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2012 Predictions And Beyond

Updated on February 28, 2013

The three sides of the coin

When one of the ladies in Empath Zone Community, brought the subject of 2012 I didn´t know anything about it. From there we have undergone a process, of searching for information, matching different stories and creating our own perceptions of what is going on.

It was a wild ride and what I found in the journey changed my perception of reality forever. Yes, that intense it was. I started this on January 2011, and only sit back here to finish this lens on July 2011.

In this lens you will find the main results of that research, and you will have access to both sides of the story and some in between. Those who say something very bad is going to happen, those who say it is going to be hard but good in the long run, and those who say it is going to be wonderful.

Like i have background in research, I dove into astronomic papers - and hard core discussions - to make sense of the physical side of the issue. So some parts might be a bit too technical, I hope not.

Being an empath myself, you will also find a section about the spiritual side of the story and how we can write our own history and choose the future we want.

Please note: as with everything you will find around from anyone, use it as an opportunity to tune into your intuition and sort what is right for you. I had no access to any proof, this lens is based on other people documents, and research based on intuitive guidance.

This lens seeded the ebook

The Earth in the big picture - is a tiny dot in the Milky Way galaxy

Milky way -  Nasa
Milky way - Nasa

Thanks to astronomy we know a couple of things about our planet. First we know that it is a planet, a small planet going around a small sun in one of the spiral arms of a mid size galaxy. We also know that the galaxy is pretty much flat, so to speak. And that in the middle of the galaxy we have a black hole that is also flat (and that is why the whole galaxy is flat). I have personal issues with the black hole theory, it is not in rapport with my emotional understanding of nature, but it is the accepted theory so far. I did find a guy, called Paul Laviolette, who developed a theory called Sub-quantum physics where we don´t need to put a black hole in the center of the galaxy to make the numbers close.

Now, here is where things get more "interesting", in the Chinese sense of the word... The shape of the galaxy from the top is a spiral, we already know that, but do you know what it means? it means that the gravitational field of the center of the galaxy is swirling and pulsing, emitting gravitational waves. If it were not the case, we wouldn´t have any reason to see a pattern. They are not sure about how many arms the galaxy has, but in general the accepted number is four so far. Why is this important? because to keep the shape of the more or less flat spiral you need the arms to rhythmically move up and down, crossing the plane of the galaxy periodically.

It happens to be the case that our solar system has two distinctive translational movements revolving the center of the galaxy, one is a movement of rotation around the center of the galaxy, and the second is a fluctuation up and down the plane of the galaxy. The period around the center of the galaxy was extrapolated to be 225-240 Million years. That is, it takes 225-240 Mill years to complete a cycle around the center of the galaxy. Some computer models predict we cross the plane of the galaxy every 35-40 Million years. Also the plane is not exactly a plane, it has a thickness of about 20 years (another estimative value). This disk is what the Mayan called the Dark Rift. We might hear changes about these numbers over time, with 4 arms and a period of 240 Mill, I would have expected 4 crossings, each one between 60 Mill years. But the arms also split, so the movement is way more complex. It reminds me of a sea creature actually.

The Dark Rift region contains powder (or rocks), and it is where the longitudinal waves emitted by the center are at their biggest extent - those longitudinal waves seem to be the ones that shape the spirals. Paul Laviolette predicts the upcoming of a superwave, which contains many different frequencies and is able to generate many changes at a planetary level.

And why we care? well... apparently day more day less, on Dec 21 2012 the Earth crosses the mathematical plane of the galaxy, and we have a triple alignment with the Sun and the center of the galaxy. And more or less since 9 years ago we are crossing the Dark Rift. Do you start seeing a pattern? When did the climate went cookoo? yep, it started more or less 10 years ago, and things had escalated since then to a global extent. In this region the longitudinal emissions from the center of the galaxy have a peak with its maximum value at the plane.

Now, even when there is a correlation, the climate can have changed due to many other reasons (or many reasons working altogether). Are we really crossing the plane of the galaxy? If you look into older papers, of about 10 years ago, you will see astronomers saying that we are. And using this fact to explain why we don´t see as many stars in the sky as we should. If you search, you are going to see quotes regarding the dust of the plain blocking the view. But after the Mayan calendar and the native groups started talking, many astronomers (specially from NASA) have come forward saying this is nonsense. Who is right? who are you going to believe? follow your gut to know.

If this is true, it should mess up the planet periodically leaving some type of footprint. And there is a footprint, or three if you will. We have cyclical glaciations, magnetic pole shifts and mass extinctions.

