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Perspectives: An Introduction

Updated on May 5, 2013

The Wisdom Of Considering The Perspectives Of Others ~

It's an unavoidable human reaction - when we're presented with an idea, a circumstance, an event, etc, as we observe and consider what's before us we are informed, and so swayed, by our own personal perspective of the idea, circumstance, or event. What we think and how we feel about things is defined, not by the things themselves, but by our perspective of things. The particular perspective we are each informed by is defined by our individual temperament, our personal experiences, and our private philosophy of life. That of course means, everybody's perspective is their own, it is how WE see things, what WE conclude, why WE react as we do, etc. It is incumbent upon each of us, if we are to be reasonable people, to recognize that there is the reality of how a thing factually is, and there is the perception of that reality that is particular to each one of us, and that our perception is not necessarily concordant with the factual reality.

It might seem a fatal disadvantage to have our personal perception of things standing between us and reality, that everything that comes before us is filtered through our perception of things, that we don't simply observe reality as it factually is but that instead we interpret reality as our private perception of things presents that reality to us - but the truth is, I believe, that this normal human condition enables us to benefit from a reliance on others, it schools us in not thinking of ourselves more highly than we ought, it is what compels us toward relationship. Because we don't all see everything in just the same way, because we each have our own beliefs and opinions, the wise person comes to recognize that he needs his fellow man.

Many are familiar with the account of several people standing on all sides of an elephant; one describes the beast as having two legs and no other features except for a rather plain tail. Another contends that it has four legs and a massive body with giant ears. Still another declares the others are all mistaken and that it has tiny eyes and an astoundingly long nose, etc. Only as they all share their own individual perspectives do they realize they are all looking at the same creature and come to understand that it is an elephant. None of them were wrong, but they could only see from their own perspective, to uncover the truth, they needed the perspectives of all. I think it was C. S. Lewis who said something very close to "I cannot see God with only mine own eyes - I must see Him with the eyes of all His people if I am going to see Him as He truly is".

It is with a genuine appreciation of community, a sincere esteem for the perception of others, and a recognition of the human need for relationship, that I happily introduce a new series of hubs offering several different perspectives on a specific theme. The 'Perspectives:' series will present a variety of views on a new theme, or topic, every month from some familiar hubbers and some perhaps not so familiar hubbers.

Our 'Perspectives' Authors ~

Maria Couchara Jordan

Known as marcoujor on HubPages for the last 18 months, I have found a passion for writing, in addition to my life careers of Nursing and Teaching. My profile and some interviews along the way will tell you any specifics you may wish to know about Maria Couchara Jordan. I was

beyond thrilled to be asked to participate in the 'Perspectives:' series! I have found with age (50, to be precise!) and life experience that I finally have a 'Perspectives:' to offer. How cool is that...?!

Mickey Haist Sr.

I use 'MickeySr' for just about everything I do online (and when signing the endless parade of greeting cards my wife is relentlessly setting in front of me). My name actually is Mickey and my wife and I have a Mickey Jr - so, I'm MickeySr. I'm 58 years old, originally from the San Francisco area now transplanted to Hershey, Pa. I married my high school sweetheart and we've been together for over 40 years, raised 6 children, and are currently hovering at 12 grandchildren.

Along with hubs on theology, history, social commentary, music, films, etc, I've also published a number of poetry hubs. I recently reached my first year anniversary with HubPages and was delighted, very early on, to win a HubNugget Award for one of my first hubs. Tragically, it's only been downhill from there, with no more awards or acclaim - except for a handful of very faithful followers who diligently leave very encouraging comments . . . thank you all.

I am enthusiastic to be included among this fine company of writers as one of the contributors to this new 'Perspectives:' series. And, I'm probably not quit as brutally dull as the previous two paragraphs have undeniably suggested . . .


My profile speaks of Cherokee heritage in my bloodline. If you read my hub “How I Became Bravewarrior” you’ll know how important that part of my heritage is to me. While minute (1/16th), the Cherokee Spirit has kept me alive and has given me the drive to keep moving and overcoming. My given name is Shauna. I’m known by family as Sha. I have in the past year invited a select few friends to call me Sha. That may sound vain, but for me to extend a very personal part of me, means you’ve made a permanent mark on my heart.

