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How a discouragement makes you a winner

Updated on October 24, 2013
Copyright Katerina Kostaki Image captured on Salamis Island-Greece
Copyright Katerina Kostaki Image captured on Salamis Island-Greece | Source
Copyright Katerina Kostaki
Copyright Katerina Kostaki

The cause to write this hub was generated in my long distance past and upon special events that marked my relationship with various people that in a fist sight were merely affected me .

On a second sight ,these relationships became my personal teachers and mentors.

On this hub, I am sharing my own personal collection of viewpoints on a long -distance journey within soul and attitude as well as spiritual treatments to heal and refine your state of emotions.

Looking back to our past seems to be a really addictive and harassing process,if you haven't make self-commitments and moved on to a self-healing procedure.

In fact ,it could be an absolutely re-constructive action as we unblock our emotional ribbons with people who blocked us and self-detach from images and patterns of an already edited edition of our reality.

Self-detachment is a rough healing treatment as a high developed and respective approach of our wounded feelings.

Being discouraged or not?

Have you ever been discouraged by people or events?

See results

A lonely traveler

On November 2006, I was amateur freelancer writing my creative ideas on white papers,small notebooks,and even on old newspapers.

I had noticed that those ideas could emerge just out-of-nowhere- when I was almost upset or discouraged by people and events.

One of these events sustained my creative thinking into writing one of the most relieving and truthful articles.

The Road the less Traveled

I decided to borrow a title from a well known poem of Robert Frost "The Road the less Traveled".

I loved this poem,because it reminded me how fragile our life could be when considering our desires as a means to direct our destiny without exploiting our Free Will for creating good.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki Location:Porto Germeno -Greece
Copyright Katerina Kostaki Location:Porto Germeno -Greece

•Establish your creative abilities

•Find your heart beat.

•Shine like a star in darkness

•Be creative and beyond.

•Stay firm to your ethics.

How to convert a discouragement into creative energy

Discouragement applies as a fuel energy to transform us into a creative source as long as we perceive this action as a way to accomplish a task.

If your task is high,then you embark on a new level of evolution.

If not,your perception is limited and that causes a detrimental estimation of life.

On my first days of activation within HubPages,I wrote my HubPages Start-Part 1 (Hopefully there will be Part 2).

On my hub,I describe how I created my network without any support and encouragement .

The Stone Years and Forgiveness

About the video

My article "The Stones Years and Forgiveness" is a auto-biographical one and refers to the values,ethics,higher ideals, and the essence of being authentic in every point of our human existence and life though we face up the attack and negativity by fellowmen.


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  • alocsin profile image

    alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

    I think one way to turn a discouragement around is to see it as part of the learning process. If you never experience this, then maybe you're not trying enough new things and growing.

  • academylight profile image

    Katerina Kostaki 5 years ago from Athens-Greece

    Welcome ChitrangadaSharan and thanks for the lovely comment.It's the first comment on my Hubs :)

  • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

    Chitrangada Sharan 5 years ago from New Delhi, India

    Nice hub, with interesting pictures. To be discouraged is normal human behavior but to turn that into a win by strong determination is really important. Your views are quite similar to mine.

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational hub.