Info about the Milky Way

Info about the bouncing of the arms

The bigger picture in video

The Solar System - could be a binary system... or part of a cluster

Solar System
Solar System

Our solar system is far from being completely known. Perturbations in the orbits of the planets allowed astronomers to identify several planetoids besides Pluto after Neptune. But the perturbations are still not correlated with the objects found. Some theorize the existence of a brown dwarf star of the size of Jupiter but several times its density. Most starts like our sun are actually binary systems or multiple. Solitary suns are the exception, not the rule. And actually Jupiter can be considered a dark star instead of a planet (the infrared emissions are higher than the energy it receives from the sun, this is one of the definitions of a brown dwarf).

Info about binary systems:

If our sun actually has a twin brother like this, and this twin brother has a very elliptic trajectory around the center of the system (which will not be the sun but a mathematical point probably close to the sun), then we might get into trouble when the star makes its passage inside the solar system.

In terms of periods, those who support this theory are divided, some say around 11,000 years and some around 3600 years. But the numbers have no support, they are design to match big natural disasters.

The main mess regarding the twin brother of the sun would be related with its own effect, plus the excitation of the sun itself and an increase in its radiation, and changes in the sun´s magnetic field (which, apparently, is very weird by itself). The Earth´s magnetic field is affected by these fluctuations, and it is right now suffering a pole shift (magnetic, not physical).

There is still a further out hypothesis related to the sun´s family so to speak. It might be part of a cluster of stars, specifically it might be related with the Sirius system. This connection is related with the supposedly existence of Nibiru and the photon belt.

Earth from space
Earth from space

The Earth at planetary level

is a wiggly lady...

The Earth is not as solid as we tend to believe. The lady wiggles as she goes through her routine of spinning around her axis, precessing around the precession axis and rotating around the sun. Besides the sun, she is perturbed by any other gravitational force around her, like the other planets and the moon. The single biggest influence in our planet is the sun.

If we make a hole and get to the center of the Earth, what is believed to happen - according to the accepted models today - is that we have a crust on the outer side (where we live), then there is the mantel (done out of melted rock), and a core (solid inner core and liquid outer core). Now, the crust of the Earth is not a single piece. It is fractured on pieces like a giant puzzle, each piece is called a tectonic plaque.

To make things more interesting, we have the terrestrial magnetic field, which works mainly as a dipole with the north and south close to the physical poles. That magnetic field has a lot to do with the existence of life in Earth as it repels a good deal of the solar wind and space radiation.

I have been looking around searching for the cause of the magnetic field. And the best information I found so far comes from NASA. The article Earth´s inconstant magnetic field explains the main accepted model (the dynamo model), the fluctuations and periodic changes observed and how it had been moving (a lot) lately. The model does not explain the source of changes in the magnetic field, but i have found other sources making the sun behavior as the main influence. In this article it says that even when the magnetic poles decrease in value, it never achieves the zero point, it just changes direction at certain point; I don´t know if this is true or a political correct white lie to avoid panic, you will have to clean your intuition from dust and check with it. This is important, because with no magnetic field, there is no life in the planet. So now we are getting closer.

If the magnetic field drops altogether, even for a couple of days, most of the short grass, small animals and much of the life in the sea is toasted (literally). Going out under the sun in these conditions imply very serious skin burn and blindness. The radiation falling over the Earth with no protection also affects everything electronic, from cell phones to starting systems in cars.

If there is not a complete fall of the magnetic field, but the inversion does take place and the magma is heated up enough by the arriving radiation to put the tectonic plates to float, there might be a physical pole shift. The pole shift would be slow but noticeable, the whole process would take around one month for a shift of 25% that would put USA where Mexico is right now and Eurasia deep over the North Pole.

A change like this would not be too bad for the animal life, but might be really bad for our civilization. Most of the cities are over the ocean, and this shift is accompanied by scratching of the contact zones on the tectonic plates creating tsunamis everywhere and earthquakes over the Pacific ring of fire.

The Earth in video

Saturn, infrared image
Saturn, infrared image

The Facts, Part 1

Global warming of other planets in the solar system

Global warming in other planets was reported and accepted around 10 years ago. But recently you will find skeptics with very good marketing skills debunking the facts using as argument that the sun can´t be responsible for it, so there must be happening something else instead of global warming.

I´m going to get away a bit from the idea behind this lens, but if you don´t do it yet, please start paying attention at the arguments and reasons behind each party. This information was bullied and sort of buried at the same time that the Carbo-oxide tax started to circulate as idea, and more or less at the same time that "The empathic civilization" (which is an awesome book, but blames the poor cows of all the problems of the world), was released.