In the beginning Bravewarrior came to me via imagination. Again, read my story. Many on HP assume I’m the man in my profile picture. No. That’s my brother, who has the Cherokee spirit far more imbedded than I. Perhaps not! His is embedded in his artwork and writing. Mine is embedded in personal strength. I’ve pulled myself out of every negative situation in which I’ve found myself. Most were self-dug holes. Bravewarrior has helped me recognize that and fix it. Some were through ugly happenstance. Bravewarrior has allowed me to pick myself up by the bootstraps and not let infringement break my rose-colored glasses. I am strong because of Bravewarrior.

I am honored to be a part of 'Perspectives:'. My life has been based upon bettering myself because of reflection. In this series, I hope my rose-colored philosophy is grasped by those who need to come out of the darkness. I never take them off!

Mohan Kumar

Inspired by a long line of physician-writers such as Chekhov, Crichton and Conan Doyle I also picked up the pen with a desire to string words together that would reach across divides towards an appreciative readership. A practicing physician, a medical teacher, a passionate writer and possessor of an incurable curiosity, I have been writing on hubland for nearly a year and a half as Docmo.

My given name is Mohan Kumar and I am delighted with the honour of offering my 'Perspectives:' on the subject at hand along with my splendid and talented friends in this assemblage of awesomeness. Having already pledged an oath to Hippocates, I offer a further oath that whatever that 'Perspectives:' is, dear reader, we promise to keep you entertained.

Martie Coetser

I am from South Africa, writing fiction and non-fiction since the age of twelve, though only on a professional level since 1991. Writing has been always my hobby; by occupation I am an accountant hoping to resign before the age of 60 in order to write all the best seller novels brooding in the back of my mind.

Since 1991 I mainly wrote short stories for magazines, plays for inspiring play-actors and stories for puppet shows. After a couple of memorable achievements and awards I became an online coach for short story writing at a local site for freelance writers in 2010.

Through devastating experiences and random studies in my desperate efforts to achieve essential goals, I obtained broad perspectives on many issues. I share them with love and the hope that it will enlighten and delight all troubled souls and even those who are not troubled at all.

Playing the piano whenever I get the time and enjoying the company of my four grandchildren and their parents, keep me sane and extremely happy. On top of this happiness I have recently met – at last; thank heavens; touch wood - the man of my dreams. So if I happen to lose the crux of a matter while sharing my 'Perspectives:', just blame it on Love.


I am very excited, and truly honoured to become the newest member of the Perspectives team. How could anyone not want to enjoy such an opportunity to learn more life lessons, and hopefully improve on their writing capabilities at the same time?

I am the only non-founding member of this group, and have great respect and admiration for all of my new peers on the team.It is always a lovely surprise to read their different perspectives on each single topic.

Like others, life has handed me some lemons, but I consciously try to always make lemonade with them.

More details may be found on my profile page.

I tend to regard life as an adventure, and have always been open to new experiences. As a natural consequence, I have travelled the world, and have friends in many places. It is only since I started writing on HP that I came to realize my bank of friends has increased incredibly. Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful support and meaningful comments on my work.

Each author is free to approach the theme or topic in whatever manner they choose - an essay, a poem, a photo gallery, etc, with well-researched information, with humor, according to their own experience and understanding or personal faith, etc, etc. Each contributor will be sharing their 'Perspectives:' on that month's theme.

We (of course) hope you find the 'Perspectives:' series useful and enjoyable and that it becomes a regular feature of your HubPages experience, one that you look forward to and participate in with your comments . . . we also plan on inviting guest contributors each month and are happy to accept suggested themes or topics.

Our first 'Perspective' will be published Saturday, September 15th, on the theme 'Perspectives: Knowing Your True Self'. Each subsequent month's theme will be announced in the previous month's hubs. If you see a theme that interests you, one you'd like to add your perspective to, if you'd like your HubPages avatar in that month's 'question mark' box below, please don't hesitate to volunteer.

Thereafter we will begin a regular publishing schedule of the 15th of every month. The October 15th edition will be 'Perspectives: Vanity' - if you are interested to be our guest contributor to this theme, please . . .

Let MickeySr know of your interest and he will bring it to the attention of the group. As we don't pretend to advance ourselves as the grand arbiters of 'worthy' hub efforts, it may just follow a course of first come-first serve.

The June 'Perspectives:' theme will be 'Beauty' - if you are interested to be our guest contributor to this theme, please contact MickeySr letting him know of your interest.


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