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Why is Hollywood /Scientology Always Depicting the Disabled Negatively and Don’t They Realize It Hurts My Child?

Updated on May 10, 2014

Don't They Get It or Does Hollywood Pay Too Well for Humanity

I wouldn’t mind Hollywood so much if they hadn’t insulted everything I have stood for in my life. To begin with I believe in equal rights and not a caste system in which the disabled of this country are trampled upon. Hollywood depicts the disabled worse then they depicted black people in the 1970(s). At least Hollywood just called all Black people criminals in the 1970(s) instead of just depicting all disabled people as morons.

Actually disabled people have an excuse for their low IQ(s) but heartless Hollywood who has been so politically incorrect really doesn’t have an excuse. There is no political justification for how they portrayed black people in the 1970(s) on television and how they have depicted the disabled in 2012. I know many of you will write to me about the show Touched. It is still politically incorrect as well. Once they dragged 9/11 into the show story line, it tainted everything. And they haven’t actually acknowledged the child is autistic and do not portray Autism accurately.

The problem with Hollywood is the same problem Washington DC is suffering from right now. They are too wealthy and too far removed from real life to portray what is going on in this country. I doubt they would be in Hollywood if they could handle real life or government for that matter. The fattest, laziest and greediest people are in DC and Hollywood.

And in particular it would seem the Scientologists are the worst offenders about the disabled.

But I am going to give you several examples so you understand the ignorance I have to endure daily and then I will tell you yet another chapter in my life in which my son and I had to endure.

Intellectually Challenged

The Intellectually Challenged are people who have low IQ(s). They are kind sweet people who are not demanding at all and they have a very unique innocence about them. Most of them are higher functioning then they are ever given credit for because the educational system just gives up on teaching them when they are young and they are warehoused in schools and shown movies all day. I have worked extensively with this population and had a classroom of 24 children diagnosed with either mild intellectual handicap or severe intellectual handicapped and within one year of working with them, ½ of they were no longer intellectually handicapped. It was considered quite controversial but I would not give up on any of students as it was my responsibility as their teacher even when others didn’t believe in them. Unlike Forrest Gump they all do not run the wrong way with the football or their Mama’s aren’t giving sexual favors to get them in general education classes. They don’t moon the president or run across the nation. And they definitely don’t believe life is a box of chocolates. Some of them are exceptional athletes who serve in churches and are brilliant artists.

More over Forrest Gump portrays intellectually challenged Americans as capable soldiers. This is very dangerous.

Has anyone heard of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson providing charity to the intellectually disabled?

Forrest Gump

Physically Handicapped

The most offensive film is Stuck on You in my opinion. It is offensive for so many reasons that I will not even prattle on but I will say this film is one of the most politically incorrect films I have ever seen. What do Scientologists have against disabled people?

Stuck on You Clip

Autism or ASD

I am not even certain where to begin about what is offensive about What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. Is it making fun of the super obese Mother? Or was Arnie Intellectually challenged or autistic? I am surprised Leonardo Dicaprio received an Oscar for this role since he obviously was insulting the disabled and he was so non-specific about his character. I noticed Johnny Depp soon departed the country after making this film which was wise on his behalf.

The entire theme of this movie was America is a Fatherless country of disabled people that was a rotting shell with a subtext of sexual abuse underneath. If only Hollywood understood we like them as much as they like us. And Hollywood awards the film with Oscars. The question isn’t What is Eating Gilbert Grape but how does Hollywood ever imagine itself politically surviving providing negative stereo types of disabled people in America? Cripple jokes maybe funny inside Hollywood but that is a very small place and those same jokes are obnoxious throughout the world.

Leonardo DiCaprio should put the profits from one of his 90 million dollar paychecks from one of his movies into Autism. And I would think he and Johnny Depp need to do a little community service with this population so they realize what a disservice they have provided to children with Autism throughout the world.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is my #2 film of the worst offenders to disabled people.

What's Eating Gilbert Grape Clip

Medically Complex Children

Medically complex children are often children who suffer from such rare disorders that their parents can’t find medical help in their communities. On average it takes six years for doctors and specialists to diagnose a rare disorders and the survival rate is so astronomically low in these children it is a very sad state of affairs. And the funding isn’t there. Hollywood always forgets to mention that the funding is never there for these children. The parents not only have to struggle to understand their children’s rare disorders and many of them take up biochemistry but they also are under considerable duress without any medical assistance just trying to keep their children alive. And then the financial straights these families are left in is just horrendous which is another omission by Hollywood as well.

JohnTravolta starred in a film entitled the Boy in the Plastic Bubble but it was nearly as offensive as the movie Bubble Boy. Jake Gyllenhaal lost my respect the day he took that role. I don’t watch films by Maggie Gyllenhall either. The Gyllenhaal’s are off the list of actors I would consider ever watching again.