Here there are citations of reputable sources talking about global warming in different planets:


"Odyssey Studies Changing Weather And Climate On Mars

December 08, 2003

Mars may be going through a period of climate change, new findings from NASA's Mars Odyssey orbiter suggest.

Odyssey has been mapping the distribution of materials on and near Mars' surface since early 2002, nearly a full annual cycle on Mars. Besides tracking seasonal changes, such as the advance and retreat of polar dry ice, the orbiter is returning evidence useful for learning about longer-term dynamics."



"Polar heating in Saturn's thermosphere

Annales Geophysicae, 23, 2465-2477, 2005

Abstract. A 3-D numerical global circulation model of the

Kronian thermosphere has been used to investigate the influence of polar heating. The distributions of temperature and

winds resulting from a general heat source in the polar regions are described"



"Pluto is undergoing global warming, researchers find

October 9, 2002

BIRMINGHAM, Ala.--Pluto is undergoing global warming, as evidenced by a three-fold increase in the planet's atmospheric pressure during the past 14 years, a team of astronomers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Williams College, the University of Hawaii, Lowell Observatory and Cornell University announced in a press conference today at the annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society's (AAS) Division for Planetary Sciences in Birmingham, AL. "

Magnetosphere, our protection shield
Magnetosphere, our protection shield

The Facts, Part 2

Fluctuation of the Earth´s magnetic field

The magnetic field of the Earth is our shield, it stabilizes the energies that arrive to the Earth. It usually has a torus form, like a doughnut, with the holes close to the north and south poles. This is where the Northern lights come. The radiation arrives to the Earth un-shielded on the north creating that beautiful array.

This magnetic field changes from time to time, and right now it is shifting. We really don´t know how bad or how good it might be. We do know that this fluctuation allows more external radiation to access the Earth.

Planets with no magnetic shield don´t support life on the surface, so to have the shield down, even for a limited time can cause serious damage. Not that much to the Earth itself, but to our civilization.

In the case of big reduction of the magnetic shield, the first thing that goes down is the electric and radio related infrastructure. Electronic instruments can be gone for good too.


Please note: there is a move lately to identify the pole shift with the magnetic pole shift. When the native american groups talk about pole shift, they talk about the actual continents becoming boats and moving around the planet.

The Facts, Part 3 - Overpopulation for the infrastructure

Overpopulation for the infrastructure
Overpopulation for the infrastructure

The Georgia stones is a big monolithic construction designed to last. But they are not old things from other ages, they have been put in Georgia by someone nobody knows not that long ago. In those big chunks of rock, there is a phrase that have caught the eye of more than one... it says to keep the population in around 500 million. A little bit late for that, one would say. As we are heading the 7 billion now.

We are certainly acting as a plague for the Earth now, but for me the keyword is "infrastructure". There are much more insects than humans, lots more, and the Earth doesn´t sweat about it. If you think it for a bit, the problem is not our existence, but the centralized civilization we created, and the methods we use to create and distribute resources - whether it is electric energy, water, food, etc.

This centralization of power so to speak is what is bringing the mayor mess. Imagine small villages self sufficient instead of big cities. Imagine small generators based in cosmic rays energy, Casimir effect, or geo energy in each house providing free energy, instead of the cables, and big electric power plants.

Imagine fruit trees in the streets of the small villages selected so there is fruit all year around (where the climate allows it), and community farms providing for the needs of the village, instead of big malls. Imagine that you can go anywhere walking or riding bikes.

Ignorance comes on second place after a centralized infrastructure, many of us have been so cut off our roots that we don´t know we can perfectly live without, what we certainly can. I go for a walk to the countryside and see weeds coming out in the most unlikely places, most of them are actually eatable, or have healing properties. But we forgot... we lost trust in nature. And we eat things that even when they seem to taste good, are poison in a package.

So I really don´t feel we are plague, but the centralized system is a plague indeed. Now, those who wouldn´t give up control, think the problem and solution are the opposite: they think that the ideal is to reduce the population to the manageable size of 500 million. Which is a controllable number for the centralized infrastructure.

Tipping point
Tipping point

Resolution 1: The tipping point

2012 as a methafore

Some people, like David Icke, think that 2012 is not a deadline but a tipping point for consciousness. And they think that the effects of that change will not be seen immediately but as an ongoing change in our perspective which will develop in the following 20 years or so.

