How popular herbal remedies in your country?

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    greenpharmacyposted 5 years ago

    I have followed international seminars, discussions and studies about alternative and complementary medicines in Asia such as India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc.

    Almost all results of study state that herbal remedies are effective for certain conditions.

    As far as I know, herbal remedies are not popular in several countries especially US and Europe. Am I right?

    Again, one question..How popular herbal remedies in your country?


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      Robertr04posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Hi gp. My wife and I have been practicing alternative healing for 15+ yrs. We have seen the interest steadily grow. Modern medicine, in my opinion, still has people captured, not neccesarily by the cure rate, but from the fact that medical insurances do not cover herbal treatments or 'medications'. Herbal remedies are a safe, slow means to correct various adverse physical conditions and admittedly can be expensive. As I stated earlier, folks are beginning to turn this way because they are seeing the pills add up in their medicine cabinets and no correction, just more pills to combat the side effects from pills they already have. A vicious cycle. We have about 450 single herbs and combinations at our disposal and this month I will began to publish hubs on how one may use them for different conditions.