autumn in the Bushveld, North West Province, South Africa

Now this is indisputably beautiful - © Martie Coetser
Now this is indisputably beautiful - © Martie Coetser

Martie Coetser Pozyn's Copyright:

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