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Anxiety and Acid Reflux

Updated on May 7, 2011

Anxiety and Acid Reflux

Does acid reflux cause anxiety? Does anxiety cause acid reflux? Numerous studies are underway and are beginning to finally explore answers to this question regarding anxiety and acid reflux. One study done by the University of Alabama tackled the question. First of all acid reflux in simple not pretty in explanation: it is simply throwing up in your mouth although sometimes the fluid doesn’t make it all the way to the mouth, sometimes it comes up to the base of or top of your throat or esauphogus. It brings with it a burning sensation which is the side effect of the harsh acidic nature of the fluid in our stomachs. If you’ve ever experienced acid reflux, which I assume this is why you’re reading this article, then it may catch you or perhaps caught you off guard the fist time you felt it. The reason for that is, and you may know this already, is so that the foods that we consume be broken down and digested, nutrients dispersed and waste removed from our bodies. Perhaps we consume too much of the wrong foods, if so, then that could definitely be a cause. Our stomachs are probably working overtime all the time, the fluids begin to slosh all around, the chemical reactions between the foods and the acid begin to swell and all of a sudden it runs over and the only way out or release for the tension in there is back up the pipe from which it came. Not many medical terms thrown in there as I am not a doctor however, it doesn’t really take a genius to figure what might be happening in there. It does however take a doctor and a good one I might add to diagnose your symptons and prescribe a medication or give a good solution to your problem. So as always check with your doctor before diagnosing your self with any dis-ease. The topic of this article though, is whether or not acid reflux causes anxiety and the answer to that question is no. It has not been proven that acid reflux causes anxiety or that anxiety causes acid reflux. Acid reflux has however definitely been linked to our diets.

Constant Feeling of Something in Your Throat?

Constant Acid Reflux

Anxiety and Acid Reflux

photo courtesy of Google Images
photo courtesy of Google Images

Anxiety and Acid Reflux

The general consensus is that a propensity for anxiety attacks could be hereditary. Hereditary or not, there are triggers for panic and anxiety and acid reflux is just not proven to be one of them. If you are having panic attacks try and locate your triggers. A few of the usual triggers are relationships, fear of death, and moral conflict. At the end of the day, it is worth it to keep your diet in line. Eat your fruits and vegetables, drink plenty of water and stay away from foods that just don’t digest well in your system. Everyone is different simply because a friend or close relative can have coffee with caffeine or hot and spicy foods does not mean that we all can. So stay away from what I like to call digestive irritants. As for the anxiety portion, keep your life as stable, productive and sane as you possibly can. In today’s world, that may not be the easiest of feats but do your best and you just may see a significant improvement in how you feel.


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