The pain Earth is going through is awakening people by the minute, and forcing us to gather. Actually I decided to gather when the terrible spill in the Gulf took place. I was channeling alone, and the problem was so big that I knew I was not gonna make a dent. I asked for clarity and the idea of joining others like me fell like a drop. This is what pushed me toward meeting other empaths and finally creating Empath Zone. I know many others are being awaken too, the emotional contamination of the planet is forcing people to acknowledge their empathy and the political contamination and silent warfare we are under is making more people to stop trusting the sacred cows and start following their guts.

This change and re-connection to nature will naturally lead to a decentralization of power. This will probably not going to be accepted at the beginning, but any shepherd knows that there is nothing that can be done to actually control the sheep, if the sheep show their individuality and follow their gut instead of following the one in front. So there is actually nothing that can be done once certain number of people reclaim their birth right to be free.

Under this scenario there are no catastrophic changes whatsoever, but the energies we are receiving increase the temperature closer to boiling point, and we decide in our hearts to work toward a change. It is something that cannot be done alone, so gathering and sharing become the natural next step. This moves us from a system based in service to self to another based on service to others.

Under this scenario there is also a pacific falling of sacred cows, including government, church and big corporations as we know them. Just because the new times lead to inner responsibility, freedom and decentralization.

it is not a revolution, not a gun is used. It is based on just following the inner guidance - no matter what others say - and connect from the heart.

2012 flood
2012 flood

Resolution 2:The catastrophic view...

Pole shift, Nibiru, superwave, new ice age... choose one.

With the increase of energies arriving to the Earth due to many possible reasons and the lowering of the magnetic shield, some bad things can happen.

In fact, it is miraculous that the planet didn´t get rid of the plague already. She doesn´t need external means to get rid of us, and she can protect us even under the most outrageous conditions if she wants to. She only needs one thing: to have a big enough pool of people who remember who we really are.

Some of the bad things that are roaming around in the literature are:

Pole shift: the Mayan and native american groups are the ones pushing this concept. Under this scenario, the continents will float and change places. This is not a very soft process so the junctures of the tectonic plates will be on fire. One of these shifts is what is presumable responsible for having the Antarctica in the South Pole (it used to be a rain forest according to the fossils found under the snow). With an scenario like this everything along the coastal lines will be wiped out. We are in a Biblical flood scenario.

Nibiru: The information about Nibiru is the one most blurry I found. It is a planet or a planet around a star or something that enters the solar system every 3,600 years or so and messes things up. Some say it is just a gravitational phenomenon, some say there is a warrior race over he planet that come to enslave us. They are called the Annunaki in the literature - which means "those who come from the ski", and apparently were considered gods by some ancient civilizations.

From all the explanations I found, there is only one that rang true or plausible in my gut. It is the one postulated by Patricia Cori. But, there are some far away concepts related with this idea. These concepts are actually part of the Ascension scenario. Patricia Cori in Atlantis Raising postulates that Sirius is actually a 3 star system, Sirius A is the bright one we see, Sirius B is now seen as a dwarf star, but that is only the 3 D expression of the star who ascended to 6th density. Sirius C, I don´t know where it is, but she says there is one. In the same process Sirius B ascended to 6th density, Sirius C ascended to 4th density, but it was not a happy process. One of her planets, Nibiru, fell off the train and was expelled. This expulsion put Nibiru in a very weird orbit between Sirius A and the Sun.

According to Patricia Cori, the Annunaki are real and the reason of many of our problems, but they are half way between both stars now and are not going to be here on 2012.

Superwave: Dr. Paul Laviolette created a new version of quantum mechanics, called sub-quantum kinetics. His ideas are very interesting and plausible, he found a unification theory that is a beauty. I spent a couple of weeks looking into his papers, but they are beyond the scope of this lense.

Among the consequences of his theory, there is the existence of a super gravitational wave moving along the plane of the galaxy. Apparently the wave moves a broad spectrum of frequencies. When the higher peaks of the wave arrive to the Earth, we have overheating and it messes up the touching points of the tectonic plates creating seismic effervescence, whether it is volcanism, earthquakes or tsunamis.

New ice age: This was a surprise for me, as we are in an apparent global warming situation - or so they say - But when I started researching I found that we are actually coming out of a little ice age and that in Britain they used to produce tropical fruits in the Middle Ages. So my fear for a Cretaceous environment went to the drain fast only to find that we are actually overdue to a big ice age. I also found out that small heat ups like the one we have now are usually precursory effects of the ice age upcoming.

