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How to Lose Weight Fast with Weight Loss Pills

Updated on May 1, 2014

Weight Loss Pills

For many people trying to lose weight fast is a top priority. There is of course, the standard approach of: consume less calories than you burn, weight loss program. This is the common sense approach based on the idea that when we burn more calories than we are taking in, the result will be weight loss and fat burning. This is certainly true, but it is also a relatively slow process and in this age of instant gratification, many people are looking for ways in which to lose weight fast. There are also those people who claim they are always hungry when on a weight loss program and are looking for a little help in reducing these cravings.

How to Lose Weight Fast with Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pills
Weight Loss Pills

Choosing The Right Weight Loss Pills

In come the ever popular weight loss supplements which promise to help you lose weight quickly and effortlessly. The good news is there are many weight loss supplements that can deliver on their promises. The bad news … many are just smoke and mirrors; claims are not accurate and even those products which do contain effective ingredients, the amounts actually used are often known to be ineffective, this deceptive practice is frequently employed to reduce manufacturing costs while still being able to flaunt the use of these proven weight loss ingredients. It is important to realize that the area of OTC weight loss pills and supplements is not regulated by the FDA; this means a hefty dose of common sense needs to go along with any decision to lose weight or lose belly fat with the help of weight loss supplements.

There are a lot of different weight loss pills available either at your local drugstore or health food store. If you shop online, your options are even greater. It is important to do your research because most of these products have not been proven to be effective and in some cases they may be downright dangerous!

You might be wondering how companies can get by with selling products which are potentially unsafe. The problem is weight loss and dietary supplements are not subjected to the same standards as prescription drugs. However, once a product has been shown to be unsafe the FDA can take the necessary action to have it banned or recalled.

Before trying any weight loss supplements be sure to thoroughly read the label and talk with your physician or pharmacist. It is also helpful to check the FDA’s website for any product recalls or safety alerts.

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight Loss Supplements
Weight Loss Supplements

Some popular weight loss supplements that have not shown any health risks include:

Alli – this is the OTC (over the counter) version of the prescription drug orlistat (Xenical). This product is reported to decrease the absorption of dietary fat.

  • FDA Approved weight loss supplement
  • Includes an online weight loss plain individually tailored to promote healthier eating habits
  • Alli binds with pancreatic and gastric lipases in order to block the absorption of 25% of consumed fat
  • Fat that is undigested is excreted from the body rather than turning into fat
  • Helps most users loose 50% or more weight than dieting alone

Green Tea Extract – green tea extract is reported to increase calorie and fat metabolism while decreasing appetite.

  • Maximum Strength and Efficiency
  • Increase Metabolism
  • Burn Fat
  • Powerful blend of Green Tea nutrients

Hoodia – reported to decrease appetite.

  • Appetite Suppressant that is proven effective
  • Continued benefit due to time release formula
  • 2000 mg per serving (2 capsules per serving)

Weight Loss Pills

Weight Loss Pills
Weight Loss Pills | Source

If you are considering using weight loss supplements, it is important to talk with your doctor before you begin. Your doctor can help advise you on effective weight loss tips as well as monitor your progress. Your doctor can also help you understand any potential side effects of the various weight loss supplements and what you should watch out for.

In addition, many weight loss supplements contain a variety of ingredients, such as vitamins, minerals, herbs, botanicals and even laxatives or caffeine. If you are taking any prescription drugs or over the counter drugs, including dietary supplements, adding weight loss pills can be a risky combination if you do not know the various interactions.

Despite all the hype, there really is no quick fix –

The manufacturer’s of weight loss pills all want you to think that their product will help you miraculously lose weight, but you need to realize that even when you take weight loss pills, eating fewer calories than your body uses is still necessary to lose the weight. Weight loss pills can help curb your appetite, increase your metabolism and sometimes even burn extra fat, but there is still work that you need to do.

The use of any weight loss pill should be combined with a healthy diet designed to lose and maintain successful weight loss over the long term, as well as physical activity. Losing weight requires a lifestyle change, not just a pill.


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