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Anxiety and Blurred Vision

Updated on May 13, 2010

Anxiety and Blurred Vision

The connection between anxiety and blurred vision is not a hard one to make for anyone that has ever suffered from an anxiety attack. Research has proven that during moments of panic or fright, such as can happen in anxiety attacks, the pupils of the eyes can dilate rapidly, causing a visual effect of blurriness, basically due to the brain trying to “catch up” and interpret the information it’s receiving from the eyes. Believe me, as someone who has experienced multiple anxiety attacks in his life, your entire body can play tricks on you during an anxiety attack. Those of you out there that are familiar with the vicious and completely creepy symptoms of anxiety attacks can attest to this fact. You can feel that spinning sensation (I think it’s called “vertigo”) that makes you feel like the world is hurtling out of control; you can experience a feeling of compete vulnerability, as if you are exposed to all the elements with nowhere to run or hide; you can feel like you’re about to go freakin’ nuts (that was one of the most common symptoms for me back when I was suffering from anxiety attacks on a very regular basis); you can feel like your thoughts are racing so fast that you can no longer make sense of them, to the point where you’re trying to fight all the thoughts from “zipping” by, and you’re disagreeing with one and trying to counteract another one, and the internal dialogue from all this crap becomes completely ridiculous. Again, I know first-hand about all these types of things because I’ve been through them myself.

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Anxiety Causing Blurred Vision

Along with the mental pandemonium that comes along with anxiety attacks are the physical symptoms, such as the racing heartbeat to the point where it feels like it’s going to jump right out of your chest, the shortness of breath (or even hyperventilation), the general feeling of disorientation that can sometimes happen, cold chills, the “shakes”, ringing ears, and a host of other strange things. This leads me right back to the point (I guess) of this hub, is that blurred vision is actually a fairly common physical symptom of anxiety attacks, so don’t think that you’re going to go blind or that some actual physical damage has been done to you as a result of the anxiety attack. After the attack passes (it always seems to come in a “wave” that later subsides), rest assured that your eyesight will return to normal, and you’ll move on with life. You know, that’s actually what eventually led me to the place where I stopped having so many anxiety attacks, is when I finally realized that all of them eventually go away. It doesn’t matter how intense the actual attack is, when you finally realize that yep, this one’s going to go away too, and you’ll go back to normal in probably no less than a couple of minutes (if it even takes that long), you’ll finally get to the place of understanding how ridiculous the whole thing is. So instead of sitting there freaking out over another anxiety attack hitting you, just fast forward in your mind through the actual attack and see yourself on the other side of the attack, fully back to normal. This technique actually helped me tremendously, and I hope it helps you as well. But again, to wrap up the subject of this particular hub, yes, anxiety and blurred vision are actually nothing to be freaked out about; that particular symptom many times just comes with the territory.  


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    • SteadyHubs profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Georgia, USA

      Thank you, jite!

    • jite profile image


      8 years ago from delhi

      very informative hub


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