But I am not big movie fan. I prefer books and fine conversation at Dinner Parties. But the aforementioned actors are all Scientologists and you have to ask yourself why the Scientologists have to degrade the disabled who clearly can’t even stand up for themselves? And why would they put out so much false information about the disabled? Because they must know the bill is going to come due on all of their negative karma against the disabled. Helping one Sarah Pain isn’t going to square them after what 20+ years of making fun of disabled American children.

Bubble Boy

The Boy In The Plastic Bubble.

JohnTravolta starred in a film entitled the Boy in the Plastic Bubble but it was nearly as offensive as the movie Bubble Boy. Jake Gyllenhaal lost my respect the day he took that role. I don’t watch films by Maggie Gyllenhall either. The Gyllenhaal’s are off the list of actors I would consider ever watching again.

When I watched the clips of The Boy in the Plastic Bubble it was just as offensive. Can’t Hollywood be sensitive?

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

How This Effects My Son’s Life?

My son and I use to watch Glee together as he liked the music until they made fun of someone with Autism. And the aforementioned films my son will never see. My son has both a rare disorder and Autism as a matter of fact he was sick last week and we spent a couple of days in the hospital with my son on an IV. He is feeling much better and went to the grocery store. He was not keen about hospital food and he is 5’3” and is always hungry. I have spoken to his doctor about this and they tell me his weight and height are in perfect, he will be very tall and it is not abnormal for male children to eat so much. So my son was into everything in the store. I have a one item rule which I let him buy one item but if he eats the fruit in the produce department that his one item. Despite eating 3lbs of strawberries before we went to the store my son was still starving.

So he was into everything. I readily admit this was the worst day we have had in the grocery store for several months. I ran into an mature family friend that I had known since I was 4 and she asked about my Mother’s death. I tried to explain and she just told me it was late in Friday and all kids act up in the grocery store. She was quite kind. As we parted I hugged her and said my goodbye’s.

A women came up to me and yelled at me my son strayed something. I asked what. She could not tell me. She was elderly. Then she told me that I was a bad parent and my son should be locked in an institution. I asked her what her qualifications were to judge me? I mean after all she couldn’t even tell me what my son had supposedly sprayed. Now I have endured my son being asked what is wrong with him. I have endured older people calling him retarded which my son understands everything that is said and just can’t answer. And now I was being told I was a bad parent for hugging a family friend because this woman believed my so belonged in an institution. Then she proceeded to chase us through the grocery store like a rabid dog. I can assure you that no one would last the day with my son. They couldn’t do the tour. It is hard, grueling and I have absolutely no funding, no child support and no help. I do it all by myself and I have been for the past 12 years. Besides even if my son did spray air freshener in his mouth I doubt he was the first child to do so in the grocery store. As a matter of fact, I know he isn’t. I have personally watched children spray air freshener into their mouths and I didn’t feel compelled to tell the parent how to care for their child. In instances like that I believe it is my duty to mind my own business as parents have sovereignty to raise their own children. Needless to say my son didn’t spray anything as I had the manager pull the tapes. It was just an old angry bitter person who thought my son belonged in an institution. She didn’t want a disable person to have access to the world but to be locked up like a common criminal without the benefit of parole.

Now the woman was old and clearly needed to be in a nursing home. And sadly, the elderly seem to think the cripples and the gays need to go back into the closet. Now this is not true of all senior citizens. I have many friends who are senior citizens but even they tell me that old people don’t understand because they only believe what they see in the movies. Quite simply, they lack the ability to adapt to change. And that is half the country which is suffering from inflexible minds, inability to adapt and who are programmed to believe every Autistic child is that of Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape or Jake Gyllenhaal from Bubble Boy. Sadly, my family calls my son “bubble boy” to my face and I don’t think I can ever forgive them for it. Nor can I ever forgive Hollywood or DC.

I have spoken extensively about this to my priest and he is a Korean fellow. And he told me in the end it will be everyone will have to ask for my forgiveness. I just hope I have it in me to give because I can no longer take the daily assaults on my son. I didn’t really care if I am picked on as a parent but no one has the right to say anything infront of my son when he understands 100%. He has been tested for reading comprehension and he scores in the high 80(s). So he understands everything that is said.

Please don’t write to me about Touched. Cute show but not very realistic and again undermines the plight of children and families with Autism.

In conclusion

I believe we need women politicians desperately especially those of special needs children and into Sarah Palin who saw the Tea Party as a get rich quick scheme. This country is so divided and continues to be. As a matter of fact I think Hollywood plays a huge role in dividing America. God knows they can’t break the 20% rule. And they never higher disabled actors.

The best they can do is higher “little people” and god knows they never make fun of them for fear of one producer/actors’ wrath.

