Meditation for addiction

  1. mikewilson01 profile image59
    mikewilson01posted 4 years ago

    Meditation is just an state of mind. If we can control our nerves then we can kick out the addiction from our life. I think meditation can be a better way to save yourself from addiction and helpful in recovery process also.

  2. Jennifer Bart profile image59
    Jennifer Bartposted 4 years ago

    Meditation is good for just about anything however for me working a 12 step program along with meditation is what has kept me sober for 6 years. I do think the mediation played a big roll in my recovery as did the 12 steps. Do I think you can get sober and stay sober just by meditation alone no. In Oder to get sober and stay sober you have to comfort the issues behind the addiction and learn a new way of life. The substance someone is addicted to is just a symptom of a much deeper issue. Once that issue has been resolved then you can start the life long healing processes of recovery. Recovery from addiction is a life long journey a journey in witch we must search deep within ourselves to find.