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How to loose Weight with The Cabbage Diet

Updated on February 4, 2016

The Cabbage Diet

Tired of hunting around for the perfect quick weight loss diet? The Cabbage Diet might be the one you are looking for. This is a quick weight loss scheme that takes seven days only and at the end of the week on this diet, you should have lost about eight to ten pounds. The reason that this diet has been around so long is that it actually works. Whether you lose ‘real’ weight or water weight is still under debate. Experts claim that no one can really lose that much real weight in such a short time period. On the other hand, if all you want is a quick, inspiring weight loss fix, then this just might be the one that works for you. The best part is that it is a temporary diet that requires no lifelong commitment!

Also known as the cabbage soup diet, the cabbage diet is a weight loss radical diet that is created around consuming low calorie cabbage soup heavily over a period of 1 week. Generally, it is considered one of the fad diets that have become popular for short term loss of weight. There is no long term commitment required by this diet. As a matter of fact, it has become the inspiration for many copy cat diets that are based around the same type of principles. Typically, the intent claimed by the diet is to lose four and a half kilograms or ten pounds of weight in a period of seven days. Of course, experts of nutrition do emphasize that it is virtually impossible to go through this much weight loss in just one week. This has given rise to claims that the cabbage diet only makes you lose water weight. However, this has not stopped believers from going on the diet now and again to lose weigh fast. It has also kept the diet very popular in the mainstream populations.

A Quick Fix

You will most likely feel cranky and hungry while on the diet. You might also feel some light headedness if you are not taking sufficient daily calories that your body needs to function optimally. If you follow the diet of cabbage soup for over seven days, you may be short on nutrition. This could make existing conditions worse, if you have any. In other words, if you already have diabetes, you might have a problem with blood sugar control.

Standing the Test of Time

There are more than just a few things to look forward to when the end of winter comes along. Blooming flowers, warm weather, beach barbecues. For most folks, however, cookouts at the beach are met with some hesitation. That’s right. Not many people love stripping down to a bikini the moment winter ends. As a matter of fact, when summer and spring are just around the corner, a lot of folks try and find a quick fix.

That is why this diet has lasted through time. It has outlasted the reputation of a fad diet. The diet lasts for just a week and results in about ten pounds of weight loss. In a short time span, this diet makes double digit weight loss a possibility. Some folks, due to being unmotivated and discouraged swear by this quick fix that involves tons of cabbage.

After all, who wouldn’t be motivated by such quick results? Folks the world over are discouraged by slow results in any diet. This is why the cabbage diet is so popular. Participants cut their intake of calories by half, resulting in eight hundred to one thousand calories daily. This is not appropriate for long term lifestyle commitment. However, since it does incorporate fruits and vegetables into the meal plans of the individual, you do get a bit of nutrients while on the cabbage diet.

This is a Low Calorie Diet

Sometimes referred to as the grandfather of all crash diets, this diet that involves cabbage soup is a very low calorie, low fat plan that you will need to be on for seven different days. It is means to quickly help you lose weight. And it seems that it has been around for a very long time! Keep in mind however that this diet really won’t give your body the nutrients it needs to remain in tip top health and is not advisable for long term. Also, you will lose weight but only for the short term. On the limited menu, you will more or less get a thousand calories per day. This is a lot less than the two thousand calories recommended daily for average adults.

Since the amount of calories you are consuming on this diet is so limited, the pounds do come off very fast. Mainly, it will be water weight that you will be losing. The chance is that you will gain it back the moment you start eating normally again, which is the tendency that fad diets do tend to have.

When It All Started

It is not sure when the diet first started but it did get very popular in the late eighties. This diet has many different synonyms, linking it usually to mainstream institutions including names like the Russian Peasant Diet, the TJ Miracle Soup Diet, the Military Cabbage Soup and the Sacred Heart Diet. All of these establishments that have named the diet have not really claimed being linked with the actual cabbage diet. Generally, the emphasis of the cabbage diet is that the person can consume as much cabbage soup as she or he desires, day in and day out.


Many professions of the medical community and individuals have some criticisms of the diet. Much of the lost weight happens to be water and thus, not long terms. The daily calorie amount while on the cabbage soup diet is too low to believe it is safe. Plus, the soup recipe has high amounts of sodium to make it more delicious. For several days at one time, there is very little protein that the diet provides. Many folks report feelings of light headedness and weakness during the duration of the diet.

