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The antidote for depression and pessimism

Updated on October 6, 2014

What takes people to the Path of Depression?

If someone had to ask me years ago about the meaning of "depression" and "pessimism",I would say that the first term does not in any reason exist, and the second one is simply a physical reality extent.

BUT those two words dominate the vocabulary of millions of citizens upon this planet,because every day people sink into the depression hole and follow the path of pessimism.

What takes people to the path of depression and pessimism?

Is there a remedy or antidote to depression and pessimism?


Have you ever experienced depression?

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Cause and effects

People usually cling to ideas cultivated since childhood and also maintained in adulthood.

The results are the following:

  • Instead of visualizing,they watch TV
  • Instead of visiting Nature,they live and work in confined places
  • Instead of cultivating Love in their Souls,they allow negativity and hater create nests within it
  • Instead of talking about Values and walking with THEM, they humiliate their life with worthless deeds and thoughts
  • Instead of expressing their Gratitude for the Abundance in their life,affiliate an ungrateful attitude
  • Instead of creating,they destroy
  • Instead of enjoying their fellows creations,they do everything in order to devalue their labors and derive satisfaction from this deed

Heaven on Earth ~ Positive affirmations


The key word is "Gratitude" for all goods that we have acquired in life,including abundance, opportunities and new beginnings.

The antidote is Gratitude

I think that even in such a situation,there is still an antidote.

Through personal experience gained over the years,I would like to suggest the following;

  • Do not let Time be wasted.Means,seize the Time!
  • Use your mind in a creative and beneficial way for all people
  • Revitalize your mind. Do not let mind handcuffs capture your mind.
  • If the "Resolution"of your mind traps is achieved through a creative,friendly conversation with a good friend,then go on.
  • If you love a walk in a quiet place,in a beautiful natural environment,in a forest or a peaceful seashore,then follow your heart!
  • If a love affair inspires and strengthens you emotionally, then fall in love and enjoy this love affair,without allowing this love becoming another mind reap.
  • If your intuition advises you to follow a creative path,then listen to this intuitive advice. Imprisoned creativity leads to pessimism.
  • If reality seems so boring and unbearable,then this is a little bell for you to dare dynamic changes in your life.
  • The inability to follow the path that carves our heart,might be the cause that leads to depression.


When getting away from the selfish notion that we live upon Earth just to make ourselves happy and only that,and when understanding that our Happiness is derived though the Happiness of our fellows,then we discover the Antidote for Depression and Pessimism.

This happens due to the ability of humans to overcome the physical needs, especially this period of time (Global economical crisis) and follow a path that shifts to a Higher Intellectual level.

It's a feature that only humans -soul beings- could have and manifest at their own will.


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  • academylight profile image

    Katerina Kostaki 4 years ago from Athens-Greece

    Ddaquila I totally agree with you.I've experienced all this hard moments of severe depression and I found relief in Nature.

    A simple walk in a forest ,in a park or just sit under by beloved tree was the best remedy.

    I would like to thank you for posting this wonderful comment and express your true self.That is a really inspirational comment that might help people who suffer and seeking for support.

    Love and blessings

  • ddaquila profile image

    Deborah Anjella Daquila 4 years ago from Melbourne, Australia

    This is just beautiful, and I completely agree. I have been diagnosed with depression, anxiety by doctors, friends and myself. It's only been in the past two years that I've managed to work out some real changes in my way of thinking, and my realities, to really shed light on what is really there, and what should really be done.

    I find what really helped me is in nature, the Earth. The forest is my garden, the big blue ocean is my bath tub, the sky is the most beautifully painted mural known to man, and I am inspired, as an organism on this planet, by the GREATNESS of everything around me; and my depression and anxiety is nullified. For what is around me is in me. I am nature and I am the cosmos and I am not bound by stigmas, or labels, or identities. I am everything and everything is me.

    Thank you so much for writing this article. It was an absolute joy to read.

    Blessings and Light.