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The Value of Having a Success Coach - How to Get What You Really Want

Updated on March 13, 2012

Decisions.... decisions...

It may have come into your mind one day, that you have a strong need for help in your life. Whether it's help with your business, relationships, emotions, health, spirituality or with life in general. At that point, you've either already wondered about getting a personal coach, or someone you know may have suggested it to you.

Coaching is still a new field though, and so you might still have some reservations about getting a coach. It's easy to be intimidated about a field that is so new, or by myths and misconceptions passed on to you through your peers.

So it's a good thing you're here, because I'm going to help you come to realize just what you can get from a personal success coach.

More than a Book or Recording

Millions of people buy millions of books, listen to hundreds of recordings and watch thousands of videos and webinars. Yet most of them aren't successful.

This is because those mediums don't work for everyone, and because they are missing one KEY ingredient. Can you guess what it is?


A book can't understand you, console you or customize itself to be exactly what you want it to be. A video doesn't have the capability to stop and answer your questions when you didn't quite understand.

A personal coach is more than just words and eduction. A coach can offer you more than just a "quick fix" for $29.99, and they can offer you way more than a useless pile of self-help books you'll never look at again.

Do More. Be More. Achieve More.

The very nature of coaching is to motivate, inspire and guide. It's your coaches job to make sure that you succeed and that nothing - including yourself - stops you from achieving your goals. They are there to push you to do more, be more and to succeed.

They Make You Accountable

A book or tape isn't going to call you in the morning and tell you get your butt moving. Pages on a paper or website aren't going to encourage you to do one more push-up, run one more lap or try contacting one more loan source. A webinar might be inspirational, but once it's over, you're on your own again.

That's why success coaches are around, to motivate you, and make you accountable not just to them, but to yourself, to stop wasting time and cultivate happiness and success in your life. This is one of the main reasons people with coaches become so successful. They are held accountable for there actions, and unlike a friend, family member or yourself, you're going to have to be sick, dead or in an emergency situation to get out of completing your challenges and achieving your goals.

You Need a Life-Teammate

Success Coaches are more than just advisors and consultants. They are your life-teammate. They aren't just there to help you with one area of your life, and then let you fall flat with the rest. A strong life coach knows that there is more to you than just wanting to make money or be healthier, and they don't just see the money you are paying them, they see you - a Human Being who deserves love, success and adventure.

A good success coach is there through thick and thin, to help you overcome all obstacles. Like that useful and endearing sidekick you just can't get rid of. This is what we all need, isn't it? Someone to be there for us, who has no bias or reservations and accepts us for who we are, not who we pretend to be?


One of the MOST useful things about a success coach, is the benefit of having an unbiased person on your side, who can look at your situation and give you the best direction, because they are able to see things you may be missing because you are so involved in the problem.

Having a coach is like having a crystal ball. They can see where you are now, and tell you what will happen if you take this path or that one. They can step back and let you know what will help take the weight off your shoulders, and then help you find ways to keep the stress away and the success flowing.

700% Return on Profits

Statistics show that people who invest in themselves through getting a success coach, usually get a 700% return on their investment. That's a LOT of value!

True Fulfillment

There are six basic psychological human needs:

  • Variety
  • Certainty
  • Connection
  • Significance
  • Growth
  • Contribution

We ALL have to have these needs fulfilled in order to be happy, healthy and successful. The great thing, is your success coach can offer you:

  • The certainty of always having someone there to help, guide, motivate and inspire you
  • The variety of having someone outside your family, friends, co-workers or relationship, to talk to and confide in
  • The knowledge that you special, important and worthy of love from them, others and yourself especially. They help you fulfill your need for significance
  • Connection with a live human beings, who knows where you've been and what you're going through, and how to help you get what you really want deep down inside
  • The opportunity to grow spiritually, professionally, socially and intimately
  • Appreciation and acknowledgement of your contributions to the world, and ways in which you can further contribute by doing what you love to do and are already good at

That's ALL SIX needs fulfilled!


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