On a level that is more practical, the most common soup recipe forms have been said to be ‘bland.’ There are of course variations that are more spicy to have made appearances. Still, the soup’s blandness means that not many people are able to go through all seven days of eating it. As a matter of fact, towards the end of the diet that lasts for one week, many report feelings of nausea when they so much as smell the soup. There are also reports that flatulence is a common diet side effect.

Different From the Others

Not like other dieting plans which tend to include loads of exercise and tons of long term commitment for results to be achieved, this diet of cabbage soup is designed to last just one week and is short. In other words, there is no lifestyle change involved. It is not high enough in calories or nutrients to sustain healthy functions of the body for longer than the timeframe designed. After you complete the week, spending time on normal diets before thinking about going back on this one is a good idea.

Cabbage Diet Side Effects

The most embarrassing and yet prevalent of all the side effects is unavoidably, gas. When your physique ingests as many vegetables as these, plus the high cabbage intake, there is unavoidable flatulence involved. The diet is high in fiber and low in calorie which may not always be in agreement with your intestines. Some dieters have claimed that this diet was both successful and a challenge in terms of losing weight. However, there was a cost involved. Claims that dieters made include having experienced discoloration around the eye area, migraines, mood swings, low levels of energy, creativity and concentration. Usually, co-workers may notice that their colleague that has gone on a cabbage soup diet may be working more slowly than the usual pace and have a bit of moodiness. In itself, this diet is not a meal plan that you would consider ‘well rounded.’ For this reason, intensified side effects may be the result of following this diet for too long. You will need to accept the fact that this diet just won’t provide your body with enough healthy nutrients to sustain you. Anyone would feel sluggish and slow on being on such low calories. It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor before you attempt something as drastic as this cabbage diet.

By the Way

By the way, is your idea of this diet just some water and a head of cabbage? Contrary to what you might think, there are many recipes that involve cabbage soup that can help you get started on this diet plan. One of the many variations includes green peppers, green onions, mushrooms, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage and celery. There are options of using cubed bouillons as well. As you can see, the possibilities are somewhat endless. Since there is not 1 single person that has claimed to have created the diet, there is no standard that a dieter needs to follow specifically. Multiple diet variations through the years have come to the surface. They are different from each other, and yet they are similar in the sense that they all include cabbage.

Other Drawbacks

Naturally, just like with every diet, this one has a few draw backs. In the first place, it is boring and a bit bland, which makes it hard to ignore tough cravings. Plus, it cuts out a lot of calories and with this comes a lot of nutrients that are not included in your diet. The restrictive, extreme nature of the cabbage diet makes entire groups of food not allowed on specific days of the week. While quick weight loss is the result, a lot of it is loss of water which means not much fat loss. This is why dieters will find that a lot of the weight is gained after they go back to their normal routines of eating.

Now that you kind of understand the disadvantages and advantages of the cabbage diet, basically, you will most likely still want to use it to lose weight just before bikini season comes along. Continuing to learn even more about this diet of cabbage soup and its side effects possibilities is a good idea.

The Cabbage Soup Diet

While on the cabbage soup diet, dieters can only drink unsweetened fruit juice when fruit is permitted but otherwise, beverages are limited to only water. The typical diet outline is as follows:

Day One- excluding bananas, cabbage soup plus as much desired fruit

Day Two- Vegetables and cabbage soup

Day Three- Excluding bananas and potatoes, cabbage soup plus vegetables and soup.

Day Four- As much skim milk as desired, up to eight bananas and cabbage soup

Day Five- Up to 6 tomatoes, up to two hundred eighty grams or ten ounces of beef and cabbage soup.

Day Six- Excluding potatoes, cabbage soup plus as much vegetables and beef as you want.

Day Seven- Excluding potatoes, vegetables are allowed, unsweetened fruit juice, brown rice and cabbage soup.

Reasons to Choose this Diet

The fact is that the cabbage diet actually works! You don’t really need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if you cut starches, bad sugar and calories for a brief time period while you drink tons of water, the weight will quickly come off. Plus, this diet is fast. The scale will be ten pounds lighter on your eighth day following this diet. Your body will be thinner and clothes will fit differently. Even if you cheat by adding spices, the diet will still work. It’s a quick fix and some people are not really into short term weight loss that produces quick results. However, for others, this diet is perfect and gets you in shape just in time for the season of swimsuits. Remember, this diet is not for everyone. Knowing all you can about what is involved will help you determine whether or not this diet is for you.

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 

      4 years ago from The Caribbean

      Very comprehensive article. Thanks or doing the research and making such a compelling presentation.


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