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What If There Was A Girl? A Moment With Bill Reflection

Updated on May 28, 2013


A man is great by deeds, not by birth.


What if there was a baby girl born in this world?

She is a beautiful baby with wide, sparkling eyes and an easy smile. Naturally curious, she embraces life and the pure joy of living reflects in her eyes.

She is kind by nature. She knows not of murders and cheating, hate and greed. She senses goodness in others and gives the same in return.

She needs others for food and nurturing at this early age, and she develops an understanding of fellowship and love as she is taken care of and showered with kindness.

What if there was a girl.....
What if there was a girl..... | Source


What if there was a little girl in this world?

She is curious and filled with wonder as she crawls through life. She laughs often, and her default expression is one of amazement at the gifts created just for her.

Her senses are alive and always receptive to the world around her. She sees all colors, smells heavenly scents, feels all textures, speaks happiness and hears love.

She is aware of a subtle shift in the wind, is in tune with the emotions of her loved ones and instinctively trusts others, for she knows not about deceit, lies or cruelty.


What if there was a teenage girl in this world?

She has learned her lessons well from loving family. She volunteers and helps the needy. Her smile comes easily and she always reaches out a hand of help for those who are less fortunate.

She sees the world as her own personal oyster and she is ready to shuck it. She realizes that she only has one chance at this precious gift of life, and she makes her plans and dreams of having a meaningful impact on humanity.

She shimmers, she glows and she seems to glide rather than walk across the land.

Where others see obstacles she sees opportunities to learn, and where others see hopelessness she sees unlimited possibilities.


What if there was an adult woman in this world?

Wisdom is her constant companion, and lessons learned over the landscape of her life have served her well. She does not judge others but rather sees them as her sisters and brothers.

She values hard work and understands the joys inherent in doing an honest day’s labor for an honest day’s pay. She prides herself on being a giver rather than a taker, yet knows all too well that humility is a key to happiness.

Her adult years are spent in service to others, and she finds great joy in the quiet passage of time. Solitude is a gift for reflection and reflection is, for her, the path to enlightenment.

She is never vexed or worried. She has found that quiet place inside of herself where peace and tranquility will always await her.


What if there was an aged woman in this world?

The twilight has arrived, but rather than mourn the passage of time, this woman embraces the journey, and now seeks to pass on lessons learned to those willing to listen.

She smiles as she thinks back. She has lived life well and she has no regrets. Time was never wasted. Complacency was never her companion, and apathy was avoided like the plague.

She was given talents and she did not waste them. She was given compassion and she shared it willingly. She was given empathy and she lived accordingly.

And most important of all, she was given love and she returned it to the world many times over.



What if there was a woman who died in this world?

They came from far and wide to visit her gravesite. The rich, the poor, men, women and children, travel to this place to be near this beautiful soul.

They look upon her tombstone, tears in their eyes, knowing that they are in the presence of a rarity, a human being who gave unselfishly, who lived to the fullest and who was the personification of all that is good with mankind.

They see her name etched upon the marble…..Hope….some cry unashamedly for hope is now lost. Others smile knowing that hope will remain forever wherever love is firmly planted in the hearts of man.

2013 William D. Holland (aka billybuc)

Join us at Humanity One World
Join us at Humanity One World | Source

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