And I think everyone in Congress over the age of 55 needs to go out on mandatory retirement. If I and my medically fragile autistic son can endure being verbal assaulted everyday of the week and twice on Sunday then Congress needs to own it and retire out.

And Hollywood needs to own that they have been bigoted towards the Black population and the disabled. I guess everything is a joke when you are so wealthy your feet never touch the ground.

But it hurts me and it hurts my son every single day and that needs to stop.


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    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Kate,

      I am sitting her with a Mom of a child with special needs and she and I appreciate your compassion. Excellent response.


    • profile image


      6 years ago

      I loved this article.. even as parts of it made me want to cry. I have a cousin who suffers from Asperger's disorder, who was essentially raised in my home until the age of 3. He is among the people I love and care most deeply for in this world..and the extent of misunderstanding the surrounds the topic of disability, and those afflicted or impacted by it, has the capacity to break my heart. It is a topic very close to me, in part because I spent an hour daily in my four years of high school working as a classroom aide with special education students, and during difficult times, the thought of seeing their faces and helping them learn would get me up in the morning. I myself have struggled with several “invisible disabilites” (OCD, extreme anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.) throughout my life. Like your son, I am incredibly blessed to have had a mother who helped me through some very difficult times, and carried on through the pain of seeing my turmoil and seeing the isolation caused by stigma and misunderstanding. She has been told that she needs to get me under control, that my maladies can be attributed to (or are a cover for) bad parenting. Members of my extended family have expressed the same beliefs. Most of the depictions of all types of disabilities – physical, cognitive, psychological, etc. - that I've come across are utterly atrocious. I recently started my first year of college with a major in Human Development, and I work to challenge stereotypes whenever I see them, especially in cases of “the R-word.” Many times I've been surprised to find that it is sometimes not fueled by malice, stemming more from misunderstanding, lack of experience/empathy...and it is disheartening to think that those with the power to majorly increase awareness, understanding, and respect for the disabled community waste that opportunity or misuse it. Hopefully when I get my degree I can be in a better position to change things - even in small ways...anyway, this article really affected me and I wanted you to know. Thanks for sharing your story, blessings to you and yours.

      Take care,


    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cred2,

      But the argument you just made is the same as the arguement of the Nazi's in world war II regarding the Jewish population in Europe...just following orders or in your example box office receipts.

      I think that art is an idealized version of life and we have the opportunity to li;ve idealized lives in art instead of chasing the box office receipts.

      I support Black media and black actors. I always have and will conintue to do so even when they don't support handicapped people.

      And who decides what America wants to see? I was around in the 1970(s) and I thought it was a horrific to portray black people as criminals. I certainly didn't wish to see that. I watched the Jefferson's and many other black family shows.

      And who wishes to see the handicapped constantly put down in the media? Where does Holywood get that justification? If you were a parent of a disabled child you would find Forrest Gump offensive. But I can see how you could have thought it leveled the playing field as I believed it to be a good movie until I had a child with a disability and then it was just offensive. The Boy With the Plastic Bubble and Bubble Boy were completely insensitive but you would have to walk in my shoes to know what I am talking about. I live it every single day.

      Trust me a few decades from now and sociologists will also rate Hollywood as bigotted to the special needs population as much if not more so then what they did to the black peope in the 1970(s). The reason it hasn't happened now is discrimination is still social acceptable in society against disabled people. It is getting better for the Down's crowd because of Sarah Palin but the rest of the children with disabilities are still discriminated against especially those with rare disorders.

      Hollywood makes money on films whether the films make money or not as they are all insured. Wouldn't you like to see disbled people be protrayed in a positive light instead of being slammed. And trust me what is being done is really offensive to parents of disabled children.

      How can I be the only white woman in America that knows what was done in the media to black people in the 1970(s) was wrong and the only person who knows what is being done to the disabled now is wrong?

      Try and see it from the perspective of a parent with a child with a rare disorder and autism. Would you want everyone to think your life is bubble boy, stuck on you and Rain Man?

      It is just so wrong Cred. I hope you still love me because I really value our friendship.

      I am really tired tonight as I filed a 91 page petition for child support modification and a motion to place my son's father in contempt of court as well as sent the summons to the local SO so I am a bit depleted tonight.

      Search your heart and trust me. It is very insensitive and two wrongs don't make it right.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!!


    • Credence2 profile image


      6 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Well, Jt, I have to hand it to you, you write many thought provoking articles. This is what I think.

      "There is no political justification for how they portrayed black people in the 1970(s)"

      It was not about politics but about the audience and what they well willing to pay to see the films. America still struggles against the reality that it has been a racist society for a long time, do you think that is not going to be reflected in the media? People were not comfortable seeing blacks or any minority group in roles outside of racial stereotypes. Most directors and producers were not going to rock the apple cart, but were looking at box office reciepts for films that were not controversy. It was the rare director that dared to consider operating outside of what the public mainstream was judged to be.