Here is how it works: the single element that stops the advancement of snow is the North Atlantic Drift or Gulf Stream. The gulf stream is created out of a difference in salinity from the waters in the gulf Mexico to the waters north of Europe. If the snow melts in the north pole and that water goes to the sea, the difference of salinity reduces. After certain point, there is no enough difference to keep the current going and it stops. The moment it stops the ice age starts.

war of the worlds
war of the worlds

Resolution 3: New World Order

Holograms, Nazis and underground bases

Picture this: it is the year 2012 and the Olympics are about to start in Great Britain. The inauguration stadium is full, and millions of people follow the show via TV. At the climax of the party a flying saucer appears over the stadium, then another one and then another one... the same thing is happening in the main cities of the world. It is the War of the worlds in front of our eyes.

All countries of the world enter in red alarm. The ONU makes an emergency meeting and induces all the countries with atomic power to attack the invader...

At the same time, images of Christ, Buddha, Muhammad appear in other places calling those of faith to follow them. Some "good ETs" came too to the rescue and those of faith are asked to enter those ships - which are of course different in some noticeable way from the bad guys ships. It is a New Age version of the Christian rapture.

At the end of the storm, most people of faith are out of sight, there is radiation all over, the leaders of the world are hiding in underground bases built with tax payers money, people on the surface are having a really bad time to survive. And in the middle of this the ONU decides that the only way out is to join forces and create a worldwide unified government. Those countries that might oppose have no more gadgets to fight, as they used them all hitting the bad ETs ships, or had no power whatsoever in the first place. So the New World Order becomes a done deal.

Only that the bad ET ships were holograms, and the whole thing was planned to force the acceptance of the New World Order. And the same goes for the Christ, the other religious leaders. And the people who climbed in the ships... they might have been tricked too.

Is this Science Fiction? Lets hope it is.

According to many different sources, the people behind he New world order are the same that managed the world directly or indirectly for the last 5000 years. Some say that they are actually descendant from the Atlantians, if you want to go even further out there. These people belong to something like 13 bloodlines and try to keep everything in the family.

They seem to have been shepherds at a time, so they apply shepherd strategies to us too. Under their eyes, we become sheep. The main lil issue with people into domination relationships is that they are ready to have their property destroyed before losing control. This is apparently the case here.

It is a shame really, it would be nice to have one world for all... the concept is even appealing. Only that, it is not what these guys propose - whoever these guys are. The designed system is a global version of Nazi Germany.... not fun at all.


Resolution 4: Ascension

It is a New Agie term... but bear with me.

This option includes several concepts that are a bit out there. I talked about some of them partially before, in the section about Nibiru.

Ok, suspend your own beliefs for a second and play pretend with me, or we are probably not gonna make it. It took me months and a lot of repetition from different sources to get used to the concepts, maybe it is easier for you. Lets suppose that the galaxy - actually the whole Universe - is alive. Lets also pretend that what we see is a fraction of the whole. This actually is pretty easy to imagine when you realize that light is a small range in the wavelength spectrum, what we hear includes another set of frequencies and the same works for the other senses with some considerations. So basically our body is an interface to perceive what is out there; it is able to manage comfortably on these energy ranges, but it gives us only partial information.

We are 3rd density beings from the spiritual perspective, the Sun and Earth are 3rd density too. Now, periodically, for example when the system crosses the plane of the galaxy, the solar system gains direct information from the center of the galaxy and receives an update. Each update provides the opportunity - if the conditions are right - to receive a full revamp and go to the next level of the game, that is a higher density.

If we make a correlation between the densities and the chakras, we are in third chakra now. Third chakra is associated with personal power, and when activated produces empathy at empath level. This society we live in actually pushes us down, toward the first two chakras and tries to keep us there.

Now, when the time comes for the system to upgrade something very weird will happen: the timelines break apart, those able to ascend do it in an ascended version of the planet, and those who don´t will stay in the old place with the old mess to work with.

What is necessary to ascend and get the best side of the fork? hum, good question. Apparently it is related with service to others and some intent to work from forth chakra, that is: love. But not love as in second chakra love, love as the creation energy that permeates everything.

circle of peace
circle of peace

Circle of Peace

Empaths on a mission

Empaths are - except counted cases - naturally inclined toward service to others. Actually we go through a process to learn to say "no" and don´t feel guilty about it. The process has to do with understanding that what people ask for and really need sometimes is different, and that we provide a disservice being at service of their egos instead of their higher selves.

