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Walking Talking Combustible Nitrogenic Animated Machines Full of Grace and Glory

Updated on October 15, 2010

MODE of Cosmic Therapy Television Show Esoteric Psychology

Discussing Possible Options
Discussing Possible Options

MODE of Cosmic Therapy: Burying the Dross of Our Conditioned Programmed Minds

If we are one of the approximate 6.6 billion people who make up the living humanity on this planet today, what would be the total of all human population who has ever occupied the earth since humankind was able to be tabulated and recorded?

No doubt, more inhabitants who were not counted statisically make up this phenomenon. The figure remains remotely inestimable. Because we are breathing, {and, in spite of the fact} we are consciously aware that others are breathing, too; and, that others have breathed before us in a manner just like us.

In other words, civilization is as large and as small as we are in the place where we currently stand.

What matters to one individual matters to all in the sense that the air one individual breathes, through the lungs, is the very same air that constitutes our living vibrating chemical/hormonal/electrical essence, and continues to be the same air, for all (living and dead) who inhabit/inhabited the planet.

Having said that, there’s only one place to go: why such indomitable division?

If we do, in fact, breathe the same blend of nitrogenous air {which incidentally is extremely poisonous if we breathed it directly without it having been delivered and converted by/though plants and animal proteins, including bacteria), then basically we are all provided with the exact same formula of life-sustaining requirements to actively stay alive.

That would mean, practically speaking, we are all of the same construction with basic life-supporting bodily needs and functions. I am merely discussing the need for and condition of nitrogen filled air, mind you.

The fascinating idea of us consuming a perfectly deadly gas is truly, outright miraculously mind-blowing. The inescapable fact of how we as human beings can and do breathe in such a noxious gas mixture in order to stay alive seems a little paradoxical. It seems like a contradiction of terms in the most exaggerated sense.

Though I am no practicing molecular scientist, I find it quite amazing and amusing that what is in direct opposition to ‘what would logically seem’ to be our body’s most direct functioning ability to digest the unfiltered, unprocessed ‘free nitrogen” must get “fixed” before we humans can use it. In other words, we breathe in exactly what would kill us in order to stay alive.

Now, we all understand, in layman’s terms that the human body is a combustible burning machine. So, in that respect, the nitrogen is undeniably necessary to ‘keep the furnace’ going. IF that be the case, maybe, just maybe the apparent division (apparent separation/conflict/hostility) is necessary for life.

 Not so much, in the extreme, as we are witnessing it today, but in the holographic universal (galactic) scheme of things. In the present state of affairs, it appears as if consciousness is being raised to the point of understanding and appreciating a lot more than we ever have before.

If the latest scientific findings be accurate, “The generally accepted age for the Earth and the rest of the solar system is about 4.55 billion years (plus or minus about 1%)”, then nitrogen has been around a long, long time doing a ‘whale of a job.’

Quite possibly, division is a necessary part of the galactic structure of universes as is in the internal process of cell division within the human organism.

 In other words, what we, as human beings, perceive as matter (material) is inseparably connected to and sustained by electrical charges (energy) {fused, diffused, distributed and released by nitrogenic combustible gas mixture}. Kinda funky when you think about it.

In a nutshell, what we perceive as going on is not really going on but something far more complex and unimaginable when not viewed from our limiting suppressed colored natures. We have assumed so much without investigating more.

 But with the advance of so much available information [As Bob Dylan stated], “things are a changing”]

Take for example the utter paradoxical process involved in reading:

"Our own biological sense apparatus is designed to be sensitive to the interaction between the material and energetic. For example, as you read this page, which is a material body, light is reflecting off of the page into your eyes. Your eyes do not, themselves, perceive light, but perceive a page with words written on it. The light transmits a signal from the page, to receptors in your eyes, which then convert the signal into a different form which can then be transported to your brain. There, your mind has the opportunity to interpret the signal—which itself probably bears little optical resemblance to what you think this page looks like! But, the energetic light signal, which cannot itself be seen, registers the existence of the material object before you, to the material object of your biological senses."

Amazing! Truly unconditionally amazing, it seems that everything is contrarily opposite from what we have perceived it to be. Something so simple as what used to be thought of mere reading is far more intricately complex and involved than we ever imagined.

Yet, for awhile, we’ll continue to read as if we don’t know these things.

Nothing will change until it dawns on us that something incalculably wonderful is taking place and has been all along. Whether we want it to or not, the nitrogenous saturated world is coughing up its well guarded secrets.

While we’ve been literally burning up in order to stay alive, we’ve been dying to/for change in consciousness. What appears to be gone may not be gone at all; simply changed form {separated from itself (death) in order to make a new self (birth)

With more scientific researched probing of available information, and more celestial seeking enlightenment through inner self-truth, connecting with others on a global sphered highway of creative ideas, the probability of relative applicable perception unfolds.

 And, with more perceptive understanding, coupled with personal experience and prayerful meditation, wisdom ensues. If this be the case, we may just discover that the apparent division has served some sort of benevolent part in the cosmic dance of immortal life. [With all its immeasurable contradictions and countless diffusion]

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to the point when fear is extracted and eradicated from the planet.

The, power, control and ‘seemingly destructive dominant division’ will be used as needed combustibility, to burn itself out, like dross, and in its place reside an immaculate love and “peace that passeth all understanding.”



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