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Empath books

Updated on August 8, 2013

Empathic living

I know that for those who are still figuring out how this works is challenging. But once you get the grip of it, it´s just awesome.

Empathy allows us to feel first hand what we should know and many have forgotten: that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience. And if you think you are alone... feel again, as many are waking up. It is an epidemics. Which is GOOD.

In this lens I´m going to give a review of the main books and ebooks on the subject. Most cover the uncomfortable side effects of being an empath and provide methods or structures to deal with it. Some go beyond that.

And I will also add some fiction books that are empath related or empath friendly.

Empath Basics, Second Edition - A training book from Empath Zone Community

Empath Basics, Second Edition (Empath Zone Library Book 1)
Empath Basics, Second Edition (Empath Zone Library Book 1)

This book talks about the main energy kung fu techniques empaths need to have a happy life:

Shielding: strengthening your aura. A strong aura can break apart undesirable external energies, before they get to your perception areas.

Flushing: moving energy along the chakras from Sky toward Earth. Here you put your own names, depending on your main spiritual beliefs. It is a yin / yang movement.

Grounding: moving energy along the chakras from Earth toward Sky. It is a yang / yin movement.

Balancing: attaining the best possible energy state for your situation.

Cleaning the chakras: to move energy through the meridians, they need to be clean. The chakras are the main pumps along the way; make friends with the concept and keep them clean.

Cutting cords: cords are created every time we emotionally interact with someone. They can become draining points.

Stopping psy-vamp attacks: people have the bad habit of stealing energy from others, instead of creating their own or gathering it from the environment. And we are usually easy targets.


Book of Storms

Book of storms
Book of storms

From the Book:

The stress of taking in the emotions of other people, of sensing information on a continual basis, of being a "human sponge", of being driven by deep inner forces that are not understood, all create a "torture chamber" of sorts within the average Empath. This does not have to be as melodramatic as I make it sound, but please understand - it frequently is for the subject.

I refer to this state in the Book of Storms as the "unbonded" Empath. Before figuring out who you are, you must figure out what you are, and reconcile the two. It's called the Book of STORMS for a reason! Learning about your internal storms, the nature of "storms", and how to "manage your own inner weather" are all par for the course. Empaths identify with many forms of nature and frequently feel affinity towards storms. Obviously, it is a powerful personal smbol for me. I have always felt "connected" to storms. As a metaphor, storms offer an unending supply of creative insight.

The book has a free online version. Visit site.

Rose Rosetree

Rose Rosetree is a very well known pioneer in dealing with empathy from the practical perspective. Her books are good readings for empaths, and people into spirituality as well. Here is a selection for empaths, there are many other titles focused in helping non empaths develop empathy.

Caroline Myss

Caroline Myss is an empath, a mystic, a healer, a medical doctor. She is one of the examples of an empath living to her full potential. In Empath Zone we follow her association between chakras and spiritual development to know where we are and how to move from there.

Some people can live their lives in lies, and get away with it. Empaths cannot afford it, if we don´t follow our bliss, we can go very wrong.

This lady has a long and very fruitful career. Here I will just post some of her books.

A fantasy book for empaths and HSP

Get the book for FREE: February 26-27

The Pearl (Elearah Chronicles, Book 1)
The Pearl (Elearah Chronicles, Book 1)

The Pearl is the type of books I like to read. It has fantasy, fun situations, winks to our life as empaths, good researched material. I like strong characters, both men and women. I want to see the places where the action takes place; I want to feel the author knows more than he/she tells.

This book is a collage of many of my interests: creation myths, exotic cultures, natural living, fantasy, elements, dragons, an empath wizard, gods who are not so god-like and vampires. All blended in a way that has certain internal logic, that makes sense.

I always enjoy writing, it allows me learn in ways that reading does not do. This book in particular took me to a complete different place.

I had so much fun writing this book! I hope you have as much fun reading it!

Sandra :)


All my lenses

Empath Books
Short but complete list of books about and for Empaths.

What is an Empath?

To be an empath is a very good thing, in the right environment.

Empaths and shielding

Describes the most common shielding techniques, they help reduce the emotional overload.

Empaths and grounding

We are made up of spirit and mater, grounding techniques balance our material side.

Empaths and Flushing

Once distress enters the energetic system of an empaths, there are methods to let go. This article describes the main ones.

Emotional empaths

A general discussion about what is to be an emotional empath, and some models to explain empathy from the physiological and spiritual standpoints.

Joining an Empath Community

Some information empaths need before joining an empath community and a brief description of the main ones.

Empaths and HSP resources

A compilation of resources about empaths and hsp, you can add your own resources, reorder, leave comments, take duels and some other fun stuff.

Chakra Music

Some people can get away without following an spiritual path. Empaths can´t... Chakra music is a powerful tool for empaths; chakra balancing is needed almost on a daily basis.

2012 Predictions

I never thought that a simple question from one of the ladies of Empath Zone would open such a can of worms... Researching what the heck was "the 2012 thing" changed my perspective about the world we live in completely. This lens has a small part of what I found out, reduced to lens size and apt for soft of heart.

Comments? I want t hear from you!

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