      I cannot speak to all the films that you use as an example to support your position. But Forrest Gump is not one of them. Intelligent people did not leave the theatre after seeing this film with the attitude of deriding the mentally handicapped. This is one of the few films that brought me to tears in the pride of the title characters humanity, honesty and decency in a world of people that were supposed to be "smarter'.In the face of that very important message, I don't care if Tom Hanks never donated a cent.

      I remember the "Boy in the Plastic Bubble", I did not see anything in the film that derided him for his disability..

      I don't see any tendency for Hollywood releases to denigrate the handicapped.

      I am not defending people being cruel and insensitive to others in a public setting, yet it happens all of the time against those with a wide variety of maladies. There is always a good case to be made that people should mind their own business. I do not find Hollywood anymore insenstiveor sensitive to the plight of the handicapped than any one else you would find in the supermarket isle.

      Great Article Cred2

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida


      I admit some doctors and hospitals are over priced. I would not save that about your community. A great doctor and hospital is worht their weight in gold.

      But yes, keeping the elderly alive when they have no dignity left, are not aware of there surroundings and and unable to care for themselves is a shame in our society. The advances of modern medicine sometimes just create more horrific deaths.

      I agree with you.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      The medical community is the problem with health care. They are the worst price gougers in any industry and may as well skip the Hippocratic Oath in most cases.

      Meanwhile, Hospitals and Doctors will bill you well above their contracted prices with your insurance holder and people with money are kept alive well past the day of dignity (or even providence) by expensive procedures that literally drain family fortunes. It is way past time for reform.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      That is aquestion for JEB to answer. My son has been waiting on the device for the better part of a decade. Yes, I know Devereaux well. I almost worked there as an analyst. I am inactive now but certified. I am more of a field researcher.

      As of March it will be a year since the augmentative communioation device was ordered. Budget cuts are always against children with disablities.

      I also looked into the Hope Center for my son when he was little but he was too medically complex for them. I imagine Devereaux woould have the same policy since my son's rare disorder only actually became acknowledge in the past decade and there has only been a dignosis code for the last 5 years.

      Through my Mom's death while I cared for her and my son we were denied respite from Hospice and respite for the last 12 years by the state of Florida as well. I have it all in writing.

      I guess they think we don't count. The surprise will be on them very soon.

      The grocery store just called and apologized. They want to try and make it up to my son. I just want my son to be able to shop safely from discriminatory people who believe every child with Autism belongs in an institution.

      Most of our family attended West Point and have served in 9 presidential administrations. I can assure you my son counts as all human beings should.

      12 years without even respite, therapy or communication device, 2 of which was through end stage cancer anad finally death. I doubt seriously anyone denying us could possibly make it through such an ordeal intact but I hope they get the opportunity to know our pain and see how they pail in comparison.

      I promised my son I would protect him and he knows I will.

      Currently, WD I and a research partner are completing a study on Intraverbal's for children with Autism. We are unfunded and yet the work continues because even when government abandons the people, I do not.

      Take care my friend.

    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      "augmentative communication device" - why would anyone oppose it?

      Most of the kids we had were from less loving homes than yours. The ones from loving homes just came to school there and went home on the bus.

    • JT Walters profile imageAUTHOR

      JT Walters 

      6 years ago from Florida

      My son is especial (emotionaly tortured) by everyone who thinks he belongs in an institution and yet he would never want anyone locked up without a chance for a chance for recovery.

      Fortunately my son is about to receive his augmentative communication device and he will be able to communicate but I have taught him to be respectful. I may have to amend that rule since the elderly believe disabled children should be institutionalized.

      Hollywood and DC lead on this and they have not done anything to stop the attack on disabled children and stealing of their funding.

      I'll check out your water therapy hub. My son swims when it is warm which is not today.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.


    • WD Curry 111 profile image

      WD Curry 111 

      6 years ago from Space Coast

      We are back on track! It is not just Hollywood. When I worked at Devereux, we had a young lady right out of grad school who taught kids how to facilitate. She graduated them to the keyboard on computers. The first intelligible thing one "non-verbal" girl typed was, "My name is Evie. I am not stupid."

      This therapist introduced all sorts of strategies to help develop a higher level of independence. She had a nemesis who followed another (archaic) philosophy and was opposed to her new methods. The uninitiated could see the obvious results, why not the highly educated? Jealousy? We can only speculate. When the young therapist moved on to higher education, the old battle ax cut the facilitating, etc. established by the brilliant young scholar. She was too powerful to stop.

      I can hang. Aqua Therapy is helpful. There might be something about that somewhere around here (hint).

      Some Native Americans believed the "developmentally disabled" were really special. They assumed they were living more in the spiritual world than the material. I think they may have a good point. We calll them uncivilized. Civilization can be a drag.


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