Most empaths also feel that the gift has to have a meaning, a purpose. That there is something to be accomplish. Each path is individual, and I´m the last person to tell anyone what to do. But there is something we can all do, no matter our personal paths, that I feel can make a difference.

There is something called circle of peace. A circle of peace is not a new concept, but it is very useful.It works like this: A group of people decide to create a circle of peace, they all estate in their hearts the will of being part of this circle. From that point on, any member of the circle can enter in light meditation and call the circle, a part of the other members will come even when they don´t realize it and go on their chores. That person that called the circle then use the joint channeled energy to increase the vibration of a particular zone and bring peace, whether it is war or a natural disaster. Please note that this is not personal energy, but source energy, and the people involved don´t suffer loss of energy in the process, they are actually recharged.

The circle can only be called to raise the vibration of certain zones, and it can only be used for the highest good of everyone involved. It doesn´t work for other purposes giving protection to the members of the group to have their energy misused.

We implemented a Circle of Peace group in Empath Zone, and it does make a difference. In big situations like war, we might not see it, but we know best than giving up and keep going. And we used it also in personal situations, like calling for assistance when a bad storm heads toward the house of one of the members.

A Circle of Peace is a very practical application of love energy applied with intent and the ability we have to increase our power working together. And this is something anyone can do no matter the situation or the path. The only thing needed is a clean heart and the will to help.


This lens is partly based on information from these books...

All my lenses

Empath Books
Short but complete list of books about and for Empaths.

What is an Empath?

To be an empath is a very good thing, in the right environment.

Empaths and shielding

Describes the most common shielding techniques, they help reduce the emotional overload.

Empaths and grounding

We are made up of spirit and mater, grounding techniques balance our material side.

Empaths and Flushing

Once distress enters the energetic system of an empaths, there are methods to let go. This article describes the main ones.

Emotional empaths

A general discussion about what is to be an emotional empath, and some models to explain empathy from the physiological and spiritual standpoints.

Joining an Empath Community

Some information empaths need before joining an empath community and a brief description of the main ones.

Empaths and HSP resources

A compilation of resources about empaths and hsp, you can add your own resources, reorder, leave comments, take duels and some other fun stuff.

Chakra Music

Some people can get away without following an spiritual path. Empaths can´t... Chakra music is a powerful tool for empaths; chakra balancing is needed almost on a daily basis.

2012 Predictions

I never thought that a simple question from one of the ladies of Empath Zone would open such a can of worms... Researching what the heck was "the 2012 thing" changed my perspective about the world we live in completely. This lens has a small part of what I found out, reduced to lens size and apt for soft of heart.

If you have a comment or a question, if there is a correction to make or a nice addition, put it right here. I would love to hear from you.

Feedback is highly appreciated :)

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    • empathzone profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @oooMARSooo LM: Thanks! After writing this I had some drops of info falling that I did not add in the book. Galaxies have some type of Coriolis effect along the mid section. We can never cross, we can get to the border and flip back, what should be traumatic enough.

      About the planet, we are heading toward a glaciation. This is why the zone between the tropics is being "cleaned up" (sic!).

    • empathzone profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      @OHNO2011: Ohh thanks!! Sorry, I have been working on other stuff. Needed a break. My first novel is coming! and the Empath Basics book is in Amazon!

    • oooMARSooo LM profile image

      oooMARSooo LM 

      5 years ago

      Excellent Lens! There's so many different ideas about what is supposed to happen this Friday, but you've done an excellent job putting some ideas together. I recently wrote about an Astronomical Theory that's been mostly disproved but still is interesting related to the 2012 Phenomena. If you'd like, come check it out:

    • OHNO2011 profile image

      Millie Spearman 

      6 years ago

      @empathzone: I just heard of many using DMP for their work. I read the end of the books.... they get what they choose.

    • OHNO2011 profile image

      Millie Spearman 

      6 years ago

      I have this lens featured in mine and came back to read it all again. I have the updates on my page and YES! keep going! I love it!

    • empathzone profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago

      @dok300: I like David Icke work. :)

      Apparently the pirates - this is how I call them - are into magik, so I would not be surprised if they have some telepathy.

      Telepathy as I see it is not that difficult once you are an empath, you just push thoughts on the person and collects the emotional reactions. This way you almost have a conversation.

      They might use another method.

    • dok300 profile image


      7 years ago

      really like the lens - The bit about ascension is coming to the fore a scientist called David ash elects something similar, David Icke believes that Bush( and the rest of the illuminatti) engage in some sort of telepathy. Is it possible that there are other types of empath out there?


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