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I'm utterly heartbroken.Me and my boyfriend broke up yesterday lunchtime. We wor

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    chazzap1posted 7 years ago

    I'm utterly heartbroken.Me and my boyfriend broke up yesterday lunchtime. We work together....help!

    I had been going out with my boyfriend for about 3 weeks but we broke up yesterday afternoon, not that well and both blaming each other.
    We have been friends for 2 years and have been seeing each other for a lot of that time.  I decided it had to stop as I was getting too hurt as for various reasons he couldn't commit to me. I decided it all had to stop as I couldn't deal with it  but after a few days he begged me to give it a go & to be his girlfriend. it workd for a short time then old problems arose.
    I don't know how i'm going to cope with seeing him every day.
    Has anyone got any advice?

  2. bloggerGL profile image54
    bloggerGLposted 7 years ago

    just be honest with eachother and say how you feel about it all
    make a joke of it once the dust settles or something and it won't seem as big a deal - there's worse things that could happen

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    leann2800posted 7 years ago

    I had this same problem once. I would just do work as usual and remain friendly because you work together. But, I would focus on other friends at work as much as possible. Have lunch with all of those female coworkers you do't get around to seeing. It would be even better if you could focus on a big work project. If focusing is a problem, you could always shop during your lunch break. Good luck

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    d'writerposted 7 years ago

    I could feel your agony. Take a leave of absence if you can, go to another place and spend a few days there to clear your head. During those days don't prevent yourself from crying, you need to voice out all your angst, scream if you need to and cry your heart out until you were able to release all your burdens inside and you don't feel like crying anymore. Then start to ask yourself what now? You've got only two choices - to remain in that relationship and bear the agony of him not comitting or let yourself go for good and open your door to other possibilities. I did that many times and it worked. Every time my relationship ended I felt like I can't live again without him, I felt like things will never be the same again. I felt like it's the end of my world. But my experiences after getting over them tell me otherwise.

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    krystalsmithposted 7 years ago

    Ugh been there done that only our "relationship" phase lasted longer. Here's some tips.. DON'T do these things
    1) Try to make him jealous or show him how much he's missing out on
    2) Talk about any of this to your coworkers... no matter how much you trust them not to say anything
    3) Rush a "we need to talk" moment - if it happens later fine - but trust me on this... wait till everyone's hurt feelings have calmed down - if the talk never happens it's better than forcing it when it will just become a fight

    DO these things...

    3)Put your game face on at work... concentrate on work knock yourself out at work then go home - have some wine, watch a movie and cry all you want (or if you were me you'd go for a run after work but I know that's not for everyone)
    4)Try to be friendly - but clearly just friendly- to your friend.. it might be hard but at least say good morning and make small talk
    5)Go out and have some fun with other people (how far you take "fun" is up to you) and DON'T do this to rub it in his face - hopefully he won't find out about it - the point is to show yourself that there are other people out there and that you CAN have fun

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    DDEposted 5 years ago

    working together partners are problems from the start you can't change a working relationship into a love affair the best would to move on