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Does anyone know how to make a black walnut tincture to remove parasites?

I've researched several kinds of tinctures for black walnut that I'm not sure I trust! I have a black walnut tree that produces many nuts and I heard Native Americans make a tincture somehow, or use the nuts somehow, to remove parasites from their body. I would love to use that technique, but I don't know of the safest way to do so.... anyone know?


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Kelly Kline Burnett (4FoodSafety) says

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2 years ago
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    Ben Zoltak 2 years ago

    Fascinating to for me also Kelly, in as much as, I am an avid forager and using a local First People solution to the problem of parasites, local solution! I've read about using alcohol and water, I've tried water, not great! Need more info !