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Do you have synesthesia?

Synesthesia, (also spelt synaestheia), is the intermingling of senses. Do music, words or letters make you see colours? Can you taste sounds? Do your feelings have textures? I've been synaesthesic for as long as I can remember, (for me numbers and weekdays have colours, and feelings and emotions do too). And I think it's much more common that people think. I'd love to know if lots of other people have these sensations too. Does this sound like you?


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Nik Farr (The Public Image) says

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3 years ago
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    Moon Daisy 3 years ago

    Thanks, that's really interesting. Doesn't sound pretentious, (to me anyway!) I know just what you mean about sounds creating shapes, etc. That also happens to me sometimes, I watch these strange forms building, and wonder where they're coming from!